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As difficult and challenging as things may appear to be sometimes, it is in most cases something which seems very simple and not obvious which makes all the difference. This is also true as it relates to your life and […]

How can something that seems like it’s hidden from you be the same thing that actually is quite visible…even at the same time? What could possibly be something that feels like it’s buried 1000  feet in the ground…also be the […]

It kept happening over and over again and at first it made no sense at all. But once the harsh reality started to set in, the question of “why” kept coming up. Perhaps you’ve had the same thing happen to […]

At times it can involve forbidden taboos. To others it’s no big deal  at any time. And then you have the people who see it both ways depending on the situation. Now let’s consider what happens when you bring something […]

How many times have you heard any of the following: “I’m not perfect”, “Nobody is perfect”, “Be your true self”, “It is important to be your authentic self.” Or perhaps even this one… “You don’t have to be perfect to […]

You see this everyday. It’s at your workplace… In your family… Among your friends… And for that matter it’s everywhere…even in your own mind. What’s interesting and “mind boggling” about it? As much as you may not like it, this […]

Do you remember this happening in school while growing up? It may have been in the classroom…the school yard…on the school bus…while walking home. In fact… It was also likely to occur at home. And it has to do with […]

Most people thought it was impossible…then it became commonplace. At first it looked like there was no end in sight…then it became crystal clear. People suffered… Struggled… Felt humiliated… Even to the point of just giving up. Then something occurred […]

Sometimes it happens when no one is around. Sometimes it happens when everyone is watching. It can occur in a place you expect… Although it has a tendency to occur when you least expect it. And as strange as it […]

Here is something that most people are not aware of when it comes to their most important relationships they have with others. Not only is this often overlooked, but in most cases it is the determining factor as to whether […]