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Long before Team Edward and Team Jacob, before Sookie Stackhouse and Buffy the Vampire Slayer, there was Lestat, Louis and their fellow undead frenemies, creatures of the night cooked up by author Anne Rice. After quitting the vampire book biz and […]

Updated at 5:30 p.m. to add more links. Arizona’s controversial new law against illegal immigrants takes effect today, but at the last minute, a federal judge blocked the section of SB 1070 requiring police to check on someone’s immigration status while enforcing […]

Utah’s Supreme Court has reversed polygamous sect leader Warren Jeffs’ conviction on two counts of rape as an accomplice and sent the case back for a new trial, saying there were “serious errors” in instructions given to the jurors considering […]

(Updated to add the link to my Tim Brown interview and the Q&A with the Park51 developer of the Cordoba House plan.) Check out my Religion News Service story about Cordoba House, the proposed “Ground Zero mosque.” (A native New Yorker, I can’t […]

As France, Belgium and Spain consider laws on against face-cloaking veils (often described as burqas, but also referring to niqabs), the Associated Press reports that a Saudi Arabian cleric has just given the OK for Muslim women to obey such laws. The […]

This week, Religion News Service revisited a Business Week story from February about Eternal Earth-Bound Pets USA, which aims to pair up responsible atheists with Christians concerned about the pets they will be leaving behind during the Rapture. The RNS update […]

My journalism career has included reporting for the Republican-American, a daily newspaper in northwest Connecticut. Though surrounded by sweet Gilmore Girls-inspiring towns, Waterbury is a somewhat gritty place — my car was keyed in the company parking lot on my first […]

There’s been lots of good news for gay marriage supporters lately, in the United States and around the world. Some recent stories, including negative reactions from conservative Catholics, Protestants and Mormons: Defying church, Argentina legalizes gay marriage (Time) Spain to […]

I’ll be visiting family in New York for the next few weeks, and I plan to check out the progress at Ground Zero while I’m there — and the proposed site of Cordoba House, a Muslim community center and mosque […]

In the days since the Vatican released its long-awaited revised canon law standards addressing how clergy abuse cases should be handled, the uproar has shifted from disappointed victims groups (who feel the revisions don’t go far enough) to outraged feminists and others offended […]