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Updated at 8 p.m. to reflect Haggard’s clarification about his new venture: St. James Church is apparently a “corporation,” not a church. Check out the Religion News Service story.

Apologies to F. Scott Fitzgerald, but it seems there are indeed second acts in American lives, especially for disgraced politicians and preachers. Megachurch pastor Ted Haggard, the former head of the National Association of Evangelicals who fell from grace after his scandalous gay sex and meth scandal, seems to be starting up a new church with his wife Gail.

Christianity Today has more on this story.

Can’t say I’m surprised, having seen Haggard’s enthusiastic preaching a few years back at a Religion Newswriters Association convention and getting the definite sense from HBO’s “The Trials of Ted Haggard” that he’s unqualified for almost any other kind of career. (On the other hand, Beliefnet’s Rod Dreher thinks he ought to give selling insurance more of a chance.)

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