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the author's

the author’s

This is my reward for a gruelling two weeks spent with the family my mother-in-law into a new, more secure  Alzheimer’s facility. It’s the break from the laundry fallout, as well. Since we’re all of Mom’s family who live near her, the rest of the family stays here (and we are grateful to have room!) when they come in. Still, having three other adults in the house is a bit crazy!

Today, they’re all gone, and while I miss the conversation & hugs, the quiet is soothing after a week filled with hard moments. I had just started what I think is the last load of laundry (there were at least 10!), then folding the tablecloth we used for dinners, and the matching napkins. When the pies dinged ready. Perfect timing!

the author's two sleepy dogs

the author’s two sleepy dogs

As it turned out, there were four more loads of laundry. But two pies later — one for my husband (what kind of crazy person doesn’t like blackberries??), and one for all the rest of us — order is slowly creeping back into place. And silence that lovely, overlooked poultice for jangled nerves is working its magic. My beloved is taking a well-deserved nap, and I’m watching the dogs sleep in the afternoon light slanting over the rug in my study.

Later, there will be left-behind keys to mail, phone calls to make, and various things necessary to finish up Mom’s move. Beds to make up with the clean sheets, and dinner to cook. But right now? This is the moment I’m breathing in deeply: the fragrance of pie crust cooling, mingle with the rich sweetness of hot, baked fruit. The snuffling of dogs dreaming peacefully. And the knowledge that today is enough.

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