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Like many “Lost” fans, I’m not sure what to think about last night’s series finale, but the show certainly continued to mine religious concepts — forgiveness, sacrifice, communion, purgatory, nirvana, etc. — until the very end, even literally gathering most of the characters in a church to say their final goodbyes.

I was hoping to see Mr. Eko among those seated in the pews, figuring that he could even logically be there as the parish priest. But, I guess the show couldn’t bring back everyone — or, is it that he, along with folks like Michael, Walt, Danielle, Alex, and Ana Lucia weren’t “ready” yet? Ooooh… I think I’m onto something now, especially since Ben opted to stay outside. What do you think?

Here are some links to coverage of “Lost,” as it relates to religious themes:

I’ll add more as I see them pop up today and tomorrow. Check back for updates, and share your thoughts in the Comments section below.

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