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While I considered the two-part 200th episode of “South Park” lots of fun, it wasn’t necessarily the most entertaining religion story of the week, especially once the censorship of the Prophet Muhammad’s image went from ironic plot device to network-imposed mandate, and media outlets focused on a veiled threat from Revolution Muslim, a small NYC-based extremist group, praying for God to kill the show’s creators and “burn them in Hell for all eternity.” (This group barely constitutes a vocal minority; I think the bigger story was that the Muslim world largely ignored the episode entirely.)

What finally took this over the top was Jon Stewart’s spirited defense last night of SP creators Trey Parker and Matt Stone, recapping all the equal-opportunity religious mockery that “The Daily Show” has engaged in for the past decade, including jabs at atheists, Buddhists, Catholics, Jews, Lutherans, Mormons, Rastafarians and Wiccans.

No sacred cows over at Comedy Central, indeed. (Not even Hindu ones.) Check out the clip — the recap starts about three minutes in, followed by griping about radical Islam by TDS correspondent Aasif Mandvi (“It’s just so 12th century,” the self-described liberal Muslim complains), and culminating with Stewart’s unique musical message to Revolution Muslim: 

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