Because This Is Your Life

Because This Is Your Life

How Do You Know What Will Work For You?

posted by cweiner

I’ve had this happen to me and I’d like to know if the same thing has happened to you.

Let me explain…

From the time I was a teenager, I thought I knew what I wanted to do.

First there was computers, then fitness, psychology, physical therapy, communication, and on and on it went.

Then after a series of challenging situations that culminated with having a failed business opportunity with another person it finally clicked and I realize what it was that I loved doing most.

And it is what I do now.

It is why I write these blog posts, teach the Breakthrough to Achieve program, along with the other programs I teach, and the many people I help to raise their human potential…

So they can realize their magnificence, brilliance, and genius and take that out to the world in their own unique way.

It took a while to find out what would work for me to get to this point of now doing what I love.

My question to you today is…

“How do you know what will work for you?”

How do you know what path to take, how it will play out, and how to know what will work for you?

Sometimes it may be right under your nose and staring you right in the face, but you may not realize it yet.

For you it could also be that you know what it is that you would love to do but there is a fear that others will laugh if you tell them, or that you can’t make any money doing it.

Whatever it is for you and if you’re not sure or have doubts, just take a look at your life’s experiences and the people who have come in and out of your life.

What theme do you see that keeps coming up?

Every person and every experience is there to get you to realize what you’re here to be, do, and have. The thing is that most people are not aware of this and they stay stuck and many times have regrets while blaming others.

In many cases the very thing that you didn’t think would be a benefit to you is the very thing you needed to guide you on your path.

So take the time and think of that person, that situation, or that moment in time and when you really look closely you’ll find it.

And whoever that person (or people) is be sure to thank them and let them know how much you appreciate them coming into your life and guiding you on your path because they may not even know that they contributed to your life in such a big way.

Also be sure to acknowledge yourself for all that you do.

And remember that you do contribute so much to the world and those other people around you.

So take the time every day and thank yourself for being you and others for being who they are because you all make up the perfection of the world we live in.

How Big Is Your Will To Succeed?

posted by cweiner

One of the main inspirations involved in what I’ll be writing about today is from a movie that came out in 1979.

The name of that movie is “Running” and it starred Michael Douglas.

It’s a story about a man named Michael who is a long distance marathon runner.

The story centers around how Michael has had a history of quitting various things during the course of his life. This ranges from dropping out of college, quitting the jobs he has worked, and his marriage to the point where he separated from his wife.

In addition, he also had a reputation of quitting in the races he would compete in as a runner. In fact his own coach would even label him as a quitter because Michael would start out fast in the races he ran and would fade and not finish first.

The one thing that is unique about Michael is that he is very competitive and has a strong will but for some reason doesn’t seem to get over that “hump” and as a result finishes behind others.

Now of course there’s a reason I’m bringing this up because at some point in our lives this is the very type of thing we experience.

It may not be running for you but it could be in another area of life.

We all want to breakthrough and have the type of success that’s most important to us…

But in order for that to happen it’s important to have a strong will to achieve that success.

So my question to you is…

“How big is your will to succeed?”

1. Here’s your chance- During the movie, Michael qualified to run an Olympic qualifying race. In order to make the Olympic team as a marathon runner and represent your country in the Olympics you have to finish in the top 3 of this race. In the race Michael as usual starts out strong but fades and finishes in 4th place.

After the race his coach said that he quit and could have won the race. What his coach also said was that due to an injury to one of the top 3 finishers that Michael would be the alternate and be able to compete in the Olympics.

Why is this important to you?

Because during the course of our lives we get many chances to take that next step to having the type of success we want. Think about the moments during the course of your life and you’ll see this to be true.

How many times did you have an opportunity come up that gave you a chance to reach a certain level of success in a certain area of your life? How did you go about it?

Now take a look ahead.

No matter where you’re at right now in your life just know that there are opportunities everywhere. It’s a matter of keeping an eye on and being aware of them…

And the way you do this is to know what your values are or what it is that’s most important to you. Your ability to know what you’d “love” to do, are “inspired” to do and what you “dream” of doing will give you an excellent indication of what that is for you.

Once you determine this then it’s a matter of following through on it. How can you know that by following through you’ll reach the level of success you want?

Let’s take a look at that now.

2. Fall down get up- We all experience moments in our lives where we “fall down.”

The question is, “Do you get back up?” Let’s now get back to what happened with Michael.

So the big day came for Michael at the Olympics. The marathon is a 26 mile, 385 yd. race that is run on the last day of the Olympics through the streets of the hosting city, which in this case was Montreal.

As the race unfolded through the streets of Montreal on what was a rainy day Michael as usual broke out in first. The difference this time around was that he was lengthening his lead and was a comfortable distance ahead of the other runners.

Michael was most of the way through the race and well on his way to finishing first. As he was running he glanced back to see where the other runners were. When he did this he was rounding a turn and slipped on wet leaves.

He ended up landing on his back and was left with an injury to his shoulder and legs while all of the other runners passed him by.

Michael was out of the race and lying flat on his back on a wet Montreal street.

While lying there he heard the announcer say, on a radio that someone watching the race had, “Finishing the marathon is the achievement of a lifetime.”

At that moment Michael, bloodied and injured, got back on his feet and started to run.

What happens when you fall down? What happens when something happens in your life that leaves you with a temporary setback?

The question to ask yourself when this happens is, “How strong is your will to get back up and succeed?” What’s going to get you back up will be driven by whatever your mission is.

What is the true meaning and purpose behind what you want to accomplish? What are your reasons for pursuing it regardless of whatever challenges come your way?

What is your achievement of a lifetime?

The ability to get back on your feet and “run” or in your case move forward with whatever it is that you’re looking to achieve depends largely on how you handle challenging situations.

Having a strong will to achieve great levels of success will also have higher levels of support and challenge along the way. When you handle those situations in a poised manner your results skyrocket.

3. Beyond the finish line- By the time Michael got back on his feet and started to run, the race was well over with. In fact it was night time already in Montreal. This created an incredible scene.

As Michael was hobbling his way towards the finish line via an escort, the cars in the streets stopped and people lined the streets and cheered him on.

Even the TV stations interrupted their programming to report what was the most amazing story of those Olympics.

While Michael was making his way to the finish line there were other people waiting for him as well…his coach who called him a quitter and his wife that he was separated from.

As he crossed the finish line he was greeted by his wife and an entire escort of people.

For Michael it was crossing the finish line in a 26 mile marathon.

What is it for you? What happens beyond the finish line?

The first thing is that there is no finish line in life. Achieving the type of success you want to have is one thing but how about your ability to sustain that over time?

You’ve heard me say many times before that you’re already successful. That success will be in the areas of life that are most important to you.

If you want to change that form of success it comes down to having a big enough will to achieve whatever that success is that you want.

You’re already a magnificent and amazing person.

Now it’s a matter of also using your brilliance and genius along with that will to succeed and take it to the next higher level in your life.

Show the world that you truly do make a difference and be the shining star that you are.

What’s The Biggest Goal You Ever Accomplished?

posted by cweiner

What I’ll be writing about today starts with a very basic and important question:

“What’s the biggest goal that you ever accomplished?”

Now I know this seems like a simple question that you’ve probably seen in some shape or form before…

But let’s look at this a little deeper.

To start, ask and then answer what the biggest goal is that you’ve ever accomplished.

It could have been something that you achieved within your family, your physical health, or your career. Perhaps it may have been something within your social group or any other area of life that is important to you.

Think about what it took you to accomplish that goal, the ups and downs, the ease and difficulty along the way.

When you go and actually do this, keep in mind that whatever it is that you accomplished, it’s something that was important to you. To others it may not have seemed that important, but it is something that was, at the time, or possibly still is important to you.

It may have been something that seemed very trivial and not a big deal to others, but was a big deal to you.

Here’s something else to think about along with this.

Scan back through your life and look at all the “little” goals you accomplished. These would be the “smaller” goals outside of the biggest one you’ve ever accomplished.

When you take the time to do this you’ll notice something very interesting…

And that is, you’ve been successful all through your life.

Even in moments where it seemed like you failed or just completely “blew it”, you also accomplished something of value. Now of course I can’t tell you what that is because it is unique to you and the situations you’ve been in.

The reason for doing this is because if you have a big goal right now that you want to accomplish…when you realize that you’ve already achieved big goals in your life and that all of the what seemed like “smaller” goals were important to, you’ll have a higher probability of repeating the process…

In other words you’ll accomplish that next big goal on your list.

I would love to hear about those big goals you’ve already accomplished and those you have set to accomplish.

Respond to this email and share those with me.

You’ve heard me say before how magnificent and brilliant you are…well that’s true, and in your very own unique way.

Be sure to let others see that and radiate how amazing of a person you are in what you do.

What To Do When People Don’t Take You Seriously…

posted by cweiner

In the second grade, they asked us what we wanted to be.

I said I wanted to be a ball player and they laughed.

In the eighth grade, they asked the same question, and I said a ball player and they laughed a little more.

By the eleventh grade, no one was laughing.

These are the words of former baseball great Johnny Bench.


This could have very well been said by someone you know…even you.

Obviously, you’re most likely not a baseball player…but you do have goals…dreams of what you would love to do…a vision of how you want your life to be.

And if you’ve ever told someone what those are…at some point…you most likely had someone who laughed at you…said you were crazy…told you to “get real”…and in all likelihood said “get a job.”

In other words…

These people did not take you seriously…at first.

Who were these people?

Where were you at?

And when this happened what did you do?

This brings up the question…

What do you do when people don’t take you seriously?

1. Giggles and kids- It typically begins when you start elementary school. At some point you’ll be doing something…or saying something…or declaring in some way what you’d love to do.

And what happens?

You get the other kids…and sometimes even the teachers…laughing at you and thinking it’s some kind of joke.

It may not be obvious as outright laughing. It can also be the giggles that kids give.

Then over time those giggles and laughter from the kids turns into being “ignored” as an adult.

In either case it still has to do with others not taking you seriously.

So what can you do about this?

To start…

Whether you’re a kid still in school…or an adult…it begins with being aware and making it a point to consistently pay attention to this…

One…no matter what you do in life you’ll always get both sides equally.

That is, the supports and challenges, the praise and criticism, people liking and disliking you, and people paying attention and not paying attention to you. There’s no escaping this.

Two…whatever it is that you’d love to do…no matter how outrageous it may seem now…if it’s something you truly want, you’ll do whatever it takes, travel any distance, and pay whatever price to achieve it.

And you’ll embrace both sides equally along the way.


When people do ignore you and not take you seriously, you’ll know that as one person ignores and isn’t taking you seriously…another person is paying attention to you and taking you seriously.

2. Cocky or Rocky- Here’s what else Johnny Bench said in his quote:

“There are too many false things in the world, and I don’t want to be a part of them. If you say what you think, you’re called cocky or conceited.

But if you have an objective in life, you shouldn’t be afraid to stand up and say it.”


This is one of the more common reasons why people don’t speak up and say what it is they truly want. As a result they’ll either stay quiet or just say, “I have no idea what I want to do with my life.”

Then you have the flip side of this…the people who are cocky, “puffed up”, and are bragging about themselves.

So how do you strike the healthy balance?

Because…believe it or not…it is vital that you do have a “healthy ego” along with a “non ego.”

It’s called being humble…in a confident way.

This reminds me of being “cocky” vs. Rocky.

“Cocky” being the typical ego centric mindset of “I’ve arrived”, “look at me.”

When I say Rocky, I’m referring to the Rocky character in the movie Rocky. The humble, yet confident person that knows he’s a good boxer…but was never given the chance…while having most people laugh at him thinking he’s a joke.

And it’s being confident in who you are…in what you’re doing…while being humble…and embracing both sides equally is what skyrockets you from being ignored to being someone that people start paying attention to and taking seriously.

As far as being confident is concerned…

Again, when you embrace both sides equally…and not worry about the so called “negative” people and situations you encounter…you’ll remain confident because you won’t let either side…the so called “positive” or “negative” get to you.


You’ll be poised and focus.

At this point is when you’ll get people taking you seriously.


There’s still another incredibly important part involved…

3. Heartfelt craziness- Earlier you saw this other quote from Johnny Bench…

“But if you have an objective in life, you shouldn’t be afraid to stand up and say it.”

This leads to one of my own favorite quotes…

“The next time someone says that you’re crazy and out of your mind, tell them thank you and say, “when I’m out of my mind I’m in my heart which is the most powerful and authentic place to be.”

I call this heartfelt craziness.

And it’s certainly one of the “tipping points” you’ll experience when people don’t take you seriously.

Because it allows you to stand up for yourself…what you believe in…and it’s your driving force to stay persistent without giving up.

As a result…

People will start taking you seriously and listen to what you have to offer.

Now granted you’ll still get some people who will ignore you no matter what you do.


You’ll have new people coming into your life that do take you seriously…

And you’ll have more of those people as well.


If you want 1000 people liking and support you…expect 1000 people disliking and challenging you.

The same thing is true when it comes to people taking you seriously…

If you want 5000 people taking you seriously…be prepared and expect 5000 people to not take you seriously.

Yes, it sounds strange and goes against the so called “conventional wisdom” you’ll hear from most people…

Yet, this is one of the true secrets that’s involved in having the levels of success you want…to of course include wanting people to take you seriously.

And just know this…

It all begins by taking yourself seriously…in a healthy and fun way…

And this includes acknowledging the magnificence and brilliance of who you are.

Because when you do…

You’ll value yourself more…

People will value you…

And you’ll be taken seriously for the special person you are and all that you contribute to the world.

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