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Davidson College, a small private Presbyterian school in North Carolina, can’t have police officers with the power to arrest suspects and enforce state law — because of its religious affiliation, the state Court of Appeals ruled yesterday. From the Associated Press story: Allowing the […]

The Westboro Baptist Church, a small hate group predominantly comprised of the Phelps family of Kansas, still has the right to picket at military funerals with signs like “Thank God for Dead Gay Soldiers” and “God Hates Fags,” asserting its claim that […]

With President Obama throwing his constitutional law support behind the proposal to build an Islamic cultural center (community center, mosque, etc.) a few blocks from Ground Zero, the debate seems to have just gotten even more heated. Given that some Americans […]

With all the panic lately about gay marriages resuming in California and mosques proposed near Ground Zero and elsewhere, plus Muslims scared that this year’s timing of the end of Ramadan will be interpreted as some kind of Sept. 11 celebration, it’s […]

Ramadan, the holy Muslim month of reflection and daytime fasting, started yesterday. (This was not acknowledged during my Fox & Friends debate about the “Ground Zero Mosque” — perhaps I should have snuck in a cheerful “Ramadan Kareem” greeting to any Muslim […]

Nothing like a summer vacation to lift your spirits, especially after an especially stressful winter and spring. Pope Benedict, currently staying at the papal summer residence of Castel Gondolfo, has just gotten another reason to relax after his scandal-plagued Year for […]

Here’s the clip of my appearance on Fox & Friends this morning, briefly discussing why I think the 9/11 NYC bus ads against Park51 (formerly called Cordoba House, inaccurately smeared as the “Ground Zero Mosque”) are bad advertising at best, grossly […]

Update: I’ll be appearing on the Fox & Friends morning show at about 8:15 a.m. Wednesday morning (August 11), along with Stop Islamization of America’s Pamela Geller, to discuss this issue. The New York Times reports that some New York City buses will […]

Vocal atheist (among other things) Christopher Hitchens is gravely ill, with esophageal cancer. After his diagnosis became public two months ago, people, particularly Christians, wondered whether it would be appropriate to pray for the author of God Is Not Great: How […]

People reports that Julia Roberts, who was raised Christian, is now “definitely” Hindu. Presumably, she felt a spiritual connection to the faith while filming Eat Pray Love in India. According to the magazine: The entire Roberts-Moder family, she reveals, goes […]