Because This Is Your Life

I’m sure you are very well aware of all the “reality” shows that have been on TV. I personally do not watch TV but I am still aware of all the “reality” shows that are being aired.

In fact there was a reality show that did begin airing back in 1992 called “The Real World.”

The reason I’m bringing this up is because it is important for you to know what exactly is the real world, and it is not what you see on TV.

It’s not even what most people think it is.

When you really take the time to look, the “real world” is a feedback system to get you to realize your true authentic and amazing self.

The “real world” is two sided and synchronous, even though it doesn’t appear that way on the outside. In other words this two sidedness and synchronicity I’m speaking of is quite often not detectable by a person’s 5 senses (hearing, seeing, feeling, tasting, touching).

Of course the two sidedness I am referring to is that you and the world are both nice and mean, kind and cruel, happy and sad, saint and sinner, along with all the other pairs of equal and opposite traits.

The only times that a person can see the two sidedness and synchronous manner in which the “real world” operates is when they’re in a poised, present, and centered state.

Most people go through their lives and believe everything they see and hear from others, such as perceived authority figures, the news on TV, and so on, that they just assume, “Well that’s just the way it is.” This is typically when someone has a one sided view of their lives and the world.

That’s not “just the way it is.” It’s not a one sided view.

The true “way that it is” is being created by people who have a mission, a vision, and a great cause. These are the people who make the rules and this can be at any level ranging from the global stage to their own country, their own state, community, or perhaps even their own family.

Your reality and real world is the one created by you. Just know that a big part of that includes embracing both sides of the Universe we live in…

And like I said earlier, be aware that the “real world” is a feedback system or as some people like to say, a mirror.

This mirror is trying to wake you up and get you to realize just how brilliant and magnificent of a person you are.

It’s constantly reflecting back to you the signs and signals for you to really tap into the amazing talents and skills you posses.

This is what the “real world” is all about.

So take the time and ask yourself what your “real world” is.

What is it about you and who you are that you can create which brings a tremendous amount of value to the world and in the process serve the world at a higher level?

Keep looking and find it because you have what it takes to really stand out and shine brightly through your amazing self.

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