Because This Is Your Life

Because This Is Your Life

What Has Been The Turning Point In Your Life?

posted by cweiner

How can something that seems like it’s hidden from you be the same thing that actually is quite visible…even at the same time?

What could possibly be something that feels like it’s buried 1000 feet in the ground…also be the same thing that appears to be a foot away from you?

Strange as it seems…

It’s also like wearing a black blindfold that you can see straight through.

And it has to do with your life.

More specifically…

Those moments in your life that create your destiny…the path you’re designed to go down.

And this can either be the way you want or the complete opposite of what you want.


No matter how you look at it, it still comes down to the moments that in some way have you at a “fork in the road”…

Which leads to your life turning around.

And whether you’re aware of it or not…

It’s happened…may be happening right now…and is about to happen to you.

What am I talking about?

The turning point in your life.

And with it the question…

What has been the turning point in your life?

1. Say it is so- It’s interesting because there are times during your life when you’ll say “I don’t know” to something that you “do know” the answer to.

Case in point…

The turning point in your life.

When you think about what the turning point has been in your life, if you find yourself saying “I don’t know” then that is a clear sign you do know.

How so?

Because the only way you could say “I don’t know” is if you’re comparing it in some way to what you “do know.”

And this is true with anything you say “I don’t know” to

As it relates to what the turning point in your life has been…what is it?

When you take the time to look…especially beyond the “obvious” you’ll see it…and rather clearly.

It may not be in the exact way you originally thought it would have showed up in…but you’ll know because you’ll get that “I got it” feeling.

And what’s also interesting with this is that it could have been something that happened a day…a week…a month…or possibly even years ago.

This is what happened with me.

I’ve mentioned this story in the past.

I went out for the baseball team my second year in high school.

In order to make the team you had to make two cuts.

I made the first cut.

When it came time for the final cuts the coach read off the names of the kids who didn’t make the team.

I thought I made the team because he didn’t read my name (he initially stopped)…and then he read my name off last.

And right after he did, he said, “you have more guts than anyone I’ve ever seen. Come out for the team next year and you’ll make it.”

Now while I didn’t make the team…and never played baseball again after that…this moment became a turning point in my life.


Because it, in a sense, gave me the self confidence to take on any situation, without giving up, and it was the first time I was able to see both sides of life happening at the same exact time.

The reason…because here was a coach that rejected me (by cutting me from making the team) while at the same time accepted me (by making that comment).

And this in turn gave me the insight to see other situations in my life that had the same “hidden blessings.”

So therefore…

This became the major turning point in my life.

And the same is true for you.

It’s just a matter of what that is for you…and it’s there.

And since you and your life are that important, it’s worth taking the time to look through your life…even beyond the obvious…and look for the turning point in your life.

Now when you find it and move forward with your life something else happens as a result of you finding that turning point.

2. The snowball syndrome- After you find the turning point in your life…then what?

To start, you can look at it as “breaking the ice” which leads to what I’m calling the snowball syndrome.

What this means is that situations you come across moving forward in your life…that ordinarily would have left you feeling uncertain of what to do…uncertain of taking the “healthy risks”…and uncertain of what your future holds…

Now all of a sudden are fueled by whatever the turning point was in your life.

In my case, having that coach say what he did…even though it had to do with going out for the baseball team…it “broke the ice” for me in a lifetime of ways so to speak.

It gave me the courage to be more outgoing in different situations…ranging from social situations to doing what I love today…and without having the fear and uncertainty that was there previously.

And this created a snowball effect because I knew that even if things didn’t go my way, that I had the courage to realize something “good” would come out of a situation that on the surface didn’t seem so good.

Let’s now take a look at you.

After you find the turning moment in your life, what happened to you moving forward that you can now see is no longer a “block” for you?

What is it that you’ve “broken the ice” on that was a result of the turning point in your life?

Stay in the habit of doing this because this is one of the ways you build momentum in your life.

And then it’s a matter of you figuring out how there is carryover from one area of life to another.

Now I can’t give you the exact answer to that.


I can make you aware to be mindful enough so you’ll recognize the clues you’re given along the way where you can make that connection.


While you’re building this momentum you’ll be creating what I’ll call “journey equity” into your life.

And this is what leads to you living a more fulfilled and meaningful life.

3. Your epic journey- Realizing what the turning point of your life is and the momentum you get from it obviously is part of your life’s journey…

And not just the typical life journey.

But rather…your epic journey.

Why epic?

Because…for starters your life’s journey never ends.

Even after you pass on, your life’s journey can live on in the form of your legacy…which can be carried out by your family, a business if you own one, or in some other manner where you’re remember for who you are and all that you’ve done.

And this is all initially created by discovering what the turning point in your life is.

As a result…

You’re able to change history moving forward on your life’s journey.


Everything you say…your actions…how you react to someone else and situations are all creating new experiences.

And these experiences are changing history along the way.

This is one of the reasons why you do matter so much…because you’re always making a difference in the world in some way.

This is especially magnified once you realize what the turning point in your life is…and how it propels you on to achieving bigger and greater things in your life.

You can look at it as a crossroads moment in your life that spurs on other little crossroad moments afterwards.

And whether it’s a result of a baseball coach making a life changing comment like in my case…

Or it’s something as it relates to your situation…it doesn’t matter.

What matters is that it means something to you and in a way that makes a difference in your life…

And in a way that brings out the magnificence and brilliance of who you are.


You’re hear for a reason…and only you know that reason.

And it doesn’t matter what anyone else says or believes…it’s what you believe about who you are.

It comes down to this…

Stay true to yourself…know that you contribute a tremendous amount of value to the world…and that you do so in your own unique way which serves humanity.

And above all…

Thank yourself and those along the way that have contributed to you being the special person you are.

What Are You Really Doing In Your Bathroom

posted by cweiner

Some of them are big.

Some are small.

Others are in between.

Then there’s also the clean ones…

The dirty ones…

And even though the size doesn’t matter, I do prefer the clean ones.

Although you can also get by and be effective with the dirty version as well.

What’s also interesting about this?

Each has their own “secret” stories and ideas that most people don’t see…at least not at first.

…Even for Albert Einstein!

Before going any further…

I want to let you know that I’m referring to a bathroom. It can be yours…your friends…your place of employments…or even a public one.

Yet it doesn’t matter…

Because the same thing can and does occur in any one of them.

And it starts with the question…

“What are you really doing in your bathroom?”

Now for most people a trip to the bathroom is for obvious reasons.

For others there’s something else going on.

Case in point…

My trips into the bathroom are adventurous.


Because I come up with many of my best ideas…topics to write about…different and new ways on how to help people live inspiring lives.

It’s also the place where I came up with the names of the different products and programs I teach…such as the Breakthrough to Achieve program…the Roadmap to Financial Freedom program…and the Living Your Fulfilled Life audio series.

And what’s especially interesting during these bathroom rendezvous…

They sometimes take place in the shower…other times while shaving…as I’m brushing my teeth…and yes even when actually going to the bathroom.

At first I thought this was unusual…and began thinking, “am I the only one who experiences this”…because obviously this is not something you’re taught.

But then I heard about Einstein…and how he would come up with some of his best ideas while taking a shower.

So what did he do?

He created a waterproof pen and writing tablet and hung it in his shower.

Pretty clever…right?

Coming from Einstein would you expect anything less?

Let’s talk about you now.

What goes on while you’re in the bathroom?

What new ideas…revelations…different thoughts about your life come to mind?

And whatever it is for you…what type of action are you taking on them?

For starters…

It’s wise to have some method of remembering what these are…because something interesting happens after you comes out of the bathroom…you’ll have a tendency to forget it.

This is why Einstein did what he did.


And this is certainly the most vital part…what is your vision in following through on your “creative bathroom wisdom?”

Of course this will be different for you versus someone else.

What is the same…however…is that you come up with a way to take advantage of…and to maximize your creative power.

In fact…

This can obviously “carry over” to places other than the bathroom…and in your case it may even be both.

The idea is for you to “capture the moment” when that one “big idea” pops into your mind…that one “aha” moment…the epiphany that has a high probability of completely transforming your life.

It’s interesting…

Because this is something I actually developed over time. What I used to do growing up was just take a shower…get in and out…and that was it.

So this isn’t something I was “born with” so to speak.

And the same is for you.

The other cool thing is that you can always use the bathroom as your “personal time out” resource…to unwind…to get focused…to become energized.

One other point of interest…

I’ve always wondered why bathrooms never counted as an actual room in a house…specifically when it came to buying a house.

What I mean is that you’ll hear, “the house has 8 rooms…not including the bathrooms.”

Some even say, “it’s a 4 bedroom 2 bathroom house.”

In any case the bathroom seem to take a “back seat” so to speak.


It’s an important part of your life because as you’ve seen here it’s the place where you can actually start planning out how to live the type of life you want.

Sounds like a strange concept..well it is…and that’s a good thing.

And it’s the same with you.

Because you’ll have people throughout your life say that you’re “strange” or do unusual things…

Yet that makes up the uniqueness of who you are.

And if that magnificent uniqueness of yours can create ideas from of all places…a bathroom…so be it.

No matter what the same thing remains…

You’re a special person with a limitless abundance of value to contribute to the world…

And when you let yourself shine for all to see…

The world gets to see how much you really do matter.

How Much Do You Care What Other People Think About You?

posted by cweiner

It was the first summer class I ever had at college.

And even though the summers were hot in South Florida this was a cool class…especially the teacher.

What was so cool…and unique about it?

Including myself there were only two guys in this class out of approximately 30 people.

Yet it didn’t matter…

Because this teacher was rather entertaining…when he showed up.

You see…

This was a child psychology class…taught by a therapist.

His name was Gene. And he usually had his assistant with him…we’ll call her Donna.

What was cool about this class was that there were no tests…no work to do. All you had to do was show up (he took attendance) and you got an “A.”


Instead of teaching like a regular college professor would, Gene would tell us real life stories of his many clients.

And he would usually provide incredible words of wisdom as it related to human behavior.

One of those “pearls of wisdom” Gene shared one day was the following:

“You can’t change someone…you can only change your reaction to them.”

I still remember writing this down on a piece of paper…along with all the other “jewels of life” he would share.

And for some reason whenever I think about this, what comes to mind is the thought of what other people think about you…

Because it is during these moments when you may have the tendency to want and change someone who says, thinks, or does something you don’t like.

This also brings up the question…

How much do you care what other people think about you?

1. Careless whispers- The class with Gene met at 8am and ran until 9am Monday through Friday.for six weeks straight. Now even though I rarely took classes this early…much less in the summer time…something told me to do so.

Despite the 8am class time, I made every class.

Ironically Gene did not.

And even when he did, he would frequently show up on 3 hours or less sleep…sometimes on no sleep…a few times not at all (although his assistant Donna would in his place)

Back then…at first I was thinking…”here’s a college instructor that’s not setting a very good example.”


I caught myself and realized several life lessons.

One, Gene had a separate practice and when his patients needed him he was there for them. Yes, teaching a college class was important.


When someone’s life was hanging in the balance and he needed to help them…well guess what came first.

When I had this revelation the second life lesson surfaced…

Who is anybody to judge someone else without knowing all of the details. Now the other part of this has to do with what people say and think about you.

I’m certain Gene knew what students were thinking and whispering about him.

Did he care?

The answer was obviously yes because he knew he was not only helping his patients who needed him…but he was also sharing with us…his students…real life situations that we could use in our own lives.

And to me that was worth more than an “easy A” for just showing up.

Because it actually inspired me at the time to pursue psychology as a major…which led me to getting my college degree in communication…and ultimately to what I do today as a human potential specialist.

This all led to arguably the most important “jewel” of life…

Anything anybody says (and thinks) about you…first of all…is true in some form.

And second…

The only way someone could think and say something about you is if they’ve done it themselves…or someone else saw them as doing it…otherwise they wouldn’t be saying and thinking it at all.

Take a look in your own life and see for yourself.


The next time you’re in a situation that you know someone is thinking about you in a certain way…or even if they come right out and say it…when you realize what I just mentioned a minute ago you won’t react in a defensive way…that may have ordinarily left you feeling “hurt” or “angry.”

This leads to a new 21st Century term I know you hear often…and perhaps even use as well.

And it’s one that will stop you flat unless you know how to react…or not react to it.

2. Lovers or haters- Just like with many things in life people will have a tendency to give a new name to an “old thing.” And the same is true with this  21st Century term…


You’ve heard it…and quite frequently…right?

Have you ever wondered where it came from…or why people even say it?

It’s simple…

Because it’s a new term made up to imply one thing.

You see…

People will call someone else a “hater” when that other person…the so called “hater” challenges, criticizes, or doesn’t agree with them.

In other words…

A person will refer to someone else as a “hater” because they seek the fantasy of having more support than challenge, more praise than criticism, more people liking than disliking them…you get the idea.

And what does this come back to?

Worrying about what other people say and think about you.

Because why else would someone call someone else a “hater”…right?

Now when you look at a “lover”…you have a person who embraces both sides of life equally…and knows that the supports and challenges, the praise and criticism, the people agreeing and disagreeing with them benefits their lives.


The “lover” exists…the “hater” doesn’t.


In the process you wouldn’t care what others say or think about you…because like I said earlier it’s true in some way anyway.

Also remember…

And I’ve said this many times…

The more people you want liking you…expect the same number to dislike you.

The same goes with people support and challenging, praising and criticizing, agreeing and disagreeing with you.

And in the process…

You’ll “dance” your way through life without letting others get the best of you.


Something else takes place…and it goes back to what I started mentioning earlier.

3. In front of your back- In addition to Gene’s quote I shared with you earlier…another comes to mind…and the two work together side by side:

“Just because I don’t say it, don’t mean I ain’t thinking it.”

Think about it…

How many times have you been in a situation when someone said you look “nice” and you knew they didn’t mean it.

And this of course could have been any situation when someone told you one thing but meant something else.

How did you feel?

Were you glad they told you what you wanted to hear…


Would you have preferred that they came straight out and just told you how they really felt?

Now what about when you were on the other end of it…

When you were the one “saving face” by telling someone one thing because you didn’t want to hurt their feelings.

These are all “fine line”…”sensitive” type of situations where there are benefits and drawbacks to either way you handle them.

So what’s the best thing to do?


It’s going to depend on the person, the relationship you have with them, and the specifics of the situation.


What happens when you’re on the receiving end of it?

Would you prefer someone to just come “right out with it” or be “nice” because they don’t want to hurt your feelings?

And this goes back to the quote Gene shared with our class that one morning:

“You can’t change someone, you can only change your reaction to them” …

Because when you know that someone is thinking…or will say…something about you that you don’t like…and you want to change it…then the way you react to them has a high probability of doing so.

And if it doesn’t…

Then you’ve been able to appreciate the equal amount of benefits and drawbacks to it.

The result…

One, you learn how to appreciate and love yourself.

Two, you appreciate how other people and the situations you come across act as feedback to get you on purpose with your life…while being able to maintain it.

And three…

To realize how valuable of a person you are and how important you are to the people around you…and the world.

So do yourself a favor…

Say ‘thank you” for all you do…and even don’t do.

Because it allows you to be your true magnificent self while making a positive difference in the world

Meeting John F. Kennedy In the White House…

posted by cweiner

Two men.

One unique moment in time.

A can of Coca Cola.

…and a life lesson for the ages.

But first…

Let me tell you about one of these men…Frank Maguire.

Frank is the founding member and former VP of FedEx…former head of programming for ABC Radio Networks…communications consultant to Presidents John F. Kennedy and Lyndon B. Johnson… and right hand man to KFC founder and pop-culture icon Colonel Harlan Sanders.

He passed away in 2010.

Back in 2008 I had the opportunity to speak with Frank on the phone.

And it was during this conversation when he told me a story that took place between he and the second man I made mention of…President John F. Kennedy.

This happened back in late 1961…early 1962.

At the time he was a young consultant to President Kennedy.

And on this one late rainy Friday afternoon he was asked to run an errand to the White House.

He had a limo driver take him to the White House.

When he got to the White House he went in the front gate (they knew him there)…

Walks in to the East Wing.

He began to whistle…while saying, “hello, is anybody home?”

No answer.

He walks through the East Wing…then past the Oval Office.

After coming to the end of the hallway he strolls up the circular stairs.

At the top of the stairs he looked down the hallway and saw a foot sticking out around the corner. The person was wearing khaki pants.

He walked down the hallway.

And as he turned the corner there sat John F. Kennedy…sitting in Abraham Lincoln’s chair…under a plaque that said, “do not sit.”

Kennedy was sitting there with his yellow pad…a pen…and a can of Coca Cola.

Looking stunned Frank said, “excuse me Mr. President.”

Kennedy replied, “no no, what can I do for you?”

Frank said, “well sir I have this report from the commerce department that somebody wanted me to bring over to you.”

Kennedy said, “thank you so much…what’s your name?”

“I’m Frank Maguire”

“Frank can I get you a coke?”

“That’s ok Mr. President I have to get back.”

“Come on let me get you a coke. Are you sure you don’t want one?”

“Yes Mr. President I need to get back and I know you’re busy.”

“Ok if that’s the way you want it. Thanks for bringing this over.”

“You’re welcome Mr. President.”

Frank then walked down the hall…to the circular staircase.

Before going down he turned around and looked…and there was Kennedy’s foot again sticking out around the corner.

Then he left.

While on the phone that day Frank told me…

“To this very day I’ll never ever EVER forget that moment…and I only wish I had taken that moment and had a Coca Cola with JFK.”

He went on to say…

“If I had a trillion dollars right now in my pocket I could not buy that moment back.”

And he finished off this part of the conversation we had by saying….

“Here was a rainy Friday and nobody in the world around…and the President of the United States asked me to have a coke with him and I said no.”

So how does this affect your life?
Why is this a lesson for the ages?

To start…

Because it’s important for you to be grateful for the opportunities that come your way.


You need to take advantage of them.because you never know if they’ll come your way again.

Here’s something else that’s interesting and ties right in with Frank’s story…

When asked if they regret doing something or not doing something, the overwhelming majority of people say they regret NOT doing it….NOT taking advantage of the opportunities that came their way.

And it’s this price of regret that haunts people while laying on their death bed.

Think about the situations you’ve come across in your life.

Was it a person you wanted to be in a relationship with…but were too afraid to ask them out on a date?

Was it a career you wanted to pursue but for some reason felt others would laugh at you?

Was it coming across a well known person—a celebrity, someone in your community, the owner of the company you work for—in a place where there was no one else around and you “froze up” on the spot?

Did you say “yes” to these types of situations…

Or did you say “no” and just went on your merry way?

And if you did go on your merry way, did you think about it a few hours, days, months, and possibly even years later…about what would have happened “if” you had said “yes” to that situation…

If you had spoken up…

If you let this other person know who you are…

If you had shared in what way you could help them that they themselves may not have even been aware of.

What are you regretting as a result of saying “no” to something…a situation…a unique moment in time? What opportunities have you missed out on because of this…only to regret them later on.

And most importantly…

What can you do to recognize these moments as they happen…and seize the opportunity to make the most of them?


There’s two sides to every situation…the positives and negatives…and they occur equally.

The only way someone can “miss out” and feel regret over something they did or didn’t do at the moment it occurred is if they saw more negatives in some way than positives.

In some way this is what happened with Frank that day as he was all alone…face to face… with President Kennedy.

I can’t say for sure if Frank was afraid.


Based on his own statement that he was “stunned” to see President Kennedy sitting there…I would say he did have some fear over the situation…to the point that he refused to have a can of Coca Cola courtesy of the President of the United States.

Had Frank been aware at the time that President Kennedy—like every other human being has two sides—and that every situation also has both sides equally occurring he would have had that can of Coke with the President.

In your life..

You most likely won’t be coming across the President of the United States in the White House.


You will come across these types of situations in other ways that are of equal importance to you.

And when you see both sides to the person…and the situation equally…you’ll say “yes” to that moment.

Along with this…

You’ll also say “yes” to the magnificence of who you are.

You’ll say “yes” to the tremendous amount of value you contribute to others and the world.

And in return…

Others will acknowledge and say “yes” to how special of a person you are and all that you do.

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