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In my ongoing month’s effort to see the daily magic of my everyday life, I realised today that I overlook something pretty important: our guest room. It’s such a gift, this space for our friends & family to come & stay over. Tonight my 3rd sister is coming in for a funeral, and she’ll stay here, pampered in her grief.

And at the holidays, our son & DIL & grandson will come! As will a beloved niece & nephew (in-law, but also in heart), in the 2nd guest room. It’s the upside to after the kids move out: room! In our case, rooms!

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the author’s

Yes, I realise that a guest room (or a guest room and a hobby room full of beads & stamps & puzzles & stuff) points to several other gifts, unackowledged here: a comfortably large house, the time & furniture to furnish the rooms for company. I’m grateful for those, as well, and have noted my thanks for them other times.

But today? I’m grateful for the ‘white room,’ also known as ‘formerly-younger-son’s room’… 🙂 I’m grateful for a space where my sister can unpack, put her feet up, have privacy (well, except for the cats). And be here, w/ us.

See? Look around. There are so many reasons to be grateful this entire month!

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