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It’s been a month since Israel’s raid on the Gaza-bound aid flotilla killed nine Turkish activists (including one with dual American citizenship), and this caught my eye: JTA reports that a group of Jews from the United States, the United Kingdom and Germany — including at least one Holocaust survivor — are preparing to sail a “Jewish Boat to Gaza” sometime next month.

The boat will include members of American Jews for Peace and Jews for Justice for Palestinians, a British organization.

I’m guessing they will be stopped peacefully and taken into Israeli custody, as have most other ships (including the “Rachel Corrie” earlier this month) attempting to break the naval blockade of Gaza. What will make this more interesting is how the Jewish identity of these pro-Palestinian activists will play out in the media and blogosphere — “anti-Semitism” won’t fit so easily as a label here, though there are other insults that get thrown around in situations like this — and on the ground.

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