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Updated to add Gallup’s pro-life poll results.

A U.S. district judge has granted a preliminary injunction to stop federal funding of embryonic stem cell research that destroys embryos, a blow to the Obama administration, which plans to appeal the decision. Some links:

To simplify this tremendously, the debate boils down to whether you think that destroying an embryo is akin to having an early-term abortion. Then again, what if research on these microscopic cells leads to medical advances that can save or tremendously improve human lives? Which position is more pro-life? On a related note, a Gallup poll has just reported that 51 percent of Americans identify themselves as pro-life — the first time that they’ve been in the majority in the Gallup question’s 15-year history.

And, given that embryos are already routinely destroyed through fertility treatments, which are on the rise, what if researchers just make use of embryos slated for destruction anyway?

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