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I came across something recently that on one hand surprising but on the other, not so surprising.

A person I know of who is in the personal development and self help industry was saying that somebody else was copying their work and not giving them credit for it.

I’ve seen this type of thing before with people saying that others were “copying their stuff” or “ripping off their work.”

In fact these types of things occur way more than you think and it spans through just about every industry out there.

After seeing and hearing what this person was saying the thoughts that came into my mind were in the form of two questions.

The first is,

“Do people really copy/steal/”rip off” other people’s work”

The second question and what I want to speak about today is,

“How original are you in what you do?”

1. How new are you- Many times you’ll hear people say that they came up with something new. It could be a new product,
service, or idea, and in the process claim that it’s theirs and that they invented it. But is that really the case?

When you really take the time and look carefully, you’ll see that just about everything out there has been around for a long time. There really aren’t any new ideas, strategies, or techniques out there in the general sense.

However, what is new and different, and what people lay claim to saying is something they came up with is how they “dress it up” and present it in such a way that reflects their own personality.

Every person who comes up with what appears to be new and innovative products, services, and ideas are really borrowing the general concepts from others and putting their uniqueness into it while also “dressing it up” differently. Some people may call that “stealing” but is it really?

Now of course if someone blatantly copies something word for word and doesn’t give credit where credit is due, then yes I can see a case being made for “copying.”

Outside of that, it is nothing more than someone being creative while borrowing the genius from others and packaging it into
something else based on their own personality with the intention of how it can help others.

2. The shower effect- Speaking of genius here is something interesting that I found out about Albert Einstein that can help you in a big way. Einstein came up with many of his ideas while taking a shower. So what he did was that he created a waterproof pen and writing tablet that he hung in the shower and whenever he had creative ideas come into his mind while taking a shower he wrote them down right there on the spot.

I found this to be fascinating in many ways because as far back as I can remember I’ve come up with many of my ideas while taking a shower.

So where do you come up with many of your creative ideas? Is it in the shower? While driving in your car? While lying in bed? Perhaps it could even be while taking a walk outside in nature?

Wherever it is for you, make note of it and take advantage of that creative moment because you have a very good probability
of coming up with that million dollar and life transforming product, service, or idea. Be sure to write it down, record it, or whatever means works best for you, but just get it down in that moment of inspiration.

3. Presenting your biggest gift- At your true core self you are authentic and have true originality in what you do. The question is, “Are you really tapping into the full genius and magnificence of who you are so it comes out and shines brightly?”

If not and you would like to breakthrough this and present your biggest gift to the world, just know it starts by realizing that you’re a two sided person who lives in a Universe that was also designed to be two sided.

You’re not a “happy” person living in a “happy” world just like you’re not a “sad” person living in a “depressing” world.

What you are is a person who has both sides, the happy and sad, the nice and mean, the giving and taking, who lives in a world of ease and difficulty, support and challenging, along with all the other forms of duality that exist.

You’ve heard me say numerous times that at the level of the soul we’re all the same but at the level of the 5 senses we’re all different.

Even though we all perceive things different based on our senses it is through your soul is where you express the unique form of who you truly are…

And who you truly are is somebody that has a special gift of tremendous value which serves the world in a very large way.

There was a song that came out back in the 1985 called, “We are the World.”

Just know that you are the world and the world we all live in is magnificent because you are the magnificent person who is very much a big part of it.

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