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I’ve found a working YouTube link, so that’s fixed for now. (Please post in the Comments section if it stops working, and I’ll find another one again.)

It’s a matter of global Jewish blogosphere debate whether this YouTube video of a Holocaust survivor triumphantly dancing to “I Will Survive” with his grandchildren at central European concentration camps and other Nazi sites qualifies as inspirational or disrespectful

My vote goes to inspirational. Then again, I bawled during Life is Beautiful and laughed during Inglourious Basterds; people who had other reactions to those films might feel differently about this video, too. Check it out:

Plus, as far as Jewish debates go this week, it’s at least more entertaining than the uproar over a conversion bill that may give Israel’s Orthodox rabbis the authority to determine who is a Jew, which could impact things like Israeli citizenship, marriages and funeral rites. (Nevermind whether you would have been considered Jewish enough to be sent to the places where this survivor now triumphantly dances; many Holocaust victims and self-identifying Jews today wouldn’t meet these proposed standards.) For more on why diaspora Jews in America and elsewhere have cause for concern, check out my Columbia J-school classmate Alana Newhouse’s op-ed piece in The New York Times.

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