Because This Is Your Life

Do you know what happens from the day you’re born until the day you take your last breath?

The obvious answer is most likely that you live your life.

And that’s true because that is what takes place from your first day of life until your last.

But what I’m also talking about is something else you may not have thought of. And even if you did, you may want to ask yourself again if you’re living your life according to the way you want.

Because it’s one thing to live this way versus the way other people “think” it’s supposed to be.

And it’s the way I’m talking about that makes all the difference in the world as to whether you are in control of your life where you feel more confident and respected…

Not to mention achieving the freedom and by Savings Addon022 “”>security in the areas of life most important to you.

And it starts by asking the question…

“When does it start and will it ever end?”

And what I’m referring to is…

Living a fulfilled life.

…Because there’s a big difference between living a fulfilled life versus living a happy and positive life.

The inescapable truth of your life is that you’ll experience both sides of life. This of course includes the support and challenge, the ease and difficulty, the happiness and sadness that you’ll face along your amazing journey. This is living a fulfilled life as a fulfillment driven person.

Not only do these occur equally but both sides actually serve you.

Recall a time during your life when you were challenged and went through a very difficult moment. It certainly seemed that way at the time. But what happened when you looked back on it a year, two years, five years later? When you look closely enough you’ll see the hidden blessing in it that helped you in your life.

What happened during these moments? You experienced both sides of life. They served you.

Now what happens when you try and live a happy and positive life?

You have a tendency to try and get rid of everything and everybody that you perceive as being negative and unhappy. And in the process, look at life as being one side only.

But what happens when the other side shows up? How do you react to that?

Along with that, as you’ve gone through your life have you been able to completely eliminate all of the negativity? Have you been able to eliminate the sad moments that come up? Have you been able to get rid of what appears to be “down” moments in your life?

The answer is no.

But despite your best efforts to do so, have you noticed that the very things you try to get rid of keeps coming back…and in many cases more than you like?

This is also inescapable and happens when trying to live a fantasy lifestyle of being one sided.

So back to the question…

“When does it start and will it ever end?”

Living a fulfillment driven life starts from the day you’re born and doesn’t end. When you make the choice and embrace fulfillment rather than seeking a fantasy driven life is when your true transformation begins.

And along with that comes less anxiety, less depression, and less stress which leads to being more focused and in control of your life. In other words you get to live life on your terms.

And also realize this…

As you grow and go to higher levels of achievement in the different areas of your life, the level of support and challenge, ease and difficult, happiness and sadness changes. It doesn’t go away. And that’s a good thing.

And when you reach a certain level of success you’ll also have a certain level of failure that comes with it. That’s a good thing too.


When you know how to anticipate both the positive and negative sides that come up in different situations, you reduce the “depressions” and “stresses” that would have ordinarily come up.

Plus you’ll be better prepared on how to take the right kind of action.

And this all results in you attracting more of what you want instead of what you don’t want…because you’ll be more poised, more focused, and in the process be living according to the laws of the universe.


This isn’t about being negative. I’m not telling you to go out and be negative. It’s not about being positive either.

It is about having balanced thinking, which is how a fulfillment person thinks.

And you want to know what’s the best part of this?

The fact that you are always given the opportunity to have a new beginning in your life…

A new way for you to grow and realize more about the magnificence of who you are.

A new way for you to help others and those you care about most.

And a new way for you to be remembered…

As someone who matters. As someone who really cares about others. And as someone who truly made a difference in the world through the uniqueness of who you are and what you do.

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