Because This Is Your Life

It’s a question that will get you to really look at your life in a way you never have before.

And the answer you give will be proof of that.

You may have heard this question in some way during the course of your life. But unless you’re living the type of life you’d love to live, then chances are right around 100% that you didn’t take it seriously enough to answer it.

Of course there’s no fault in that because I did the same thing—until I got the wake up call to really get serious about answering it.

And most importantly following through on it.

Before I get to that question I do want to mention and share one thing with you…

Because this also has a lot to do with answering that question in such a way that it transforms not only your current financial situation, but every other area of your life in the way you want it.

It’s very interesting…

When people are asked if they had only 24 hrs left to live… what answer do you think they gave as to what they would they do?

With some rare exceptions every one of them said that they would communicate the love and gratitude to the people who contributed most to their lives. And in the process say, “Thank you I love.”

Yet despite knowing this, most people will still go throughout their lives and completely ignore it. Or at best follow through on it every now and then.

And in many cases you can see why—feeling stressed out financially, working a job you can’t stand, dealing with people you’d prefer not to deal with, along with the thousands of other daily distractions nagging for your attention.

And this results in living an emotionally driven lifestyle where you’ll continue to struggle financially, as well as in the other areas of life most important to you.

Now if you’re looking to live an emotionally focused lifestyle where you’ll have more freedom and be able to enjoy your life more now—and a lot more in the future…

Then you’ll want to ask and then answer that question I mentioned earlier.

And here it is…

On the last day of your life you’re going to be asking yourself, “Did I do everything I could with everything I was given”…and you want to be able to say, “Yes I gave it my all.”

Now of course today is most likely not the last day of your life. However, it is a very wise choice to approach your life with the level of urgency that it is…but not to the point of desperation.

I’ll say it another way…

There is no time to waste in your life. And it is time to start giving it your all in what you’re looking to accomplish.

This is certainly the case when it comes to your financial situation. Because this has a tremendous ripple effect in every other area of your life.

So how can you “give it your all”—when life’s distractions get in the way—and in the process communicate the love and gratitude to the people who contributed most to your life…

Without having the never ending (and nagging) reminder of, “how am I going to come up with the money”, “how am I going to be able to afford paying my bills”, “how will I ever get to enjoy my life more with my family” coming up?

It was this constant reminder that ran my life for over 4 years—until I got that wake up call and started getting serious about “giving it my all.”

You can start right now by taking a look at how you spend your time, how you spend your money, what you think about most, what you talk to yourself and others about the most, and what you visualize about the most.

Because this is what will give you a snapshot of where you’re currently at…

And it’s what also gets you to shift your priorities and get emotionally focused on changing your financial situation (and your life) around so you can live the type of freedom based lifestyle you deserve.

What this ultimately leads to is…

The way you want to remember and be remembered for your life.

…Because you were put on this planet to do amazing things with your life.

And in the process contribute a tremendous amount of value to the world through the unique magnificence of who you are.


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