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via pixabay

via pixabay

What colour is a bad mood? Not blue — I’m not sad. Not red — I’m not angry, really. Not purple — I’m not depressed. I googled ‘bad mood,’ for images (free to use!) of ‘bad mood.’ And this is what I found.

It’s perfect. Grumpy, gritty, sand. Yep. That’s my day. Sand in your shoe, Grumpy Cat faced. Mouth turned down, eyes squinched.

And no reason for any of it, really. I sat through meditation on the deck, face turned like a 4 o’clock flower to the sun, and all was well. One hour later? Grumpy Sand Face.

Nope — I have no idea why, and don’t even want to pay enough attention to figure it out. THAT’S how you know it’s a bad mood, right? You just get through it.

So no words of wisdom today, folks — just the knowledge that we  breathe through moody weather, knowing everything passes. Even grumpy sandy days.

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