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Growing up as children we always had someone we looked up to as a role model. It could have been a parent, an athlete, someone in our community, and possibly even someone we saw on TV.

In fact many of us as children may have even looked up to cartoon characters we saw on TV.

I know as a child growing up I watched cartoons and believe it or not actually learned many vocabulary words which helped me.

Along with all of this we have at some time had the thought of what it would be like to trade places with someone else and be like them.

As adolescents growing up it was a part of our imagination and considered a good thing to do and it really is.

I even remember the TV commercial with Michael Jordan that said, “Be like Mike.”

When we “grow up”, so to speak and become adults many of us outgrow wanting to be like someone else…or do we?

Here’s something to think about regarding this…

“Is there anyone right now that you would want to trade places with?”

1. Underdog or overdog- As a small child I used to watch a cartoon called underdog. The interesting thing about this cartoon was that underdog was a powerful character, the hero if you will.

When it comes to us in our daily lives being the underdog puts us in a situation of minimizing ourselves to others, while those other people play the role of the overdog. This happens quite frequently in relationships where one person is put up on the pedestal while the other (the underdog) is in a sense walking on eggshells.

If you’re looking to trade places with someone else and wanting to be like them in many ways you are being the underdog. More
on this next.

2. Trading places- While it may seem appealing and very easy to want to trade places with someone and think, “well I’ll be better off if I had their money“, here is something to consider…

On the surface it may seem better off in wanting to trade places with someone for one particular thing (in this example wanting their money) but would you want what else may be going on in their lives?

Many times we don’t consider this and think if we have that one thing we see in them that our lives will be better off. The interesting thing is that whatever we see in them we have but aren’t recognizing the unique form we have it in.

3. Your inner hero- The one person that it is wise to want to trade places with is your inner hero. Instead of comparing yourself to someone else wanting to be like them, how about comparing yourself to your dreams and being the magnificent

Everybody has an inner hero, something that is unique to them that serves others and the world. Where is your inner hero?

Like I was mentioning up above, you may look at someone’s situation and want to trade places. You may or may not be aware of this, but there are people out there who look at your situation and want to trade places with you. It goes both ways.

My point is that many times we take a look at our current situations and not fully appreciate them (or ourselves)…

And in the process get “down” and “beat ourselves up.”

If this happens take the time to see where you are “up” and where you “lift yourself up.”

Your greatest asset is that you’re a beautiful soul who has it all. You have everything you need to live the type of lifestyle you want. It’s just a matter of you becoming aware of this and knowing where to look.

So make it a point to trade places with the most amazing and remarkable person in the world…YOU!

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