Because This Is Your Life

It’s the same thing I go through every night before going to sleep…

It also happens quite often while I’m lying in bed…

And it’s most likely happening to you as well…sometimes even to the point where you may have difficulty sleeping.

But then other times it’s responsible for getting the best night of sleep you’ll ever have.

And the strange part of it…

They’ll be times when you have tears in your eyes because of it.

What I’m talking about is…thinking.

You can also look at it as the thoughts you have right before you go to sleep, and even while you’re lying in bed trying to fall asleep.

So, what type of thinking are we talking about here?

It’s the thoughts about the different people in your life…

To include those currently in your life, as well as those who have come into and then possibly have gone out of your life.

More specifically…

It’s the special people who are in and have been a part of your life.

When thinking about this what also comes to mind are the different ways these people came into being “special” in the first place. What did they do, how did they touch your life, and how did they even come in to your life to being with?

This can be answered by thinking about them while asking the question,

“Who are the special people in your life?”

1. Lifetime love rituals

At first it may seem like there’s a fine line between the people you think are special and those who are truly special. The fact is that there’s a big difference. And it begins with something I speak about (and live) on a regular basis…

Doing the “little things” that make the “big” differences along with the two things every human being looks for in others…

Someone who is truthful and trustworthy.

Think about all the different people in your life. What takes place with them when you’re in their presence and even when you speak with them on the phone? What are the little nuances and gestures that you pick up on?

For example…

When you’re in a conversation with someone, are they truly listening to you with a caring ear…or just “hearing you” while most likely thinking about something (and possibly someone) else and having their own verbal discussion going on with themselves?

Along with this…are they looking in to your eyes directly or do they drift off and look in different directions?

These are “little big things” that aren’t so little. This is one of the day in and day out “rituals” (if you will) of what to look for because it’s a big part of whether someone makes their way into your life and becomes that special person in your life.

Here’s another example…

How many times did you ask someone to do something for you and they said in a huffy puffy way, “sure ok.” Or perhaps they agreed and you could just tell they didn’t want to do it…but did anyway…mostly out of an “un-wanting” type of obligation.

Whatever you asked them to do—and even though they did it—you just know they would have rather been off doing something else.

What it comes down to is this…

The people who are the most special to you will be those that make eye contact with you while truly listening…that will do things for you that they really want to do…and they’ll be sincere about it.

They’ll truly care. They’ll not be thinking about other things going on in their lives, but rather will take the time and listen without making any premature judgments.

And most of all…

They’ll appreciate and love you for who you are.

These are all part of the lifetime love rituals that you’ll get from those who are truly the special people in your life.

So now the question is…

“How do these people come into your life”

…And what about being truthful and trustworthy?

2. Tears (and truth) from your heart

Earlier you read about what is most likely going on with you before going to sleep at night, as well as what takes place while lying in bed at night. It’s what you’re thinking about. More specifically, the thoughts about the different people in your life.

But what is actually going on while you’re lying there having these thoughts? Who are you thinking about? What are you thinking about regarding these people?

This is something I can relate to very well…

Because it’s something I experience every night.

While lying in bed (and even right before going to sleep) thoughts of the special people in my life come into my mind. Thoughts of where we are now in our relationship, how we met, how far we’ve come, and especially the trust we’ve developed all come up.

And this includes those I’ve known for 30+ years as well as those who have recently come into my life.

In fact, this also brings up what took place the first time we met. And in every case there was a “click” from day one…the feeling that you just knew these people would be the special ones in your life…the feeling that they’ll be with you for life.

Also interesting here is the fact that in every one of these cases it was a “true feeling”…not some infatuation type of feeling that comes today and is gone tomorrow.

What also happens often during these “bedtime thinking moments”…the tears in your eyes. And these tears are tears of gratitude…tears that represent the special people in your life who have been truthful and trustworthy.

It’s the feeling you have when you know that there’s people in your life who care about you, who appreciate you, and who love you for who you are.

And the one thing that is present in all of this…the truth…and not some “pretending to be someone you’re not” type of thing just to please other people.

That’s what’s also so magical about who the special people in your life are…you can be your true self…the person you were put in this world to be…and without having to worry what others will think about you.

Now how these people come in to your life will be different for you than it is for someone else.

But what’s the same is…

Whoever these people are they’ll be the ones you’ll have the “true relationships” with…they’ll be the ones who care…the ones who take the time to get the facts…and the ones who will also represent the “fun” part of life.

Not only that but these people also represent another part of life…

The love of life.

3. For the love of life

Whenever you ask someone, “What is the meaning of life” you’ll naturally get a different answer from each person…because obviously there are as many different answers as there are people. Of course they’ll be times when you get two or more people who will have similar answers…but not 100% the same.

In any case, there is still one universal answer to the question, “What is the meaning of life”, and it involves what life stands for…


The answer to this question for everyone is…love.

And this is right at the heart of who the special people in your life are…why they’re here…and what they mean to you.

It’s all about love…the love you have for these special people…and the love they have for you.

This reminds me of a girl I was good friends with back in 2006. We were never boyfriend/girlfriend, but good friends. She said to me one day, “I love all of my friends and I love you too.”

For some reason this always stuck with me even though what she was saying is something I was well aware of already…

Because the special people in your life will be those that you truly love.

Now of course they’ll be different levels (and degrees) of love based on the relationship you have with them. If you’re boyfriend/girlfriend they’ll be a more intimate type of love than if you were close friends. That’s obvious and at times they’ll be exceptions to this based on the people involved.


The point here is…they’ll be a “sacred love” you’ll have with the special people in your life. Of course I can’t tell you exactly what that will be.

But what I can tell you is that it’ll be special between the two of you. It’ll be based on the connection you’ll have with each other. And It’ll certainly be based on being truthful and trustworthy with one another.

And strange as it may sound, it will include “tests” along the way…the type of “tests” that will get you to see if you’ll stand by each other through “thick” and “thin.”

These are the “tests” of love. They’re “testing” your love for each other by bringing in both supporting and challenging situations, along with the many different types of happy and sad moments that will come up. This is natural and absolutely necessary for any type of loving relationship.

Not only that…

But the more of these “tests” you have the more likely these special people will remain in your life for life. It’s what allows the two of you to “grow” as people. It’s what also helps you discover the truth of who you are.

Also realize that this can include if those special people in your life do not live near you.

It’s fascinating and I’m sure you’ve experienced this in some way…you can be closer to someone who lives 1000 miles away than you can to someone that may be living in the same house as you.


There will be no boundaries—even thousands of miles apart—that will ever separate you from the special people in your life…because they’ll always be in your life in some way.

What’s also fascinating is that you can even go a year, 5 years, 10 years or even more without seeing or talking to this person and when you reconnect it’ll seem like no time ever went by.

No matter how you look at it or what your situation is…the most special people (and I mean the REAL special ones) in your life will be there for life.

So make it a point to tell them in some way…

And let them know how much they mean to you because they’re certainly part of what makes you the special person you are.

Thank them…appreciate them…and be there for them…

Because they’ll appreciate you for the magnificent person you are and all that you do.

It’s one of those moments you’ll always remember…

And one you may also want to forget.

There may have been one person with you…perhaps two, three, and possibly more…even a crowd.

In fact, it is possible that you may have been the only person there.

Also involved during this moment is how you felt, and also includes what others felt and most likely said about you…

Because what they’re all seeing is something that is both sacred and profane about you.

And this all has to do with getting naked.

More specifically…

The first time you got naked.

Now of course this can certainly be the first time you actually took your clothes off in front of someone.

But what I’m talking about here is something that can and is quite often even more terrifying than that…

Revealing the truth

…the truth of who you are, why you’re here, along with the truth you discover about others.

Because it’s in discovering the truth about others and the different situations you come across in life that leads to a greater understanding (and the truth) of who you are.

Now whether we’re talking about that moment the first time you took off your clothes in front of someone and/or you discovered the truth in some way…it still involved getting naked.

So the question is…

“What really happened the first time you got naked?”

1. Bare essentials- Naturally there are different ways that someone can feel naked. At first most people think of the obvious, but interestingly it’s the non-obvious that for some is even more terrifying.

One of these is worrying about what others think about you. Far too many people worry so much about what others think of them that it’s running their lives in every which way.

This can range from worrying about what people think about how they look, to how they express themselves to someone, to their mannerisms, and everything else in between.

It also includes the mindset of, “”What would people think about me if I said what I really wanted to do in life. What would people think if I speak my mind and show who I really am?”

And it’s that last part, “What if I showed who I really am” that to many people is more terrifying than taking off their clothes in front of a crowd of people.

Now of course this will be different for you than it is for someone else…

But in either case it still leaves you feeling naked.

And the root cause of it all…revealing the bare essentials of who you really are.

One of the ways you can tell if this is going on in your life is to look and see if you’re “should’ing all over yourself.


Do you find yourself saying, “I should”, “I have to”, “I’m supposed to”, “I’ve got to”, and “I must” when it comes to the different things you do throughout your life?

Because if you do, not only is this a projection from someone else (a parent, loved one, friend) of something they said you “should” be doing (that more than likely is something you don’t want to be doing), but it also puts you in a situation of feeling naked at the mere thought of speaking up and saying what you want.

Along with this comes the mindset of trying to be a one-sided person in a two-sided world.

For example…

Are you trying to be more happy than sad, more nice than mean, more kind than cruel to other people and even yourself?

For most people this mindset puts them in a position of, “I’m supposed to be more happy, nice, and kind, but what would happen if they see when I’m sad, mean, and cruel…what would they think of me?”

And it’s this thinking that has people feeling naked at the mere thought of showing both sides…which ALLhumans do during their lives. And this is healthy and natural because it’s what makes you authentic.

This for some people can be even more terrifying than taking off their clothes in front of a crowd of people.

What’s ironic in all of this…

An overwhelming majority of people are so worried about what others think about them, that they’re not even thinking about you.

In other words…

If you’re worried about what other people will think about you…those people are so worried about what others think about them…that they’re not even thinking about you at all.

Now obviously there are exceptions to this. However, most of the time people are so concerned about what’s going on in their own lives that they’re not thinking about the things you feel they’re falsely thinking about you.

And even if they are…most people forget about it a few minutes later and get back on with their own lives.

Again, they’ll be some exceptions to this…but for the most part people are worrying about their own lives not yours.

Even with this going on, there’s still something else happening pretty much all the time when dealing with people (and even when you’re by yourself) that can and quite often does have you feeling naked.

2. The X-ray phenomena- I’m sure you already know what happens when you go and get an X-ray for a particular part of your body. It allows the medical practitioner to in a sense “see through” and inside of the part of your body being X-rayed.

Well the same type of thing goes on during human interactions in the form of being able to “see through” people…and some people are exceptional at it and others not so much.

Think of a situation you’ve been in while talking with someone face to face and you in some way sensed that they were literally seeing through you…especially with something you were trying to hide from them.

Naturally this works the other way as well…

Think of a situation when you were able to “see through” someone else and a façade you just knew they were putting up.

In both cases the person who was “being seen through” in a sense had that “intrusive feeling”…one that can (for many people) easily feel similar to having someone look at them with their clothes off.

Let’s take this even further…

How about the way someone would feel if the person they were talking with was able to see through them in such a way that reveals what they do “behind closed doors?”

And along the same lines as this…

How about when someone is putting up a one-sided façade that they’re always (or most of the time) happy, nice, kind, and peaceful…yet behind closed doors they get sad, mean, cruel, and have moments of inner turmoil.

This too can have someone feeling naked…especially at the mere thought of “Well what would happen if people saw my not so great moments. I see others who always seem to be happy, nice, kind, and at peace…what would they think if they saw I wasn’t all the time?”

What happens here is…the person tries to live a one-sided life but at the same time has the other side (the sadness, being mean, cruel, and having inner turmoil) just as ALL humans do.

The ones who appear to be one-sided and claim they’re that way most of the time are the ones who will feel most uncomfortable if people really knew they had the other side.

These are the people who are afraid to “get naked” and in the process are living a lie rather than living in truth…the truth of who they are, why they’re here, and their purpose in life.

And for some people this is even more terrifying than taking their clothes off in front of someone…because it’s the revealing of their true self which has been covered up for years (possibly even a lifetime). And the other scary part…most people aren’t aware of it and those who are…won’t even admit it at first.

Despite this there is a way out…

And it involves getting truly naked for the first time.

3. Liberation…celebration- You’re a human being. So am I. And let’s face it, as human beings we have a wide variety of challenges that come up during the course of our lives. Some of these moments (and points in time) are more challenging than others, even to the point of wanting to throw your hands in the air and give up.

And interestingly…

Many of these challenges involves what people feel others would say about them if they found out what was going on in their lives.

Think about your own life and the different moments when you either avoided people or getting into too much of a discussion about what was going on in your life at the time.

Regardless of what it was, in some way it involved not wanting to reveal “everything”…to include certain things about you.


This can be (and is) one of the best times to “strip down” and “take it all off”, especially when it involves you and is something you’ve been hiding throughout your life…

Because this in different ways involves the revealing of who you are, why you’re here, and what your purpose is in life.

And it’s this “revealing” is when you truly get naked for the first time.

So the question is…

What really happened during this “sacred moment” in your life? Who was there (if anyone)? What did others say about you? How did you react?


How did you feel?

Naturally I can’t answer these questions for you because this moment is unique (and sacred) based on your own experiences.


What I can say is that it was a liberating feeling for you. It was a celebration of your life.

No more trying to please others at the expense of who you are…

No more trying to be someone you’re not…

No more worrying about what other people will say and think about you.


Now your life has greater meaning…

Now you feel “worth it” for all you do…

Now you feel like you do matter…

And you can do it in a way that is “right” for you…it’s your “Life’s Celebration.”

Also part of your “Life’s Celebration” is feeling respected, appreciated, and recognized for who you are and all you do.

This along with living a life of truth is what makes it worthwhile to “take it all off” and get naked…

And not only this one time but continually moving forward in your life.

Because it’s a daily reminder of what makes you the special person you are…

A person that deserves to be alive…that deserves to be an important part of the world…

And a person who is “worth it” to those who know you and the world.

There are two things going on in your life all the time and both are worldwide epidemics.

Not only that but they both feed off each other even though they’re the complete opposite of one another.

And what’s interesting about them is the fact that on the surface they seem like enemies…but many times actually work together while taking control of your life.

What I’m talking about is the “truth” and ‘lying.”

Now at first you would think that these two worldwide epidemics would be enemies of each other…and quite often they are.

When it comes to lying most people believe the truth is its enemy…and it is.

But what about the truth and its enemy?

You would think at first that the enemy of the truth and finding out the truth would be lying.

Yet, it’s not because there’s something else even though lying is a part of it.

So the question is…

“What is the number one enemy of the truth”

…And how can you defeat it and discover the different truths throughout your life?

1. Question me, question you- It can easily be said that the most important thing to have ever occurred in the history of the world since the beginning of time is progress. Because after all, for any civilization to “grow”, “expand”, and exist in a way that helps people…progress is necessary.


There’s a major roadblock to progress just as there is when it comes to the truth. In order for progress to occur the truth needs to be there.

And just like there being an enemy to progress, the same can be said of the truth. They both have a common enemy. So what is this enemy?

The number one enemy of the truth…is…questions.

It’s fascinating…

Humans have always been taught to ask questions. Even as children this is what we’ve been taught and there’s a reason why…because it helps us learn, grow, expand, mature, and discover the truth.


It’s still the number one enemy of the truth…even for the people who know well the importance of asking questions.

So, how can this be…and what types of questions are we talking about here?

In general, the types of questions that are the enemy of the truth are those that seek the specifics and details involved, along with getting the facts straight.

Look no further than what takes place in a court of law with attorneys asking questions and you can see why. Now, yes I understand that sometimes attorneys can “stretch things” with their questioning. But it’s still a good general example of how questions are the number enemy of the truth.

Here’s a more “real life” example and it starts with something I call backdoor vagueness…

How many times have you asked someone a question and their response was “shortly”, “In a little while”, “soon”, and so on?

Did their response leave you feeling unsure and having whatever you asked them seem more vague than before you asked them? Did it also leave you feeling like they were hiding something from you? Most likely so.

In these situations did you ever think as to question them further about what they meant by their vague responses? Most people don’t.

Here’s something else…

Have you ever wondered why people give these types of responses?

The reason…

Because it’s their way of avoiding the truth (it also involves worrying about what people will think if they told you the truth).

And what’s really going on is…they feel uncomfortable about the particular question you asked them and rather than be truthful about it, they’ll use an “escape hatch” so to speak in the form of giving these vague and incomplete answers of “shortly”, “In a little while”, and “soon.”

Now of course they’ll be times when someone can’t give you a definite clear answer…such as if you’re calling up a customer service line and they tell you to hold and the recording says that someone will be with you shortly. Legitimate situations like this and others do come up.

However (and even in these types of situations), they can still give you an approximation as to “when” instead of using the typical escape hatch known as “backdoor vagueness.”

The bottom line here is…

Most people don’t like (and feel uncomfortable with) being asked direct questions and will quite often do whatever they can to avoid giving a straight answer…they’ll rely on backdoor vagueness.

To them, questions are the enemy…because if they could have it their way they’d be perfectly happy and content if everyone they spoke with just nodded in agreement, went their merry way, and put on a smile while appearing to be happy.

Even though this is what happens most of the time, it still quite often “dodges” the truth.

This brings up the next part…

2. Shut up be happy- Whenever the thought of someone avoiding the truth comes up certain things come to mind…right? Think of the different situations you’ve been in when you just knew someone was not telling you the truth.

As these moments were going on what did you notice about them?

Did they appear to be “fidgety”, nervous, or was it just a weird vibe you got?

How about this one…

Did they smile and try to make you feel good…did they try and get you to be happy?

At first who would ever think that somebody who is trying to make you happy (and feel good) in some way…would also be the same person that is actually (and intentionally) avoiding telling you the truth?

But guess what?

Far too many times this is what’s going on. And the reason it’s going on is so they avoid you asking them questions…especially the type of probing questions that involve wanting to know the specific details and answers (along with the facts)…which ultimately leads to discovering the truth.

And by getting someone emotional—in the way of making them feel happy (along with quite often giving the illusion of hope)—that’s how people will try and avoid questions…the number one enemy of the truth.


Most people are completely oblivious to this and never pick up on it at first…if ever at all.


You’ll see examples of this all over the place…especially among big institutions.

Look no further than politicians, the pharmaceutical industry, the fitness and weight loss industry, and certainly the industry I’m in…personal development.

And it’s not limited to just these.

Naturally this is not to “pick” on these groups (and of course not everybody who does try and make you happy is doing this because there are many wonderful people who are sincere and do care). It is however my way of making you aware of what’s going on quite often “under ones awareness” so you can make informed decisions.

In any case…

It’s real. It’s going on most of the time. And it’s the same underlying theme each time…sell you happiness and hope so you become “emotional” enough to be distracted enough so you don’t ask questions.

And even though nothing is said on the surface in their mind they’re basically saying “Shut up be happy and don’t ask me any probing questions.”

Speaking of questions…the question here is…”What can you do about this? What can you do to detect this and then react appropriately?”

Well it goes back to what I’ve begun saying here and also always say…

“Ask questions…and know that you’ll get ‘both sides’ from people no matter what.


Take the time to get the facts—the specifics and details—about whatever it is you’re inquiring about…along with knowing that no matter what you do you’ll have people liking and disliking you, supporting and challenging you, being nice and mean to you equally.

Why is this important?

Because it will give you the courage while not being afraid to be direct enough with people to ask them the types of questions that gets the results you want…the types of questions that ask for the details and specifics so you can get the facts…which leads you to the truth.

Here’s something else to keep in mind with all of this…

Quite often you’ll be in these types of situations when dealing with authority figures. It could be your boss at work, your doctor, a service provider of some type, and possibly even a politician on some level.

And at first you may be thinking, “Well who am I to question these people because they’re an authority figure”, because after all most people are taught to listen to authority and that “They are the authority so they must know better than I do.”

This may be true…

Yet, it is still wise as long as the situation calls for it to question these people. It’s not disrespecting authority at all as long as you’re being sincere and not doing it just to “rebel” so to speak.

The bottom line here is…

When someone is sincere and truly cares—whether they’re an authority figure or not—they’ll be truthful. They won’t have to put up a “smoke screen” of happiness and hope.


They’ll answer your questions in a specific and detailed way as long as they have all the facts involved.

Yes, most people seek happiness and for obvious reasons. But at the same time that very thing can and is used to sell fantasies to people in order to avoid answering the questions that leads to the truth.

So, what about the truth?

Let’s take a look at that now.

3. The Truth Manifesto- There’s a worldwide declaration that all human beings live under. It’s called the truth. In other words we all live, have always lived, and will continue to live in a world of truth.

Now at first most people will not believe this and it stands to reason because a day doesn’t go by without you hearing of someone and something taking place that involves lies of some sort. Despite this we still do live in a world of truth.

How do you know?

Because of the fact that every situation, every event, and every person has two sides.

Every situation and event has an equal amount of benefits and drawbacks/positives and negatives to it. And every person is two-sided…meaning that they’re equally happy and sad, nice and mean, kind and cruel, supporting and challenging.

It’s this equal balance of both sides that makes up the world of truth we live in. I call it “The Truth Manifesto.”

Even with this being said they’ll still be many people who won’t agree with it.

The reason why it doesn’t seem that way is because most people are projecting on to the world the fantasy of trying to live one-sided lives…trying to have more happiness than sadness, more support than challenge, more pleasure than pain, more peace than war (turmoil).

And it’s these one-sided projections that distort (and cover up) the world of truth we live in. This is also the exact thing taking place when it comes to the number one enemy of the truth…asking questions.

Because the people who are avoiding the truth do so by trying to sell you these one-sided fantasies—of happiness and hope—as a way of avoiding the type of detailed and specific questions being asked that leads to the truth.

In other words…

Certain people and/or institutions project the type of one-sided fantasies people want to hear so they (the people) get emotional enough to not ask the type of questions that the person and/or institution knows will reveal the truth they’re trying to hide…and quite often they’ll do so with a smile on their face.

It’s strange and rather ironic…

The number one enemy of the truth is also the number one ally of the truth…asking questions.

So, it’s up to you to make a stand.

It’s up to you to ask the types of questions that shows you’re sincere and truly care about helping others, humanity, and certainly yourself.

This is all part of living your truth, which in turn gives others the courage and helps them live their truth.

It’s all part of The Truth Manifesto we all live under.

It’s also part of what makes up the magnificent person you are…

The person that matters and has a tremendous amount of value to offer the world by just being YOU.

It’s hidden…

It’s cleverly concealed…

It quite often has you in a state of denial and leaves you saying (and believing) one thing when in fact the truth of it all is literally staring you in the face.

And strange as it sounds…

It’s also the driving force involved in you being respected, appreciated, and recognized for who you are and all you do.

Now at first it appears to only involve you…

But there’s always someone along with groups of people over time that are involved.

Let’s take one such person for example…Donald Trump.

Of course you know all about “Donald”…

Billionaire, business magnate, television personality, and candidate for the Republican nomination for the President of the United States.

He’s also the guy that is equally loved and loathed by tens of millions of people throughout the world.

And included in either of these groups of people are you and I.

Now whichever side of the “Donald Express” you’re on politically speaking is another topic for another person to discuss in a political forum.


Your thoughts about “Donald” (and anyone for that matter) is part of this discussion because there is a life transforming gift involved…and one that wakes you up to discovering how valuable of a person you are in the world.

And since I mentioned “Donald” as one of those people it starts with the question…

“Where is the Donald Trump in you?”

1. Agree to disagree, disagree to agree

A quote of mine that I quite often like to share is, “We’re all the same but different.” Taking this to another level here’s a new quote to live by, “We’re here to agree to disagree as much as we are here to disagree to agree.”

And this is right in line with how humans and the world functions.

The fact is…

You are going to come across people throughout your entire life that you will not agree with…just as much as the people who come across you won’t agree with you. This includes family, friends, acquaintance…everyone.

Of course the flipside is that you will come across people you’ll agree with and people who come across you will agree with you. Naturally this goes both ways.

This is true with anyone…and even your opinions of Donald.

What’s also true is the fact that just because you may not entirely agree with someone that it doesn’t mean the other person is wrong. This of course will involve getting all the facts straight.


The point here is that there will always be people agreeing and disagreeing with others.

And here’s something else I’m sure you’ve seen and have certainly been involved in as well…

How many times have you seen someone “search out” those that agree with them and completely ignore, ridicule, criticize, and possibly even threaten those who disagree with them?

You see it all the time…and you certainly see it with a person like Donald who operates on the world stage.

But it doesn’t have to be only on the world stage.

You’ll see it among the social groups you come across…where people will look to find others that support and agree with them and completely discount those who don’t.

And what almost always ends up happening is…people will like you and say nice things about you when you agree with them…but will not like you and say mean things about you if you disagree with them.

Let’s face it…

This is how life functions…whether you’re Donald Trump or anyone for that matter.

It comes down to this…

Far too many people feel the “need to be right” and try to push their agenda on to others without taking the time to listen. You don’t have to agree with someone else or what they believe in.

However, it’s much wiser to listen to others even if the two of you don’t agree on the same thing. It’s ok to agree to disagree and disagree to agree. This is how the human race evolves…

And starts to bring up the life transforming gift I spoke about earlier involving seeing the Donald Trump in you.

2. The red and the black

There are lyrics from a song by a well-known band that goes like this, “People don’t want the truth. Look in their eyes and you send them away.” And while this is referring to looking in someone’s eyes and revealing the truth, it’s also involved in when you look at other people and start labeling them in a negative (OR positive) way.

Some have referred to this as black OR white thinking.

I’m calling it seeing the red AND the black…

Because it’s seeing (and embracing) both sides in someone equally…to include Donald Trump.

Donald, just like you and I, has both sides…he’s nice and mean, kind and cruel, happy and sad, while also having moments of being altruistic and narcissistic. Both sides are healthy and are needed in certain situations to sincerely benefit others and society.

But what do you see far too many people do?

They take on a self righteous persona and claim they never did that. This is when you’ll hear people say things like, “He’s arrogant”, “He’s a liar”, “He’s a narcissist”, “He’s a bully.”

This is NOT being authentic.

It’s being self righteous and not appreciating the beautiful truth of who you are…

Because you’ve had moments and have been perceived by others as being “arrogant”, “a liar”, “narcissistic”, and a “bully” just as much as Donald and anyone else. It’s just a question of when, where, and who saw it…and the person that has seen it can be and is often you.


The wisest thing to do is to “own it” in your unique way.

This is where you discover the Donald Trump in you…if it’s an issue you have with him.

If it’s an issue with someone else, that’s where you discover “that person” within you.


Anything you like and despise about Donald is something you’ve done. And like I referred to a minute ago, it most likely won’t be in the same way you see Donald “doing it.” It’ll be in your own unique way.

Using one of the examples I mentioned above…

Let’s say you despise Donald because you perceive him as being “arrogant”…look to see where in your life you’ve been arrogant to the same degree. And it”s there. There’s no denying it. You, I, and every other person has been arrogant to the same degree as you see in Donald…and others have seen it in you as well.

And one of the ways you know this to be true…you wouldn’t be saying it about him if you didn’t do it as well.

For example…

You may have been seen as “arrogant” if you were in the middle of doing something and your spouse or co-worker asked you a question and you ignored them…or perhaps you “snapped” back at them for bothering you in that moment.

Also remember…

Anything you despise about someone else…there are things you admire about them as well. How do you know this to be true. Well, in addition to the fact that you wouldn’t be saying it about others if you didn’t have (or do) it as well…the only other way you could despise something in someone else is if you’re comparing it to the things you admire about them as well.

There is no such thing as despising things about someone else without also having an equal amount of things you admire about them.

And again…

This doesn’t mean you have to agree with them about whatever it is they say or believe in. It means that you look to see what you like and dislike about them and how you do the same in your own unique way.

And now the life transforming gift courtesy of Donald and everyone else…

3. Hello me, meet the real me

Every human being on the face of the earth in the history of man and woman kind pursue what is the most treasured and sacred gift of all…discovering the truth.

Of course the truth means different things to different people.

However there are certain universal truths that are written in stone…

And one of them is discovering the truth of who you are.

This is what I spoke about earlier that is “hidden”, “cleverly concealed”, and is the driving force involved in you being respected, appreciated, and recognized for who you are and all you do.

It’s also the Donald Trump in you.

There’s a quote by Nietzsche that says…

“You have your way. I have my way. As for the right way, the correct way and the only way, it does not exist.”

Whether you like or dislike, agree or disagree with Donald Trump is “your way.” It’s not right or wrong. It just is. What he does and how he does it is his way. What you do and how you do it is your way.

What is the same for every person goes back to what I’ve been saying throughout…everything you see in him (and every other person) that you like or despise are traits you have as well.

When you realize this and see how you do the same in your own way…and especially how it serves others and society…you’ve discovered the greatest gift of all…which is part of another Nietzsche quote:

“The privilege of owning yourself.”

As a result…

You wake up and realize how valuable of a person you are in the world.

By discovering who you really are, or as I’m calling it here, “Meeting the real me”, you put to rest the doubt and uncertainty of why you’re here…

And live your life with a loving purpose.

A purpose that inspires others…

A purpose that allows you to be the change you seek in the world…

A purpose that makes a difference…

And doing it in a way that is real…that is truthful…and that gets people to see what makes you the beautiful person you are.

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