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Credit: Aerial imagery courtesy of MJ Harden, a GeoEye Company.

Those of us who live near Joplin, MO will never forget the tragedy of the May tornado. Such devastation that, as the photo shows, there was a scar where the tornado tore through the earth.

But the thing about tragedies is they often show us who our friends are. And this one brought people from all over the world to the aid of Joplin. Most recently, the United Arab Emirates donated 1/2 million dollars to Joplin high school.

The donation is 1/2 of a $1,000,000.00 donation — the second 1/2 million to be used as matching funds for other contributors. Joplin Schools hopes to provide each of its 2,200 high school students w/ a laptop to help w/ research, online textbooks and schooling, following the tornado’s destruction of the high school.

These days it’s easy to hear that Arab nations and citizens are anti-American. But you don’t give 1/2 a million dollars to your enemies. You give it to your friends. You give it because you’re a good neighbor. And you offer another 1/2 million dollars to encourage others to give, as well.

Blessings to the UAE this Ramadan season. To give during Ramadan is doubly blessed. But to give to people who often revile you and your religion is especially charitable. And to give to children, so they can continue their education — what lovely neighbours. May we all be so generous. 🙂

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