Because This Is Your Life

You see it with friends.

You see it with family.

It’s also there with your co workers.

You most certainly see it with personal development and self help “gurus.”

It’s on TV…

In your neighborhood…


You see it all the time in the people you admire.

And strange as it seems…

You have it as well.

The most surprising part of all…

It’s the thing to look for that can work for you and turn your life around…or “blow up” in your face and turn your world upside down.

And it involves believing people.

Because no matter how you look at it, you’re in situations on a daily basis throughout your life that involve coming across people where you’re faced with whether to believe them or not.

So how can you tell?

How do you know who to believe?

1. Smiles, energy, and then what

Like it or not, the fact is that we all live in a world where someone is trying to sell something to someone else. And I don’t just mean when it comes to someone that wants you to give them money for something.

When you want to get your spouse or children to listen to you…and to do what you’re in a selling situation.

When you ask your boss at work for the day off…you’re in a selling situation.

And even when you get yourself to do something you may not want to do…you’re in a selling situation to yourself.

You get the idea.

Now when it comes to other people trying to get you to do something…buy something…and to do what they want…of course they’ll use certain tactics to do so…especially during your first interaction with them.

And this is where that “it” I mentioned earlier comes into play…

The “smiles” and “energy.”

Think about it…

How many times did you (and I have as well) like someone and were compelled to listen to them more because you liked their smile and their “energy?”

And whether you’re aware of it…or want to openly admit it…the bottom line is that their “smile” and “energy” has a high probability of working.

Because after all this is a common occurrence with people you see on TV…with personal development and self help “gurus”…potential relationship partners…and anyone who tries to get you to buy from them.

And this is all cool…understandable…and certainly important because it shows (at least on the outside) that someone is sincere.


This is only a small piece of the picture and there is another side to it.

And that other side is…”then what?”

What I mean here is…

Just because someone puts up a good smile and has what seems like “great energy” does that mean they are to be believed?

Sometimes “yes” and many times “no.”

So what else can you go by besides their smile and energy?

Enter “then what” and the pseudotruisms.

2. Pseudo truisms

As you already know there are two sides to every person, situation, and event…and the same is true for someone’s smile and energy.

Fact is…in order to know that you can believe someone you need something else to look for.

There’s actually two things here….it’s the “then what” and pseudo truisms.

And what I mean here is…

One, is the person “walking their talk?”

And two, are they trying to sell you a pseudo truisms…also known as a false construct…which typically involves an unrealistic fantasy.

For example…

Let’s take a personal development and self help guru that’s selling you on the idea that you can live a positive and happy life.

They’ll smile and give off great energy and will be believed…right?

However, are they living that positive and happy life? Of course not.

Because they…just like you and I…experience both sides of life…the happy and sad moments…the pleasures and pains…the supports and challenges.


The truth here is…they’re not walking their talk…but their smile and energy may have you think otherwise.

And when you look at any other situation when someone is trying to sell you something you’ll see this in some way.

So just know that no matter who it is and whatever “selling” situation is involved…that there’s always those both sides.

Yes, the smile and great energy is appealing and in many cases is seductive.


It’s also quite often used to mask the “sellers” deficiencies in what they’re talking about and trying to sell you.

Now what this comes down to is…

What can you do so you know who you can believe?

3. Your world of make beliefs

Answering this question comes down to something I say repeatedly…and mention every week on my radio show…to even include the other hundreds of radio shows I’ve been on…and it’s this:

“It’s one thing to listen to and read what I’m saying…yet it’s another thing to take what you hear me speak about into your own life and have it work for you.”

In other words…

Don’t take my word for it…see for yourself.

Because the only way you can know for sure if what I’m saying (and this goes for what anybody else is saying and “promising”) is true and to be believed…is for you to find out for yourself.

Now of course there’s another part of this that is needed.

And it involves what I’m calling “your world of make beliefs.”


What you believe in…what it is that’s most important to you…that inspires you…that you “love” doing…are “inspired” to be doing…will involve embracing both sides.

This goes back to what I said earlier.

And also ties in with “how to know who you can believe.”

Because it all comes down to your beliefs…in who you are…what you want to do…what you’re willing to go through to achieve it…and who you’ll believe and not believe along the way.


You’ll come across people in your life that will have your best interests at heart…and you’ll come across people who won’t.

And when you’re clear on who you are and what you’d love to be, do, and have…while embracing the “positive” and so called “negative”…even if you come across people that may have “fooled” you with their “smile” and “energy”…

Just know that these people were put in your life as feedback to get you to be true to who you are.

Yes, they’ll be times when you’ll believe someone and you’ll feel they “lied” to you…

And they’ll be other times when you believed someone and what was promised they delivered on.


In both cases it still depends on you…

It depends on you being aware of your uniqueness…

It depends on you being true to yourself…

Because when you do…and you realize how valuable and important of a person you are in this world…you see the blessings in every crisis…along with the crisis in every blessing.

These are gifts that get you to realize how needed you are in the world…

By just being the magnificent you.

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