Because This Is Your Life

Here is one of the most interesting questions you’ll ever ask yourself which can make a major difference in how you live your life…

“What exactly is the truth?”

At first, many people upon asking this question will ask it from the perspective of what is true versus what appears to be false.

Another way people will have a tendency to look at it is from the place of truth versus lying.

Very few people are actually aware of what the real answer is, and that is what I’ll be discussing today.

When it comes to asking, “what exactly is the truth”, the first thing to understand is that there is a “Universal Truth” that every human being in the world lives by.

This Universal Truth has been in existence since the beginning of civilization and will always be present.

What I’m referring to is that there are always two sides to every event, person, and idea.

You’ve heard me mention many times that we live in a two sided world and that ALL human beings have two sides. What this means is that you are both nice and mean, happy and sad, kind and cruel, and so on.

It also means that you’ll encounter both ease and difficulty, support and challenge, giving and taking, war and peace, and so on .

That is what I am referring to as the Universal Truth.

Why is this important to know?

Because knowing that there are two sides to all events and that you have both sides equally, you won’t get caught up in the very things that cause much of what you may be trying to avoid…

And you’ll also see the magnificence of the world, other people, and of course yourself.

I’m sure you are also aware that most people do not see “truth” from this perspective, because humans see and perceive things
based on their values.

So for example, you may have a situation where you’ll see someone as lying but someone else may not see that person as lying.

In this type of a situation, you may say, “well everyone knows that’s a lie and not true.” Or you may say, “well that is common knowledge and a fact that they’re lying…that’s just reality.”

Again, this is based on one’s perception. Neither is right or wrong, but based on how one sees the world. This is not a Universal Truth.

Here’s the main point for today.

While you may see situations that you’ll perceive as being one way or the other (more nice than mean, more happy than sad, more challenging than support, etc), it is very wise to be aware of what Universal Truths are.

Our society and world will continue to function by labeling things one way or the other, and let’s face it, in many ways this needs to exist.

But for you, I want you to know that there is another level to what is really occurring in our world. That level involves knowing that, “what exactly is the truth” is the fact that in every moment both sides exist simultaneously, in you and the world around you.

By being aware of this you really get to see the world with a new set of eyes.

You also get to wake up the magnificence, genius, and brilliance within you that you may not have ever been aware of.

Take the time today and from every day onward to discover the “Universal Truth” and you’ll see how much of an important person you are to the world through all that you do.

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