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I spent this afternoon doing holiday things w/ my sister and my niece, her daughter. We went to the annual ‘Carols & Crumpets’ at our local garden centre, where there were all kinds of plants, crafts, and edible goodies to buy. Following that, we went to the German American Society’s holiday market. And then? Tea. Complete w/ an oat&walnut scone, and various desserts.

I spent more money on tea than on purchases, although I picked up a couple of Christmas presents – handmade by local artisans! Whoohoo! Plus a sprig of mistletoe, a NECESSARY Christmas accessory.

And the cost of things is only relevant because, as my sister noted, it was just the BEST way to begin the holidays! Out looking over local arts & crafts, and culminating in a leisurely tea where folks really appreciate tea. There was iced green/mango tea for my sister, black Madagascar vanilla tea for me (with milk & raw sugar), and decaf Earl Grey for my niece.

And again, I mention these details because what I ‘bought’ today was a lovely memory of my niece, my sister, and me. Waiting to hear if we won the raffle at the Garden Centre (we didn’t … 🙁 ). Looking at a lovely handmade glass star made in the Tiffany style by the guy who checks out shoppers at Whole Foods (I recognised him). And happily arguing over various teas, as the two women who own the local tea room shared their knowledge w/ us.

You CAN buy happiness. But it’s not a real ‘present,’ and certainly not a ‘thing.’ It’s and afternoon and early evening, spent with people you love. It’s sharing time together, and creating a day’s story. And it’s beyond priceless. Like the best parts of the upcoming holiday season!

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