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After consulting and coaching with thousands of people, I get many questions and voices of concern. One such question has to do with money and having more financial wealth.

A vast majority of these questions that I get has to do with why some people seem to have an easier time at achieving financial wealth while others continue to struggle.

After asking those who are struggling to reach greater financial wealth, why they believe that others have an easier time gaining more wealth, I get a variety of answers such as:

-Those people were born into financial wealth

-They worked “harder” than those who are struggling with their finances

-They got lucky

-They “cheated” or “deceived” someone to get a lot of money

-They knew someone

In fact, another answer I quite often get is, “I have no idea of how someone else acquired a lot of money and I haven’t.”

Do some of these answers sound familiar?

Have you ever wondered how you can achieve financial wealth or where it will come from? Have you ever asked, “What does it really take to have more financial wealth?”

This leads to the main question for you to ask and then answer…

“Where is my financial wealth?”

1. Heart to heart- What it takes to have financial wealth and where it will come from is…in your heart. All of your financial wealth is in your heart.

Now of course taking action is a big part of this. It is also important to have a strategy and plan, but keep in mind that all the action in the world is meaningless unless you know what and where it will come from and what it will take to get it.

So you may be asking what I mean, by saying that your financial wealth is in your heart. You may also be thinking, “how can something that sounds like I’m not taking any action be responsible for how much wealth I can have?”

Well…you have a message and deserve to be heard. You have an inspiring message and vision within you that the world is waiting for. You have something of tremendous value, that you may not be aware of right now, that is worth millions of dollars.

Most people are shutting themselves down and their unlimited financial wealth because they do not realize this.

So how can you awaken your heart and the message you have within?

2. Value you, value me- The quickest and fastest way to greater financial wealth can be summed up in one word…value. What this means is that it’s important that you put a high value on money and on providing a tremendous amount of value to others.

Whenever I ask people if they want to have financial freedom they say “yes.” Then when I ask them if they have (or are on track to have) financial freedom they say “no.” This is a very common theme. How can someone say they want money, and are doing all of the intentions, affirmations, visualizations, and still not have the type of financial wealth and freedom they want?

It’s simple…

It comes down to putting a higher value on money

The other part of this involves providing a tremendous amount of value to others through a product, service, or ideas that inspires you to help others.

This is where you would start by asking yourself what you are here to do.

You have a value to the world and a unique way of expressing it based on what is most important to you. Ask yourself, “what is most important to me and what is my unique way of expressing it.”

Also ask, “How can I help and serve others?” When you provide a caring, loving, and heartfelt service that benefits others and help others get what they want, you get what you want and this includes money.

Ask yourself, “What valuable service can I provide to others? When you focus on the service and the value you provide, the opportunities to attract more money dramatically increases.

3. The key that opens the door to wealth- You also want to remain poised and present. Your ability to manage your emotions allows you to be poised. This is what allows you to open your heart, which is where your financial wealth is.

Many people are looking to live a one sided life (more support than challenge, more positive than negative, more ease than difficulty etc) and miss out on the beauty of life and the universe we live in, and this certainly applies to your financial wealth as well.

So be willing to embrace both support and challenge, positive and negative, ease and difficulty, and understand that both sides are necessary and there to guide you on your journey to greater financial wealth.

Remember, a one sided mind closes down your heart and your ability to attract financial wealth. No matter what happens during your day always ask, “how is this serving me and my ultimate objective?”

This is a very rewarding time for you and one where you can certainly take control of your financial wealth, so take the time to realize the tremendous value you bring to the world and communicate that to others and watch the opportunities for more wealth come right to you.

And remember, no matter where you are and no matter what you’ve been through you have the power to attract financial wealth to you. You have it right now in the most powerful area of your body… your heart.

So always follow your heart and your financial wealth will follow you.

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