Because This Is Your Life
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It’s something human beings try to avoid as much as cancer. At first it may not seem that way but when it happens to you, your life as you know it can be turned upside down. Not only that but […]

How can the very thing someone says they want actually be the same thing they don’t want… While at the same time they know this as it’s actually happening. And interestingly it involves two words which seem to be the […]

When you think of the word “revolution” what comes to mind? Perhaps thoughts of a war, groups of rebellious people, change of some kind, and even the Beatles song. What may not come to mind are two words that play […]

It’s been said that sometimes big things come in small packages. It can also be said that at times small things come in big packages. And this is certainly the case as it relates to your life. The only thing […]

As difficult and challenging as things may appear to be sometimes, it is in most cases something which seems very simple and not obvious which makes all the difference. This is also true as it relates to your life and […]

A man left work in the late afternoon on a Tuesday. He got on the subway train for his usual one hour and ten minute ride home. On this particular day he thought he would catch up on some work. […]

There are two things going on in your life all the time and both are worldwide epidemics. Not only that but they both feed off each other even though they’re the complete opposite of one another. And what’s interesting about […]

You see this everyday. It’s at your workplace… In your family… Among your friends… And for that matter it’s everywhere…even in your own mind. What’s interesting and “mind boggling” about it? As much as you may not like it, this […]

It was the end of another “dream” day for Jonathan as he and his girlfriend were getting ready to go to sleep. In fact… Leading up to this day you could say the last four weeks were a “dream” for […]

There’s a worldwide movement going on right now as we speak…and always has been since the beginning of time. It’s a movement that is opposed and wanted at the same time by everyone even though most of the time it […]