Because This Is Your Life

Here’s something I’ve done in the past many times that you’ve most likely done as well…

And be honest about it.

How many times have you thought that your life in some way would be better if you could have changed something, even just one thing, from your past?

This could range from the “smallest” and most innocent of things to much “bigger” and life impacting moments.

The question to think about here is, “Are all the events in your life, past and present, really small and innocent or do they equally matter in the grand scheme of things?”

Put another way…

“Does every person, situation, idea, and event in your life contribute equally in some way to how your life currently is and how your life can be?

I say, “yes” and along with that it is very wise to not come from a place of wanting to change anything from your past thinking that you’d be better off.

Even if you could go back in time and change something, you wouldn’t want to.

Many people will wonder why and the reason is simple…

Because you don’t know what the ripple effect would be if you changed even that “one” simple event.

It is very easy at first to think your life would be or have been better off if you could change something from your past.

But what most people are not aware of is that ripple effect I mentioned earlier, which can actually lead to even more things you’d want to change, that may not have occurred in the first place.

Yes, you may have been able to change that “one thing” in your past (if you were able to go back in time) but it would trigger off events in other areas of your life that you wouldn’t want to have happen.

Since none of us can physically go back in time, we can perceptually go back in time with our thoughts and memories.

When doing so it is wise to be thankful and grateful for those events which have occurred and to see “both sides” of the picture, along with how each served and dis-served you.

This will allow you to be more grateful for what is instead of wanting to change yourself and possibly others thinking that you or they would be better off in some way.

Life is not meant to be lived in regret and resentment, it is meant to be lived in gratitude and appreciation of what has taken place…

And one of the ways you do this is to be aware of both the positive and negative sides of people, events, and situations which have occurred.

By knowing this you don’t become a victim of your history, you shine and become a master of your destiny.

And a major part of being a master of your destiny is knowing how remarkable of a person you are.

It’s knowing that you have a tremendous amount of value to contribute to the world with your uniqueness.

And it’s also realizing that you are a beautiful soul who has it all.


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