Because This Is Your Life

Because This Is Your Life

Do You Remember Who You Are?

posted by cweiner

This is something I used to do much more often than not…

And I know you’ve done it too. The only question is, “how often?”

Do you know what it is?

If you do, are you aware that it goes against the very thing vital to your existence and especially how you would love your life to be?


What I’m referring to is “getting angry” when things don’t go your way. And at the core of this is that of you feeling “hurt”…

Because after all anger masks hurt.

But it’s also masking the critically important thing that’s involved in how you would love your life to be.

And what I’m referring to is knowing who you truly are…

Also known as being your true self.

In those moments when you get angry and feel “hurt” something happens to your true self…you forget it.

The idea here is to be aware of this and the best way to do so is by asking…

“Do you remember who you are?”

Because when you do, you’ll have a high probability of “catching” yourself in those heat of the moment situations.


I can still remember many of the times that I would “fly off the handle” when things didn’t go my way. And I’ll admit that it was happening a good 75% of the time.

But what I wasn’t aware of at the time was that in many ways I lost myself in those moments.

It’s funny because looking back on it all now, I can see the benefits or the “higher order” of it because it turned out to be a vital part of being able to turn my life around.


And it all began by asking the question, “do I remember who I am?”

So back to what I said earlier and now let me ask you…


“Do you remember who you are?”

As you think about this and answer it for yourself, just realize as I did, that you have every possible positive and negative trait there is.


And this is a good thing because it makes up who you really are.

For example…

There will be moments in your life when being mean and challenging to someone else is needed…in a good way to help someone else and even yourself. Look no further than your family and children and you’ll see this to be true.


They’ll be moments when being nice and supporting are needed. And this includes towards yourself as well as others.

The same is true in how you react to other people and situations…

Because when you’re able to see both sides of things equally, you’ll see (and remember) more of who you really are.

And in the process love and appreciate yourself even more.


In fact, isn’t it all about appreciating and loving yourself…

So you can also love and appreciate others for who they are.

I’d say so because this allows you to see the magnificence of you.

It gets you to see that you really do matter…

And it also gets you to remember who you are…

The special person who contributes a tremendous amount of value to the world through your uniqueness.


How Many Times Have You Seen This?

posted by cweiner

As you go through your life there are times when things seem to always go the way you want and then there’s times when things never seem to go your way.

During this “balanced” journey of life as I’m calling it, there are those situations that come up that sometimes you just can’t seem to explain.

What I’m referring to is some of the things you’ll see people do.

They’ll be situations where you’ll see people do the most amazing and heartfelt things.

Then they’ll be situations where you’ll see someone doing or not doing things that really get you to “shake your head” and have you wondering…”why.”

How many times have you seen this?


We’ve all seen this type of thing and have even been involved in these situations with others as well…

And for many people they turn into very stressful situations.

So the important thing here is, “how can you turn what seems like a negative situation into a life transforming situation for you and those you care about?”

First, it is important to know that in every stressful situation there is also a relaxing part of that situation.

How can this be true when it doesn’t seem like it on the outside?

Let’s start by understanding what stress is.

Stress is an exaggeration and minimization of what is.

Take any situation for example. You may have 10 people all witnessing the same situation at the same moment and you’ll have half of the people saying it was stressful and the other half saying it wasn’t.


Along with that you’ll also have 10 different interpretations of that situation.

So where am I going with this?

Well just know that in every crisis there’s a blessing. In every¬† stressful situation there is an underlying gift which is present, even though it may not appear that way at first.


One of the best ways that you can turn your stressings into blessings is to always look for that “gift” in what appears to be a chaotic situation.

There’s always a hidden order which is present no matter what is going on around you.

It is also in that hidden order where you really get to see the brilliance of who you are and what you have to offer the world.

To many people, overcoming stress may be a way to live what some call a “peaceful” life, however the true gift in it all is you finding out how special, unique, and amazing of a person you are.


Upon realizing this, the most amazing thing you can do is to pass that on to others so they can see how special, unique, and amazing of a person they are too.

I like to call this, “passing the torch.”

And the more you get in the habit of doing this, the more you’ll realize just how valuable you are in the world and you create a ripple effect.

As a result, your legacy is born and the brilliance of who you are leaves a long lasting positive effect on others…


What Is A New Hope?

posted by cweiner

Here’s something you’ve heard about and known of for some time now.

It’s called…”A New Hope”

Do you know what it is?

You may be saying either “no” or “I’m not sure.”

But I’m certain that you do know.

In fact, this is something that is with you 24/7 throughout your entire life. And yes I’m still referring to “A New Hope.”


It was first made public back in 1977 and instantly became known worldwide. . However it’s been a part of civilization since the beginning of time.


Not only that but if you have children they most certainly know what “A New Hope” is…

Only under a different name.

Star Wars.


Most people—unless they watch and pay attention to the first opening seconds of the very first original Star Wars movie—are not aware that the name of the movie is called, “A New Hope”. And that it’s actually Episode 4.


Now of course this isn’t all about Star Wars but rather what “A New Hope” really is and how it is with you throughout your entire life.

And most importantly…

Why this matters to you and how it has everything to do with what you achieve in your life.

As silly as this may sound, the Star Wars movies, beginning with “A New Hope” are without a doubt some of the most spiritual movies you’ll ever see…


And along with that contain some of the most profound life lessons that you can use in your own life.

When you watch any of these movies, you’ll hear numerous mentions about “bringing balance to the force”, about “bringing order to the galaxy”, about “it is your destiny.”


And even though the backdrop of these movies contain silly looking science fiction creatures—along with numerous silly moments—there is a tremendous amount of wisdom that you can use to transform any area of your life.

However the main theme that often goes unnoticed—or perhaps not as much now because i told you—is balance.


Or as I like to frequently say… living in a two sided world.

Your ability to learn, know, and be aware that you live in a world that is, always has been, and always will be two sided versus one sided is vitally important.

And it can’t be said enough times.

Most people are trying to live a fantasy driven life while thinking they’ll be more happiness than sadness, more peace than war, more positive than negative, and so on.


By trying to live this unrealistic life is what most often leads to the very events and situations people are actually looking to avoid.


Don’t take my word for it.

Take the time and look back through your life all the way up until right now. What will you see? That you had happiness and sadness, peace and war, positive and negative…equally.


Also look at the situations where you tried to be way more of one side than the other. What you’ll see is that at some point the opposite came into your life.

For example, look at all the relationships you’ve been in. We’ve all had relationships where when we first met the person we got infatuated with them and only saw positives and very little if any negatives.

What happened?

If you tried to continue seeing all the positives in this person or tried to have a “positive relationship” at some point the negatives came in…and in some case a lot more than you would have liked.


This is a simple example and one that can and has applied to any area of your life.

Here’s something else…

When you really look close enough you’ll see that both sides actually occur at the same time in the same moment. And not only that but each has both served and dis-served you throughout your life in the different areas of your life.

Why is this important?

Because it will allow you to become more poised and present.

In fact, this is another very subtle aspect that’s involved in some of the characters in the Star Wars movies…most notably Master Yoda and Obi Wan Kenobi. You’ll see that these two in particular are always poised, present, and very calm no matter what is going on around them.


Therefore your ability to be more poised and present will allow you to come from a balanced mind. This means you’ll be coming completely from your loving heart.

And the result…

You’ll make clear decisions, not emotional decisions.

You’ll be more in tune with your purpose and mission, not living according to someone elses.

You’ll increase your probability of meeting the right people at the right place at the right time…rather than relying on so called “luck” or coincidence.

And of course you’ll be your true authentic two sided self living a fulfilled life, not an unrealistic, unattainable, fantasy life…also known as a “happy life.”

Think about it…


You were put on this planet to stand tall, not to shrink and wither away.

You are here to be, do, and have a healthy and fulfilling life doing what you love most.

You are here to realize your inner brilliance and magnificence while sharing it with the world—in a way that can help others do the same.

And remember…

“This is your destiny.”



Do You Have A Pink Slip For Life?

posted by cweiner

It’s one of those moments most teenagers dream of.

It’s the moment that you’ll remember where you were and who you were with.

It’s also the moment where your mind feels like it’s on speed dial.

And it’s a moment that you’ve experienced at some point in your life.

What I’m referring to is becoming the proud owner of your first car. And this is made official when you receive the “pink slip”…also known as the car title with your name on it.

And along with the “pink slip” is the new sense of independence as a teenager ready to take on the world.

I can relate very well to this. I got my first car a few months before graduating high school at the ripe age of 18. It was a red 1972 Toyota that had no power steering. But I was grateful to my step father for giving it to me.


And as fate would have it, three days before my high school graduation I got hit from behind…on the way home from my last day of high school.

The car was totaled. In fact, I can still remember feeling the tingling sensation going down my spine as I was hit. Thankfully I escaped with only a sore neck for a few days.

Even though my car was completely totaled it still didn’t bother me that much. Why?

Because I still felt a sense of freedom. It was as though the ice had been broken and new adventures were in store for my life.

Now let me ask you…

What is your pink slip in life? Do you even have a pink slip for life?

And what I mean by that is…

Do you feel like you’ve broken the ice in the different areas of your life? Do you feel like new and inspiring adventures are coming your way?


If your answer is “no” look to see if you’re frequently saying “I have to”, “I’ve got to”, or “I’m supposed to” in the activities you do throughout the day.

This feedback acts as your guide and is there to get you to be your true self.

And you’ll know you’re on the right path when you find yourself saying “I love to”, I’m inspired to”, “I’m blessed to”, and “This is what I’ve always dreamed of doing.”

That’s when you have your “pink slip” for life.

Also beware of the other “pink slip.”

Not only has a “pink slip” meant being the owner of a new car, it was also a termination notice given at your job. In other words you got a pink slip when you got fired from your job.


So here we have another example of how the world is two sided…a pink slip can be seen as positive in one situation and negative in another.

And you’ve received both “pink slips” throughout your lifetime.


Now is the time for you to have the pink slip for freedom in your life. The freedom to do what you love and love what you do…

The freedom to live your life’s purpose.

And if you’re not sure of what that is yet, here’s a good way to start getting clear on it:

1. Look at what is most important to you in your life. These will be the “I love to’s”, “I’m inspired to’s”, and I’m blessed to’s.”


2. Recall the different moments in your life that have inspired you most.

3. Look for the common characteristics among the people who inspire you the most.

4. Write down the most meaningful actions you’ve taken or the skills you’ve developed along your career path.

5. Recall the feedback you’ve received from others based on the different things you’ve done. For example, if you love to write and you notice over time that people are consistently complimenting you on your writing then you know you’re on track and that your purpose is likely to involve writing.

And once you do this you’ll be “writing” (pun intended) your own pink slip for life.

I quite often hear many people talking about getting older. And in most cases I’ll hear them say how terrible it is to get older.


But remember this…

You cannot get older without also getting younger. And as I like to say…

“Every day that goes by you get older in wisdom and younger in vitality.”

And when you have your pink slip for life, it’s like being that teenager once again getting your first car.

It’s also that feeling of remembering the people you were with, the places you were at, and the wonderful gift you’ve been given…the gift of life.

Those are the special moments in your life.

And always remember to appreciate today’s special moments because they’re also tomorrow’s memories.

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