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It’s been a busy week for the American Center for Law and Justice, the conservative civil liberties law firm founded by prominent evangelical Pat Robertson. The ACLJ, something of a counterweight to the ACLU, is involved in two high-profile cases concerning religion in the public school sphere: championing the right for school graduations to be held in churches, and for students to be allowed to wear rosary beads regardless of a school’s dress code.

Both cases are ongoing, although the group’s appeal of the Connecticut judge’s ruling against the graduations may not be considered in time for the two schools in question to hold their commencement exercises at First Cathedral, a nondenominational megachurch, as planned.

For more on the rosary case, check out Beliefnet’s Lynn v. Sekulow religion law blog.

Edited at 1 p.m. EST to add: The Rev. Martin Marty, a prominent religious history professor at the University of Chicago, had an interesting take on the church graduation debate a few days ago, in The Chicago Tribune’s Seeker religion blog. Check it out.

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