Beginner's Heart

via commons.wikimedia

via commons.wikimedia

In case you’re wondering? I have no magic cure for grouchy days. Those days when every chore you have to do looms like Everest, and even the things that normally bring you pleasure seem a pain in the neck.

You just muddle through. You do the things you’d planned — even if they aren’t particularly gladdening — and continue moving. You also take a moment now & then to check in: huh… still grouchy & blue…wonder what that’s about.

Whatever you do, you don’t take it out on others. You try to remember that their own lives are often less-than-perfect, as well. That it’s a hot summer day, and even watermelon won’t completely fix it. (But word to self: it helps!)

You watch birds. You put the top down, if you’re lucky enough to have a convertible or sunroof. You turn the grocery trip you can’t stand into a foray into things you miiiiight like eating. Later, when you’re not hot & cranky.

So nope: I have no magic fixes. All I can offer is watermelon, birds on a hot summer day, and coloured pencils. Wind in your hair. Good music. They won’t fix things, but they do make time pass a bit less…darkly. Oh! And don’t forget ~ breathe.

Good luck.


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