Because This Is Your Life

It’s something that was invented hundreds of years ago.

At that time, it was also being mentioned as something which was “new” despite the fact that it had been around for thousands of years previously.

Not only that but this is also something which is still being perpetuated throughout our society today…more than ever before.

What I’m talking about is “The pursuit of happiness.”

And I’m sure you’ve seen this in many different ways such as:

-Trying to have a happy marriage

-Trying to have happy children

-Trying to live a happy life

And there’s even trying to have happiness in the workplace.

The list goes on and on. And along with that is the idea of pursuing happiness.

Notice one key word that I mentioned…”trying.”

There is something very interesting and overlooked just about every time when you’re “trying” to pursue happiness in whatever area it is for you.

And it’s one of the biggest myths there is when it comes to achieving happiness in your life.

Are you aware of what this happiness myth is?

1. Trivial pursuit

The so called “pursuit of happiness” is just that. The reason it’s “so called” has everything to do with the happiness myth that most people are not aware of. Not only are people “not aware” of what this is, but when this myth is taken to extremes it has dangerous side effects.

So what is this myth?

The fact that your happiness is never missing to begin with.

Since your happiness is never missing to begin with why are so many people searching for it as though it was?

Before I get to that here’s something else that shocks most people…

Your sadness is never missing either.

Not expecting to hear that…right? I’ll come back to this as well.

Therefore the pursuit of happiness is something that is futile and completely unrealistic for any human being…

And the same is true about the pursuit of sadness.

So instead of “trying” (there’s that word again) to live in pursuit of happiness…It is much wiser to live in pursuit of balance.

2. The not so missing ingredient

The reason why so many people are searching for happiness as though it was missing is because of the so called idea that they’re “sad” or “depressed.”

In other words, those who are pursuing or searching for happiness are looking to get away from being sad while trying to live a one sided life of happiness.

But the amazing part of this is that both are always present and at the same time.

It only appears to be “happy” or “sad” through your conscious awareness.

In your sub conscious awareness (and how the Universe works) happiness and sadness occur simultaneously.

Here’s an example of what I mean…

Let’s say you’re feeling sad or depressed because someone you were in an intimate relationship with just broke up with you.

The only way that you can be sad or depressed is if you had a fantasy and an expectation (especially an unrealistic one) that if this person didn’t break up with you, life would have been better, life would have been happier.

Your reality has you feeling “sad’ or “depressed” and thinking you’re not happy. So therefore you’ll think your happiness is missing.

It’s not because in actuality you are both sad and happy.

Now you may be thinking, “well how can I be happy if someone I wanted to be in a relationship with just broke up with me?”

Well there may be a “hidden” or sub conscious happiness that you won’t be tied down in certain areas of your life.

You’ll have a sense of freedom.

It could be that you may not feel so obligated in different ways.

You may now be happy that you’ll have more time to do other things that you weren’t able to do when you were in the relationship.

…You get the idea.

The bottom line here is that your happiness is never missing, even in situations where it seems like it is.

And that if you’re trying to get rid of sadness while thinking you’ll live a happy life, you set yourself up to live a one sided fantasy, and then when that one sided fantasy, the happiness, doesn’t appear more in your reality you’ll think it’s missing and be in a constant pursuit of happiness.

3. Your hidden treasures

Let’s now come back to what I mentioned earlier and that is the pursuit of balance. Instead of pursuing happiness it is much wiser to pursue balance. Why?

Because it will allow you to be able to manage your emotions and as a result not be distracted.

Why is this important?

Because when you’re able to manage your emotions you’ll be able to tap into the inner brilliance, magnificence, and genius of who you are.

And this will also help you live a healthier life as well.

Also remember that nothing is missing. When you live in pursuit of balance you’ll realize that your sadness is just as much a gift as your happiness.

In this way you won’t be searching for something that you think is missing (your happiness) and in the process trying to live a life of excess (extreme happiness), which leads to the depression that people are trying to avoid. This is the dangerous side effects I mentioned earlier.

Here’s another fact…

You have hidden treasures within you in the form of your uniqueness that provides a tremendous amount of value to the world.

The most powerful way for you to access that is to be in pursuit of balance and know that you’ll encounter equal amounts of happiness and sadness on your amazing journey in life.

So many times we hear the word “secret” and it really has become cliche and overused nowadays.

However if there is such a thing as a “true secret” it is the pursuit of balance while knowing that nothing is ever missing in your life…

And this includes how amazing of a person you truly are.

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