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For Valentine’s Day, I bought my beloved an early present, before I left town. 🙂 Seriously — he loves music, and with his busted up knees, it’s sometimes a royal pain to get up & change the music. So, I bought him a bluetooth gadget that coordinates between his phone and our receiver. Cool, huh?

Here’s the part I hadn’t considered: we like pretty different music. Sure there’s overlap: we both like some oldies, certain smooth jazz, even many holiday carols. But overall? I’m a classical/ jazz/ ethnic & international music girl. I like techno, even electronica, and all kinds of ‘weird’ things. He likes some jazz, but more rock’n’roll, certain female vocalists, and other stuff I can’t really put in neat boxes. 🙂

This is good, right? That we have different tastes? That I am learning more about this man I’ve known a lifetime? This is a kind of cool beginner’s heart journey: sharing new artists, revisiting old ones. Except when I’m thinking; that is flat NOISE, honey!

In other words? This really is a definite beginner’s heart thing: patience, amusement, and self-learning. Laughing even as I I wince at the hammering bass line. (Seriously — it’s really NOT all about the bass, folks.) It’s the kind of gift that….goes on giving. Right? 😉 And that’s a good thing…

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