Because This Is Your Life

A 9 year old boy was driven to his new school by his mother on a cool autumn October day.

This was his first day of school at this new school.

After his mother left he was escorted by a school official down what seemed like a mile long hallway. 

At the end of that hallway they made a right hand turn and walked down what seemed like another mile long hallway.

Then finally they stopped and entered a classroom that was tucked away in the corner of the school.

As they walked in to this 4th grade classroom the boy had a very familiar feeling.

After all this was the 5th school he attended in the previous 9 months.

And even though the scene on this day was the same as the previous four schools, it was also very different than before.

As this young boy was led to his wooden desk and sat down to do the math lesson the teacher was teaching he could sense the eyes of the other students watching him.

Even though he couldn’t quite put his finger on it at the time, this wise 9 year old—in a classroom of other wise 4th graders—had a sense that he was in a special place and had finally found a stable home.

I can still remember that October day at Madison Park Elementary School in Old Bridge New Jersey…

Because it was the beginning of a 12 year journey of living in an area that I still consider my hometown.

And along that journey were the many wonderful people I met, grew up with, and learned so much from. In fact I still talk with some of these people to this very day.

Then of course there were the many different situations and events that occurred along the way.

These events and situations were at times very supporting while at other times they were very challenging.

There were people who were very nice to me at times and others who were mean to mean at times.

And the interesting thing about it all is that many of the people who challenged me and were mean to me most back then are today the same people who are very supportive and nice to me…

Talk about coming full circle right?

Well it’s no accident. And if I could go back in time and do it all over again I would not have changed a thing…

But at the same time I wouldn’t want it to be today like it was back then. Some people may see their youth as the “good old days” while wishing today was like back then.

Just know that your life today are the “good new days” in the same way it was the “good old days” back in your youth.

Now my question to you is…

“What was it like growing up in your hometown?”

What were the joys and sorrows, the happiness and sadness, the supports and challenges, the giving and taking that you experienced along the way?

How did each of them help you in your life (and they all have helped you)?

How much have you grown and evolved into the wonderful person you are today as a result of the people you grew up with?

These are all very important questions to ask and then answer.

And even if you did move around a lot and feel that you were never in a place long enough to call your hometown, ask these questions anyway.

In fact it’s very wise to also make this a lifetime habit no matter where you lived or are currently living…

Because it gets you to realize that every person, place, thought, idea, and situation is all a necessary part of your amazing journey in life.

It may not seem that way at first but I assure you that by looking you’ll find the answers.

And this is what leads to those revelations or “aha” moments that can and does transform your life.

Wherever you consider your hometown just know that is your special place. It may not matter or seem important to others but to you it is.

And whatever it is that makes this place special for you, remember that in some way it has guided you to realize how far you’ve come and how amazing of a person you are.

It’s the guiding force that has made up your life.

And moving forward for you…

It’s like that 9 year old boy walking down those two long hallways, then  into a classroom, and in the process getting a fresh new start and a new beginning on what has become an amazing journey in life.

Well now it’s time for you to get that fresh new start along with that new beginning on your own amazing journey…

And along the way seeing how much you do matter.

Along with the tremendous amount of value you contribute to the world through the uniqueness of who you are


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