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Technology — and loving sons — is a winning combination. My younger son emailed today, asking for book suggestions. The email said he was getting ready to go to India.

Now, I knew this. But you didn’t call first? And you know what? He meant next week, Mom, so chill.

Which I did. Eventually.

AFTER the Skype call. 🙂

Let’s hear it for technology. Let’s hear it for being able to call your son on a computer, see his handsome face and Viking beard (sooo appropriate, since he’s currently in Sweden), and visit.

Let’s hear it for back-facing cameras, that let him see his father’s new boot, the knee scooter my beloved whizzes through the downstairs on, and us.

via google

via google

Beginner’s hearts need connection, especially w/family. We need to visit, ideally over tea, but even over wifi will do. Or other tech. At lunch, my sister bragged that her youngest had FaceBooked friends that going to university w/ her mom was ‘dope.’ We sighed, happy to have such wonderful kids.

And happy that our mutual use of technology affirms & enriches those connections, immeasurably. If I can’t be w/ you? Skype (or FB) is a passable 2nd & 3rd. Not as good as tea, of course, but still passable!

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