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Central heat. That’s today’s gratitude. Now, some folks may think that’s NOT an everyday kind of thing to be grateful for. But that’s my point — we use it every day in winter (those of us who are lucky enough to have it), and pretty much take it for granted. We set the thermostat — the fancy ones will even split the day for you — and forget about it.

Except that tomorrow it’s supposed to be 32 degrees for a HIGH. And 24 for the low. In case you’re a northener, and think that’s balmy, remember: in Oklahoma a single snowflake can cause a traffic accident…

So as I put away the groceries bought in anticipation of the hilly driveway being sheet ice (far more common than snow, in Oklahoma), I’m contemplating how lucky I am that I don’t live in my grandmother’s old sieve of a house. Where the window sills weren’t square, and the icy tendrils of winter crept in to catch you under the thin covers. Where the floor, and toilet seat were so freezing cold you flat didn’t put your tender toes on the one to walk to the other. At least not until the furnace was high again.

My life today is very different from when I was a child, and even more different from those of my elders. I have indoor plumbing, w/ running (HOT!) water. And that blessed engineering miracle: central heat. No matter how nostalgic people wax about standing over the furnace to warm up, let me tell you: central heat knocks that ball out of the park.

Look around you — it’s not a case of ‘it could be so much worse.’ Yes, I do that sometimes. But it always feels phony. Of COURSE it could get worse! Instead, look at what you have, gifts you perhaps have stopped noticing. Like… central heat. 🙂 It’s a great joy to fall back in love with what is right before us. I recommend it.

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