Because This Is Your Life

Do you realize that today is a special day for you?

Are you aware that something is happening right now which is affecting your life and the lives of others?

In fact, this is something that you encounter every day that is sometimes very scary, unpredictable, and even dangerous.

So what I am talking about here…

Your life’s journey.

But let’s go a little deeper than that.

As you may have heard me say before, the quality of your life is based on the quality of the questions you ask. Along with this is, of course, the answers to those questions you come up with.

With that being said, let’s go deeper by asking the question…

“How much do you appreciate your life’s journey?”

1. The voice and vision- Whether you realize it or not you have a voice and vision that is guiding your life. This is something you are always carrying around inside of you. It represents who you are, what you’re here to do, and how you want to be remembered.

As you go through your life you’ll come across other people, other places, and thousands of different situations which all make up your journey.

Along with these will be what seems like positive moments and negative moments. You’ll have what seems like “good” days and “bad” days. They’ll be times when you were supported and other times when you were challenged.

The reason I’m bringing this up is because your voice and vision will be tested by the various people, places, and situations you come across.

Therefore, your ability to pass these tests are vital when it comes to how your life plays out.

When it comes to appreciating your life’s journey I want you to keep this in mind because no matter what happens to you during the course of your life, there are always those hidden blessings in the apparent crisis.

If it seems like one door is shutting, another one is opening, and this also includes the different people who come in and go out of your life.

2. A world of heroes- It is human nature to admire those people we like, even to the point of them being our heroes. Let’s face it, everyone has someone else who is their hero. In fact we live in a world of heroes.

Here’s something that is pretty amazing…

Whether you’re aware of it or not you are a hero and someone else is looking up to you as being their hero. So who is that person? Is it someone in your family? Is it your best friend? Here’s one you may not have thought of…is it someone that you may have thought didn’t like you, but sees you as their hero?

Where am I going with this?

Take a look throughout your life and come up with the people who have looked up to you in some way. When you do this you’ll realize that there are and have been many people who see you as their hero in some way.

This is yet another way of appreciating your life’s journey because it gets you to see that throughout your life that you played an important role in helping someone else in their life.

One bit of caution when it comes to who your heroes are and also to those who see you as their hero…

Remember, every hero has two sides as well, meaning that they are both nice and mean, giving and taking, happy and sad, kind and cruel, and so on.

You are not here to have people infatuate over you, but rather you’re here to be the two sided amazing person that you are…and this goes for all of the other people in your life.

Be sure to realize this in others and yourself because it’s yet another way of appreciating your life’s journey.

3. This was my life- Here is one of the most important questions you can ever ask yourself at any time in your life…

“Did I do everything I could with everything I was given?”

Notice how I mentioned about asking this question, “at any time in your life.”

Most people go through their lives and have a pile of regrets. Many of these regrets stems from not doing the most they could during different moments of their lives.

Doing everything you could with everything you were given can include many things.

-It can involve being patient with your loved one for an extra 30 seconds.

-It can involve putting a little extra effort into helping someone else out.

-It can involve doing something you would really love to do and not give up when everyone else is telling you that it’s not possible.

-It certainly involves putting in that extra time and effort to taking care of yourself.

Whatever it is for you, just know that it’s part of how you appreciate your life’s journey.

And when you ask the question, “did I do everything I could with everything I was given” you want to be able to say, “yes I gave it my all.”

Your life’s journey is something that is very special, and remember that it’s YOUR life’s journey. It’s unique, it represents who you truly are, and like I said earlier it has both sides of life involved.

So why is today a special day for you?

Because it is yet another day of your amazing journey. It is yet another day of you spreading your magnificence and brilliance to others.

And it is yet another day of realizing how important of a person you are and the tremendous amount of value you contribute to the world.

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