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A Haitian judge has dropped charges against nine of the 10 Baptist missionaries from America, but group organizer Laura Silsby remains in jail there at this time. (The rest of her group had already been released in February and March.) The Christian Post has the story.

The volunteers, predominantly from two Idaho churches, had tried to take 33 Haitian “orphans” to the Dominican Republic after the Jan. 12 earthquake. They were arrested after officials discovered their paperwork was not in order to leave the country with the children, some of whom were not actually orphans.

The remaining “arranging irregular travel” charge against Silsby carries a maximum penalty of three years in prison, the Associated Press reports. Her supporters, who have been praying for her release, held a rally Saturday and have argued that Silsby was a well-intentioned Christian simply trying to rescue children from their earthquake-ravaged country.

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