Because This Is Your Life

It’s strange…

And even though it obviously benefits humanity…

At the same time it actually offends certain people…even the same people who can be helped by the very thing that’s offending them.

Also included with this…

You have the different situations in your own life when you deal with people in a way that helps them.


Often times they’ll be offended by you as well.

I’ll come back to this in a minute.

First and foremost…

What does this all have to do with?

Being truthful to others.

And this brings up the question:

Is your truth an offense?

And what I mean by your truth is…being your true self whether it’s in your business, your family, friends, and any part of your life.

Here’s an example from my world…the personal development/self help industry:

There are fellow colleagues who I know are offended by what I teach.


Because as you know from reading and listening to what I talk about…that I come from a two sided perspective.

You won’t see me promote how you can live a happy and positive life…or that you can live in a state of sustainable happiness and bliss…or everlasting joy.

And the reason is because you…just like myself…and every human being in the history of man and womankind were not designed to live that way.

Yes, you’ll have moments of happiness…positive experiences in your life…moments of joy and “bliss.”


These are temporary.

And they have its complimentary opposites…sadness, negativity, and sorrow.


It’s wise to be aware of that and know that BOTH sides are necessary for you to realize your truth…your authentic self.


Some colleagues are still promoting the one sidedness while trying to live a fantasy driven life.

And what happens when we come into contact with each other?

Someone…in this case one of my fellow colleagues gets offended.

Now of course these are wonderful people.

However, are they living the way they’re saying you can live? Of course not because they’re also part of man and womankind.

I’m sure you get the idea of what I mean here…and why my truth offends certain people.

Now let’s come back to what I mentioned earlier…and look at this as it relates to your life…the situations you come across with people.

Think of the different moments when you knew with certainty that you could help someone being true to yourself…while being “straight up” with someone in a respectful and loving way.

It could have been a friend, your children, a coworker, or even an acquaintance.

And despite lending your helping hand they either “snapped back” at you…said they didn’t need your help…and possibly even ignored you altogether.

As a result did this leave you “shaking your head” and possibly second guessing yourself?

So what can you do the next time this comes up?

You have two choices.

One, either stand up for who you are…while being true to yourself.

Or two…

Follow what everyone else does…the “sheeple mentality”…just so you don’t “rock the boat.”

Because when you go against who you really are…especially when it involves trying to live that one sided “fantasy” life…just to please others…

You end up lying to yourself and give up who you are.


It is wise to offend others in a “healthy” way.

And what I mean by this is to provide an equal amount of support and challenge…praise and criticism…while also being nice and mean.

While doing this also keep in mind…

How else can you help others and humanity?

How else can you truly love someone?

And if the other person is “offended” by it…if they call you “negative” or say you don’t “resonate” with them…or that your “energies don’t match”…so be it.

Because no matter how true to yourself you are…no matter how much of a two sided perspective you come from…you’ll still come across people who want you to placate their one sided fantasies.

This is what I was saying earlier about dealing with colleagues within the personal development and self help industry.

I also deal with it outside of the industry.


If you find yourself in a situation that by being your true self will possibly offend someone…mostly because they are looking for a one sided fantasy…

Then you want to stand your ground…and be “your truth” so to speak.

And this goes back to something I’ve said many times…

“You never have to give up who you are to appreciate and love yourself…just as much as you never have to give up who you really are to be appreciated and loved by others.”

And sometimes things will go your way…

Sometimes they won’t.

In either case what matters is that you stay true to who you are…even if others are offended by it.

Because no matter what happens one thing remains and that is…

You’re a special person with so much to offer the world through the uniqueness of who you are.

Offensive or not…

This is the truth of your magnificence.

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