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Sometimes I think what I love best about vacations is the anticipation. The planning, the tour guides, cruising websites, learning all I can about where we’re going.

Last night we confirmed our family vacation this summer. My beloved, my elder son, my DIL, and my grandson & I are going to Charleston! Actually — even better — we’re going to Isle of Palms, outside of Charleston.

Think about it: ocean, sand, leisure time, small cafés. Shopping in Charleston, walking the Battery. Crab cakes, low country cooking. My grandson on the beach. What could be better??

I wonder how my life would change if I tried to look at every day w/ that kind of anticipation ~ trying to fill it w/things I love doing. Anticipating the next one as if it were a gift. I wonder if I could even sustain it…

Isle of Palms sunrise via wikimedia

Isle of Palms sunrise
via wikimedia

Lately, since my beloved left ICU on his feet instead of on a gurney, every day has seemed like a gift. It’s one impetus behind this vacation. What good is retirement, and a small windfall, if you don’t spend them making memories? Which last. (Well, unless I get Alzheimer’s…) This is all we have, so far as I know: this life, these days. Each of them a gift to unwrap and enjoy.

Seriously? I’m going to order a tour guide of Charleston. I’m already researching places to have tea. And I’m going to begin the exercise program I have to dust off regularly. So I can be in fine shape to enjoy a week at the beach. Not to mention be able to keep up w/my grandson!

And I’m looking forward to all of it w/ huge anticipation.

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