Because This Is Your Life

We all reach a point in our lives when we’re at a crossroads and are faced with an important decision to make.

With some people it occurs more often and with others not as much.

In either case that “crossroads” represents an important part of our lives where that one big decision can make the difference between going down the path of doing what we love versus living a life of “shoulds”, “have tos”, and “supposed tos.”

No matter how you look at it, this all starts with taking that next step in your life.

With this in mind the question is,

“What’s the next step for you in your life?”

When you really take a closer look at it, every decision we make every day of our lives is that next important step.

Most people do not realize this and then when something comes up that stands out as being a “big” decision to make, it’s very easy to think that it’s “that decision” which will make the difference, when in reality it is all of the “little” things that occurred beforehand leading up to that which makes the difference.

Therefore it is wise to be very aware of this and to know that everything you do makes a difference even if at the moment it may not seem that way.

Now that you have this in mind, let’s revisit the question,

“What the next step for you in your life?”

As you think this through and answer it just know that whatever that step is for you, that it is unique for you and your situation.

This next step in your life could involve your family, your career, your physical health, or whatever it is that’s most important to you.

In fact it can also be an idea or a revelation that you have which can completely transform your life in a positive way.

When you get that thought in that moment of inspiration, write it down, record it, or do whatever it takes for you to remember it.

I mentioned in the past that Einstein came up with many of his ideas while in the shower and he created a waterproof pen and writing tablet so he could write them down the moment he came up with those ideas.

Whatever method works for you just make sure and follow through on it because it can represent that next all important step in your life which completely turns things around for you and sets you down the path of living the type of life you would love to live.

One other thing this does is that it gets you to see how much wisdom you have along with you getting to realize the genius and brilliance of who you are.

Your ability to realize this helps you even more in making those decisions involved in taking that next important step in your life.

As you take those next important steps in your life just know that they represent how much of a unique and amazing person you are who offers so much value to the world.

At first it may not seem obvious, however when you take the time to look you’ll see that you do make a profound impact on the world.

Even if at first you don’t see it, you will very soon because others will see it in you and they’ll let you know that you are a shining star.

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