Beginner's Heart

happy birthday1

If you’ve been following the blog, you know that my beloved broke his ankle about 6 weeks ago. He was unable to walk these past weeks, since the accident and the surgery. Noooo load-bearing on that foot, the doc said. And believe me: we were NOT happy about it. It’s amazing what you can’t do when you only have a knee scooter to do it on…

He had to move downstairs to the ‘fishbowl,’ as he calls it — the family room (we don’t have a downstairs bedroom). Plus, the showers in the full baths are upstairs. Luckily, we have wonderful family, and they moved our guest bed downstairs for him. We made a ‘recovery’ room of sorts. recovery room for  Glen

Today — his birthday! — the doc gave him a clean recovery ticket at his 6-week checkup. Full weight-bearing on that foot! Whoohoo! What great news!

So, wondering what the tie is to beginner’s heart? Here goes: I’m not this happy for strangers, and yes, I know that’s normal. But I still would like to celebrate for strangers. Because doesn’t beginner’s heart mean I’m filled w/joy — or at least its calmer cousin, happiness — for the happiness of others? Shouldn’t I celebrate their good fortune?

And yes, I do. When I remember. 🙂 So my lesson today is that my good fortune is like everyone’s good fortune, and theirs is every bit as important. Hokey, but true. Today, I wish you happiness and good fortune. That I celebrate! (When I remember…)

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