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Here’s a belated story that has stirred up debate over the fluidity of political and religious labels: Rush Limbaugh, 59, an entertainer with a strong conservative Christian fan base, is now on his fourth marriage. To top that off, the wedding singer at last week’s luau-themed Florida ceremony was none other than Elton John, an out-and-proud entertainer whose fan base logically takes issue with Limbaugh’s political ideology, including his stance against gay marriage. (Four traditional marriages are still kosher.)

Some of Limbaugh’s Christian fans have expressed disappointment in what all this says about his character and family values.

Then again, Limbaugh isn’t a religious leader, or even particularly religious — GetReligion’s analysis points out that it’s laughable to even describe him as a “pious fellow,” although that’s how evangelical fans may think of him, according to Limbaugh biographer Zev Chafets.

Also, L.A. Times readers have decided that Elton John performing at Rush Limbaugh’s wedding reception was “cool,” as opposed to “not cool.” Phew. And, on a related note, it’s still Gay and Lesbian Pride Month. which seems to be tying in nicely with all sorts of religion news lately.

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