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I’m a religion reporter with a personal and professional interest in interfaith families, but I was put off by the endless speculation and random weighing-in about Chelsea Clinton’s wedding ceremony these past few weeks. (Though, to be fair, what seemed like a national obsession in the Clintons’ neck of the woods, where I’ve been staying, was probably not such a huge deal in other parts of the country — was it?)

Having gone through an interfaith wedding myself — two ceremonies and three continents, in our case! — I can’t imagine navigating all that family drama while also under very public scrutiny. Fortunately, it seems like Chelsea Clinton is far more graceful under pressure; I suppose she’s had a lot more practice.

So, to answer the question: Chelsea Clinton, a Methodist, and her husband Mark Mezvinsky, a Jew, had an interfaith ceremony. It wasn’t a big Jewish wedding and she didn’t convert to Judaism, unlike Ivanka Trump last year. No word yet on how they’ll raise their kids or whether they’ll keep a kosher kitchen or which holidays they will celebrate or which houses of worship they’ll attend. Presumably, it’s none of our business, though it does serve as a convenient news hook for covering interfaith family trends.

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