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Can you say trimalleolar ankle fracture, three times, FAST? As I said the other day, it means all three bones in your ankle fractured. Broke, busted. And a big OUCH. My poor husband.

Today his right ankle looks like the before picture — almost exactly. Three breaks (you can’t see the ‘posterior malleolus’ — the back little break). Having just come from 4 hours at the doc’s, I can say that w/ certainty. But tomorrow, hopefully, it will look like after: a metal plate, multiple screws, and a larger screw holding everything back in place. And even though it won’t work (yet), it will be heading that direction, ultimately.

In the meantime — and for weeks to come — he’s not able to put ANY weight on his right foot. Not even touch it to the floor, Michael the nice PA told us.

So here’s a picture: two-story house. Master bedroom (& both full baths) upstairs. Only a tiiiiny half-bath downstairs (they used to be called ‘powder rooms,’ but who powders anymore??). Luckily, tile in the downstairs 1/2 bath. Because he may become quite familiar w/ the downstairs facilities. But he does get a knee scooter (he’s not nearly as excited about this as I am.)

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It also means I will get a workout. And that’s when I’m especially glad for my friends & family. Already, the sister network has warned me I BETTER reach out if I need ANYTHING. While friends have offered everything from chauffeur duties to grocery shopping. Even if I end up not needing anything, the sheer outpouring of concern and affection is heart-warming.

And I will need things — primarily that concern & affection, the connections that have enfolded me in support. I wasn’t here when my beloved fell, and I felt terrible. Scared it was worse than he was telling me, and certain that if I hadn’t taken off for the sisters weekend, it wouldn’t have happened. My web assures me NO, assertively and loudly. I need(ed) to hear that…

I also feel bad that I get tired going up & down stairs. I feel guilty that I’m not always glad to help. Even though I adore my beloved, ours is a house bought w/ two folks in mind. Between dogs & cat & birds & laundry & cooking & now all of it by myself, not to mention sick room duties? I am so very grateful for the dear friends who have listened as I process. It seems so…unfeeling to complain about such piddly details when my beloved is out of commission, and in great pain.


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And that’s the deal: if you reach out, the web will support you. It will hold you and comfort you. It will reassure you that you’re human, thus both fallible and heroic. 🙂

I’m always willing to support, but leaning into the web for me is… Well, let’s just say I’m not as experienced w/ that perspective! So for all of you equally uncertain about asking for help? Just do it. You’ll be surprised and grateful. I promise. Each of us is the nexus of a huge web of love, support, & connection. All you have to do is reach out.

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