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Fun Friday: Julia Roberts Becomes Hindu (While Eating, Praying, Loving)

People reports that Julia Roberts, who was raised Christian, is now “definitely” Hindu. Presumably, she felt a spiritual connection to the faith while filming Eat Pray Love in India. According to the magazine:

The entire Roberts-Moder family, she reveals, goes to temple together to “chant and pray and celebrate. I’m definitely a practicing Hindu,” says Roberts, who grew up with a Catholic mother and Baptist father. 


And since in Hindu cosmology souls can be reincarnated in other bodies, where does she see herself in the next life? “Golly, I’ve been so spoiled with my friends and family in this life,” she says. “Next time I want to be just something quiet and supporting.” 

Isn’t it kind of refreshing to hear about a celebrity getting excited about a belief system other than Scientology or Kabbalah? Plus, for what it’s worth, it sounds like she’s practicing her new faith more actively than many Indian Americans I know; then again, converts to any religion tend to be relatively devout (otherwise, why bother?), so that’s not surprising.


Check out David Gibson’s column in Politics Daily for more on this.

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posted August 6, 2010 at 2:03 pm

Hinduism is a fascinating religion. A few years I saw an exhibition of Hindu sculpture and art at the Smithsonian which showed how some Hindus set up small shrines in their own home, and worship right there. They offer the god things like fruit and flowers. It was both beautiful and fascinating.
On the other hand, I tend to agree with what Carl Jung said that Westerners would be better off studying other faiths but not trying to be something they are not by converting to an “exotic” religion. Of course, sometimes those conversions are deep and lasting, and sometimes they are merely faddish, so to each his own.

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Apuleius Platonicus

posted August 6, 2010 at 3:12 pm

I think there is a very good chance that Roberts has been a Hindu for some time now. As a Hindu myself, and something of an aficionado of the fine points of religious conversion and identity, Roberts appears to be very much at home in Hinduism, and not at all like someone who is still trying it on for size.
The most likely scenario, in my opinion, is that she has studied Hinduism for many years, and then in the course of making the film she experienced a significant deepening of her connection with the Goddesses and Gods and teachers and traditions of Sanatana Dharma. I envy her! Especially when I look at that photo of her positively beaming with bliss sitting next to Swami Dharam Dev.
Then again, since we Hindus (like fully one quarter of all Americans and Europeans) believe in reincarnation, I suppose it is possible that she has been Hindu in many previous lifetimes, but has only found her way back to it recently this time around — and now she is just picking right up where she left off!

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posted August 6, 2010 at 4:08 pm

If it makes her happy, why not? Religion/faith is supposed to make one happy, not miserable.

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posted August 7, 2010 at 2:31 pm

I agree with AP her far-memory may have been triggered when she worked on this movie. Whatever, I like Julia Roberts acting, and I wish her well on her journey.

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Catherine Nagle

posted August 9, 2010 at 10:03 am

I tend to agree with Alicia’s comment, totally, and I thank you! As I have had similar experiences of my own:
The Voiceless Cry! – In the Age of Today
About thirty years ago, I began reading the Bible. I read it from the beginning to the end and in-between, and I haven’t yet finished reading it.
Back then, in my late twenties, none of my closest friends cared to openly exchange Bible scriptures or parables with me; when it was all that my blind longing wanted to discern. I was led to most every book on religion or spirituality that was on the top of the best selling list for the next two decades or more – while studying the Bible, attending seminars, and supporting these books as well. It seemed as though the latest books were the ones that I could easily relate to with those around me – especially those with stories that gave examples with current affairs of today. Also, the authors seemed to be along the same persona of appearance that I could resonate with. Although I reflected back with parables or scriptures that Jesus spoke – I needed more than Church alone. I felt for certain that every author, as well, was aware of these truths in scripture. But for all those years, I couldn’t ‘see’ that the mention of His name was a voiceless cry in my heart and wasn’t the ‘only’ mention in some of the books that I read.
Nevertheless, as many years have gone by, another veil was lifted. I truly believe that this is the purpose that I soulfully searched through that voiceless cry: Freedom of Religion! Just this past year, I began to see that I was scattered all over the place; all because I didn’t want to offend anyone! While not quite falling for everything and, yet, ‘standing’ for nothing. I began to see this as a blessing of free will for me to serve only Him.
While quietly active with my Christian faith, I noticed through the seminars and lectures and even in most of the books that the authors were certainly supporting their spiritual/religious beliefs with quotes throughout the entire pages, programs, and presentations. I also noticed that the other attendees that I become acquainted with at the seminars, were, Christians, who have left their church and religious beliefs and were ‘yet’ supporting another spirituality/religion, but not their own?! This opened my eyes to seeing and hearing their voiceless cry, with compassion, as a reflection of mine. As much as the lecturers on stage preached that “We are all One and the same religion to God!” they continuously lectured through-out the entire program with their found spiritual truths that supported their religious heritage! Which were all well and good, but were every other religion than that of my own? Wow! What a miraculous insight this was for me. This was the last seminar that I attended that left me with the greatest gift of freedom and certainty for the first time in my whole life of soul searching with religion! I’ll never forget that day at the seminar, when the speaker asked that we close our eyes in prayer, and instead of chanting the words that they presented and staying fixed on a little ball of light in my mind’s eye, I prayed to Jesus Christ and thanked Him for setting me free! I was completely free from that day on to serve the One and Only Christian faith that I belong to.
The speakers and authors were simply praising and honoring the central foundations of their spiritual/religious ancestry; which truly strengthens and glorifies our prayers in gratitude to God. In all truth, they showed me the way to mine! I realized that I needed to read all those glorious books that truly helped me to find the key to my Church alone. The prisoner that kept me captive was only I. The greatest freedom for me is making a mention of His name wherever I am. And, oh, what peace I have found sitting in the highly polished natural wooden pew of my beautiful Church, with familiar faces; praying, singing, kneeling, and worshiping God, with the reflection of light shinning through the majestic stain glass windows, and a Sermon presented by my Pastor that truly lifts souls nearer to God – Is freedom that is comprehensible and that no other can surpass.
And the most authentic spirit connection is that it came upon bended knees with every religion; that I found the One True Catholic Church that fits and keeps me!

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posted August 11, 2010 at 4:06 am

who is being “julia roberts”? who has been being “julia roberts”?

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posted August 11, 2010 at 4:08 am

has “julia roberts” ordered another “plate of life” onto the table?

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Linda Berger

posted August 11, 2010 at 3:11 pm

Since this country is based on ‘freedom of speech and religion’ .. “God’ bless her for worshipping via any channel in this screwed up world. Julia is a CLASS act in everything she’s done in her life and is respected enough internationally to warrant our respect. She’s quite a ‘lady.’

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Mohan Thapa

posted August 17, 2010 at 5:56 pm

I am Hindu came from Hindu Kingdom Country Nepal. I am very happy that Miss Robert become a Hindu… I wish i could marry her even she is 90 years old

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posted August 26, 2010 at 9:47 am


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posted March 29, 2011 at 10:47 pm

My heart is broken! Jesus is the only way….John 3:16

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