Because This Is Your Life

This may sound very surprising and even shocking at first, and that is, every human being has a price tag…

But not in the way that you may be thinking.

Let me explain.

No matter what area of life you are talking about, you have a value in some way.

In other words you have something that is of tremendous value to others. This can be in the form of a product, service, and ideas.

This can be as it relates to your family, your career, your social network, and any other area of life that is important to you and other people.

So that “price tag” I was referring to earlier comes down to this question…

“How much are you worth?”

And the most amazing part of you answering this question is that you are the one who determines the answer.

The other amazing part of this is that whatever your answer is, just be aware of the fact that this amount you are worth is so high that it is priceless.

I want you to realize this and be the one who determines what you are worth.

So many people are allowing others to put a value on them. This occurs at their jobs, in relationships, with finances, and just about any other area of life you can think of.

Your ability in being able to achieve the type of wealth and success you want is determined by the value you put on yourself which certainly includes realizing how much you are worth.

People quite often refer to this as self worth.

To help get you going with this, here is a simple, yet powerful question, that I want you to ask and answer every day for the rest of your life…

“What is it about who I am that brings value to the world?”

Remember, the quality of your life is determined by the quality of the questions you ask. When you ask and then answer the quality question I mentioned just above you’ll be well on your way to transforming your life and in the way you want.

Along with this, you’ll also realize how magnificent and brilliant of a person you really are. Even if you’re already aware of this to some degree, you’ll gain new insights to your inner brilliance that you may not have realized at first.

The other important part of answering this question is that you’ll be helping and serving others in the process.

When you truly care and help others get what they want, you get what you want.

When you realize how valuable someone else is, you’re also realizing how valuable you are.

When you’re grateful and thankful for who you are and the value you contribute to the world, other people will be grateful and thankful for the magnificence of you.

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