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Today is Earth Day, as well as the NFL draft and Take Our Daughters And Sons to Work Day (or as it’s known in my home office, Thursday) — something for everyone!

But to focus on Earth Day, which is now in its 40th year, the religion news continues to be that a range of denominations — including an increasingly vocal number of evangelical Christians, prominent in last night’s huge Hope for Creation event hosted by the Northland megachurch in Florida — agree that we need to take better care of our planet.

Buddhists: Earth-Touching Articles (Tricycle)

Catholics:Celebrate Nature’s Greatest Gift: Life! (

Episcopalians: Making the Argument for Earth Day in Spiritual Terms (Episcopal Cafe)

Evangelical Christians: Making Earth Day a Church Day (Huffington Post)

Hindus: A Billion Acts of Green for Earth Day (The Hindu)

Jews: Why Earth Day is a Jewish Holiday (COEJL)

Muslims: Earth Day and Islam (Allvoices)

Sikhs: April 22 is Earth Day: Be Involved! (Sukhmandir’s Sikhism Blog)

And many more. Share the links I’ve missed, and your thoughts, in the Comments section below.

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