Because This Is Your Life

One of the main inspirations involved in what I’ll be writing about today is from a movie that came out in 1979. The name of that movie is “Running” and it starred Michael Douglas. It’s a story about a man […]

How many times have you heard any of the following: “I’m not perfect”, “Nobody is perfect”, “Be your true self”, “It is important to be your authentic self.” Or perhaps even this one… “You don’t have to be perfect to […]

One set of parents. Six children…three boys and three girls. One housekeeper. One dog. And a misunderstood illusion. You most likely have figured out who I’m talking about…the Brady Bunch. But the misunderstood illusion…I’ll be coming back to that in […]

There’s times when it leaves you shaking like a leaf… Then there’s other times when it feels like you’re relaxing on the beach… But in both cases the same thing is happening to you. The only difference is that it […]

Today I’ll be speaking about one of the most important things you’ll ever want to realize about you and your life’s journey. In fact, this is something I’ve spoken about before and important enough to speak about again. As most […]

When you walk into an Italian restaurant and see a man making pizzas…what thoughts are going through your mind? “Make me a good pizza.” “He’s Italian.” “He’s just a worker here.” Or perhaps… “What does he know…he only works in […]

Is this possible in today’s society? Think about it. How many people do you know—personally or know of (outside of young children)—that doesn’t have any tattoos…doesn’t drink, smoke, or do drugs? Not only that… Do you know, or have ever […]

Sometimes it’s one of the easiest things to say, but difficult to do. And then other times it’s very easy to think about, but difficult to follow through on. As easy as it does seem at times, it can be […]

At times it can involve forbidden taboos. To others it’s no big deal  at any time. And then you have the people who see it both ways depending on the situation. Now let’s consider what happens when you bring something […]

It’s something that was invented hundreds of years ago. At that time, it was also being mentioned as something which was “new” despite the fact that it had been around for thousands of years previously. Not only that but this […]