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With Congress expected to vote on the health care reform bill Sunday, the predictable debates among the Democrats (pro-life vs. pro-choice, naturally) and with the Republicans pale in comparison to the Catholic infighting: nuns and hospitals support the bill, bishops oppose it, and the folks in the pews are scratching their heads.

Former Beliefnet blogger David Gibson, now at Politics Daily, has written a thorough column about the situation here. (For the CliffsNotes version of his piece, go to USA Today’s site.)

GetReligion’s analysis of the coverage complains that reporters have, as usual, oversimplified things and missed important nuances. Nevertheless, my old colleague Gary Stern made me chuckle and sigh over at Blogging Religiously, where he summed up everyone’s confusion as each of these Catholic groups insist the bill will either fund abortions, reduce abortions, force doctors to provide them, all of the above, none of the above, etc.

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