Because This Is Your Life

Some of them are big.

Some are small.

Others are in between.

Then there’s also the clean ones…

The dirty ones…

And even though the size doesn’t matter, I do prefer the clean ones.

Although you can also get by and be effective with the dirty version as well.

What’s also interesting about this?

Each has their own “secret” stories and ideas that most people don’t see…at least not at first.

…Even for Albert Einstein!

Before going any further…

I want to let you know that I’m referring to a bathroom. It can be yours…your friends…your place of employments…or even a public one.

Yet it doesn’t matter…

Because the same thing can and does occur in any one of them.

And it starts with the question…

“What are you really doing in your bathroom?”

Now for most people a trip to the bathroom is for obvious reasons.

For others there’s something else going on.

Case in point…

My trips into the bathroom are adventurous.


Because I come up with many of my best ideas…topics to write about…different and new ways on how to help people live inspiring lives.

It’s also the place where I came up with the names of the different products and programs I teach…such as the Breakthrough to Achieve program…the Roadmap to Financial Freedom program…and the Living Your Fulfilled Life audio series.

And what’s especially interesting during these bathroom rendezvous…

They sometimes take place in the shower…other times while shaving…as I’m brushing my teeth…and yes even when actually going to the bathroom.

At first I thought this was unusual…and began thinking, “am I the only one who experiences this”…because obviously this is not something you’re taught.

But then I heard about Einstein…and how he would come up with some of his best ideas while taking a shower.

So what did he do?

He created a waterproof pen and writing tablet and hung it in his shower.

Pretty clever…right?

Coming from Einstein would you expect anything less?

Let’s talk about you now.

What goes on while you’re in the bathroom?

What new ideas…revelations…different thoughts about your life come to mind?

And whatever it is for you…what type of action are you taking on them?

For starters…

It’s wise to have some method of remembering what these are…because something interesting happens after you comes out of the bathroom…you’ll have a tendency to forget it.

This is why Einstein did what he did.


And this is certainly the most vital part…what is your vision in following through on your “creative bathroom wisdom?”

Of course this will be different for you versus someone else.

What is the same…however…is that you come up with a way to take advantage of…and to maximize your creative power.

In fact…

This can obviously “carry over” to places other than the bathroom…and in your case it may even be both.

The idea is for you to “capture the moment” when that one “big idea” pops into your mind…that one “aha” moment…the epiphany that has a high probability of completely transforming your life.

It’s interesting…

Because this is something I actually developed over time. What I used to do growing up was just take a shower…get in and out…and that was it.

So this isn’t something I was “born with” so to speak.

And the same is for you.

The other cool thing is that you can always use the bathroom as your “personal time out” resource…to unwind…to get focused…to become energized.

One other point of interest…

I’ve always wondered why bathrooms never counted as an actual room in a house…specifically when it came to buying a house.

What I mean is that you’ll hear, “the house has 8 rooms…not including the bathrooms.”

Some even say, “it’s a 4 bedroom 2 bathroom house.”

In any case the bathroom seem to take a “back seat” so to speak.


It’s an important part of your life because as you’ve seen here it’s the place where you can actually start planning out how to live the type of life you want.

Sounds like a strange concept..well it is…and that’s a good thing.

And it’s the same with you.

Because you’ll have people throughout your life say that you’re “strange” or do unusual things…

Yet that makes up the uniqueness of who you are.

And if that magnificent uniqueness of yours can create ideas from of all places…a bathroom…so be it.

No matter what the same thing remains…

You’re a special person with a limitless abundance of value to contribute to the world…

And when you let yourself shine for all to see…

The world gets to see how much you really do matter.

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