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Someone in my family — probably either Aunt Bonnie or Grandmother Britton — used to say that you choose to be happy. Each morning, she told me, you make that choice. It’s a decision.

So today? I’m choosing a happy face. There’s research I read somewhere (today’s that kind of indeterminate day) that say you CAN fake it ’til you make it. A smile really does make you more likely to smile. Here goes.

To help with this task (and no, things really aren’t any better — I’m just following my old ladies’ advice), I’ve been watching cat shorts (& dogs). The one w/ the cat refusing to walk on a leash is hysterical (find it on youtube — there are licensing issues w/ linking to it). So are the cats taking over dog beds. And cats refusing to let dogs pass. But the one that made my day was one from somewhere with a written language I don’t recognise — I’m guessing Middle Europe. In it, a Siamese cat plays wildly w/ its BFF — a large pigeon. If a cat & a pigeon can figure out games together, the world is a good place. And who would be unhappy in a good place? 😉

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