Because This Is Your Life

Because This Is Your Life

Who Are You?

posted by cweiner

There are 3 things that come to mind as I write this…

  1. The Rock band, “The Who”
  1. The album they came out with in 1978 entitled, “Who Are You” (which is also a song on the album)
  1. My actual question to you…”Who are you?”

Of course it is the last choice above that I’ll be speaking about today.

Now you may be thinking about why I’m asking you this question.

The reason is because this is something that is very important for you to think about that can and does determine the type of life you want to live.

While this may seem like just some 3 word question, it goes way beyond that.


As interesting and quite often surprising as it may seem, many of the situations we find ourselves in has to do with not knowing who we truly are.

Even though at our true core selves we do know, our actions say otherwise.

What do I mean by this?

If you find yourself saying, “I should”, “I have to”, “I’m supposed”, “I need to”, that is a sign that you’re not doing what is true to you.

Now of course you may be in a situation in a certain part of your life currently that has you in this type of situation, such as working a job you may not like or just doing something you don’t want to be doing.


This is understandable. We’ve all been through this. I’ve been through it.

What I’m getting at here is if this becomes what seems like a life time pattern of it.

Also involved in this is comparing yourself to someone else and think that they have a better deal than you.

I’ll be straight forward about this…

Even though it may seem on the outside that someone else has it “better” in their life, you do not ever want to come from the mindset of, “I wish I could trade places with them.

The reason is, because even though they may be doing something that you would love to do, you don’t know what else is going on in the different areas of their life.


An excellent example of this is someone you see who is very financially wealthy. Yes, they may have the financial wealth but what about the other areas of their life.

They may have the money but they may also have a major physical health issue. Or a major family issue. Or they may have a major mindset issue that is running their life.

What if you are in excellent physical health, have the type of loving family you want, and have a very strong mindset? Yes you may not have this other person’s financial wealth, but the others areas of your life I mentioned are solid.


You see my point.

The main point here is to just be yourself, whatever that is for you.

Look for living your life by, “I love to”, I’m inspired to”, “I’m blessed to”, “This is what I’ve always dreamed of”, and your energy shifts and so to with it the rest of your life.

Talking about this always brings me back to the Oscar Wilde quote


“Be yourself, everyone else is already taken.”

No matter what you do in life you’ll always be dealing with the supports and challenges, the pleasures and pains, the giving and taking, the ease and difficulty.

Even though there’s no getting around this for anyone, wouldn’t you enjoy it more if you’re doing what you love and being true to yourself?


So I started off today talking about the rock band, “The Who” and am finishing up talking about Oscar Wilde…interesting how certain things play out.

The same is true in your life.

What may seem like a low point in your life currently may be the very thing you need to breakthrough it.

At first things may not go as planned but as long as you stay with it, while being true to yourself along the way, you have a very high probability of living the type of life you’d love to live.

And you’ll also show how magnificent of a person you are and the tremendous amount of value you contribute to the world with your uniqueness.


Is It Dishonest To Have Integrity?

posted by cweiner

There was a man in New York a number of years back who was the head of a well-known pharmaceutical company that had a major decision to make.

Not only that but it was a decision that would affect the lives of thousands, to include himself, in a negative way…if the “wrong” decision was made.

If he reported on the quarterly report what was actually going on in his company, he’d have to lay off 2000-3000 people.



He also knew that he had something to solve the situation that would turn his company around in 2-3 weeks.

So if he was to tell the truth he would have major issues within the company. And he couldn’t lay off people who had been loyal to him for years. This was a big issue for him.

If he lied and was dishonest, it would “buy” him 2-3 weeks, he would take a gamble, turn everything around, and everything would be back to normal.

It basically came down to either he lays off 2000-3000 people…


…he lies and if caught would wash his career down the drain.


I’m bringing this story up because it represents what you experience during your life.

Now of course you’re probably not the head of a major corporation.


You may be the “head” of your family. You may be an important person among your friends with an important decision to make that could affect their lives.

It can be anything in any area of your life where you find yourself with a decision to make while at the same time wanting to maintain your integrity.

Did this leave you “torn” between both sides of that situation? Did you feel that no matter what you did you were in a “no win” situation?


The question to think about in these difficult situations is,

“Is it dishonest to have integrity?”

1. The integrity paradox- Growing up I was raised and associated with people who believed it was important to act with integrity. I certainly agree with that. The question that has always lingered, until I figured it out was, “what does it mean to have integrity?”

Most people are led to believe that having integrity means that you “should” be honest, tell the truth, be ethical, and do the “right” and moral thing all the time when certain situations come up.


But is that really true?

And what I learned and have seen over and over again is that it’s not.

What do I mean by this?

As you go through your life you’ll be in situations where you’ll be honest. And you’ll be in situations where your dishonesty is needed.

And guess what?

In both cases you are maintaining your integrity.

This is the integrity paradox.

And this is exactly what the head of the major corporation in New York was faced with.

What I’m saying here is…in certain moments you’ll find that it will be for the highest good of the people involved if you’re dishonest. In other words your dishonesty in certain moments would help more people than if you were honest.


Therefore you would have integrity in that moment or during that particular situation.

This is exactly what happened to the gentleman who was head of the pharmaceutical company…and it played a large part into what his decision was.

2. Deep affection and appreciation- After spending nearly 3 days straight going back and forth, he finally decided that by lying and being dishonest he would turn the company around in 2-3 weeks.

He did and the company was fine. He didn’t have to lay off the 2000-3000 people who were loyal to him for years.



Making that decision was painstakingly difficult for him. During his decision making process he actually broke down and cried. He had such a deep affection and appreciation for those 2000-3000 people that in his own mind he couldn’t even think of laying those people off.

He believed if he had laid off those people that it would be too overwhelming to re establish the relationships and loyalty he built up over the years.

He felt lying and being dishonest was worth the risk even if he got booted out of his own company and had to deal with a possible scandal.


What it came down to was that he had a higher value and a higher level of importance towards his employees than his own career.

So according to his values he was acting with integrity….

Even though he was so called “dishonest” in the process.

How does this apply to you?

Like I said earlier, you’ll be in situations during your life where being honest will benefit others and the situation…


Also know that they’ll be situations where being dishonest will benefit others and the situation.

Now of course I’m not telling you to go out and lie and be dishonest deliberately while having harmful intentions.

The fact here is that even if you tried to lie and be dishonest 100% of the time you couldn’t do it. Because you would automatically revert back to being truthful. In other words you would course correct.

And the same is true if you tried to be honest and tell the truth 100% of the time. You would course correct here as well.

The bottom line is that certain situations will call for you to act in a certain way. Some may perceive it as being “honest’ and others will see it as being “dishonest.”


In either case you’ll be acting with integrity as long as it is benefitting others for their highest good while you’re being true to yourself and your highest values in the process.

3. Staying true to your word- Whether it’s in your business or any area of your life it is very important to stay true to your word. After all, when you make promises to people it is very wise to follow through on those promises. This is also a big part of maintaining integrity.

Along with this, just know that if a certain situation comes up where you feel that going against your word would actually benefit more people, then it’s wise to make that decision.

No matter what you do in your life you’ll have supporting and challenging situations.


Many people are searching for the “easy” life and want more support than challenge. They want more ease than difficulty. They want more people liking than disliking them.

Anytime you’re searching for the easy and supporting life while wanting more people to like you…

You’ll attract the difficult and challenging life while having more people dislike you.

The Universe is designed to work that way and this is a good thing.

Therefore it’s very wise to stay true to your word but just know that it’s ok sometimes to make necessary changes along with way.

And just like the head of the pharmaceutical company I spoke about earlier, the decisions you make quite often will carry great risks.


But just remember that there are no rewards without risks. The greater the risk, the greater the reward.

No matter how you look at it you’re a person of integrity.

Whether others see that as well isn’t the issue. Because you’ll always have people who will agree and disagree with you no matter what you do.

What counts is that you realize how valuable of a person you are…

And that you have a tremendous amount of value to contribute to the world in your own unique way.

Your ability to use that and help others do the same is what makes you the special person that you are.


Here’s Something You’d Never Expect That’s Keeping You Stuck…

posted by cweiner

It was a constant reminder day and night…

It didn’t matter either way.

And if you’ve been in this same situation in some way you know what the ritual is all about.

At first it seems like there’s no end in sight…

“I failed a lot in my past, years and years in fact…and to a point no one could possibly imagine.

I stopped caring about life, about myself, my dreams, my family, and my career.

I cannot even begin to express fairly what it feels like to fail over and over again, to live every day with the same turmoil of failing with yourself…not others.

It is with you all the time. It gets to the point where you find yourself talking yourself to sleep.


In fact it’s gotten to the point where failure has become a part of my life. It slowly became a numbing effect and has reached a point that I could no longer think and feel until I could no longer know what do do.

It was a bitter taste of self failure, the bitter taste and the feeling of, “I could have done better but I didn’t. I could have been there for others but wasn’t. I should have acted differently but didn’t.

I could have and should have tried to work harder but didn’t. It just finally reached a point where giving up was the only option left.”

Have you ever asked yourself why this is happening? And if you have what answers did you come up with?

Have you ever considered what may not be obvious as to why you would feel this way about your life?


Now there is something else happening here that is stopping you from living a fulfilled and freedom based life where you feel respected…while having an inner knowing that you truly make a difference in the world.

And this is something that you’d never expect that is keeping you stuck.

A part of it is comparing yourself to others…

But there’s something else that just about everyone overlooks…

1. Down side up- It may seem like at times that your world is upside down. It’s those situations where life seems like it has more negatives going on than positives. And this certainly occurs in varying degrees ranging from what seems like the “smallest of things” all the way up to life threatening situations.


And it is in what I just said that lies the often overlooked piece of what it is that you’d never expect that is keeping you stuck…

Despite the fact that most people are being told the opposite.

And what I’m referring to is…

Trying to live a positive life

…But it goes beyond that.

It’s comparing yourself to others, thinking that they’re living this one sided positive life….and then even possibly having them tell you that they’re living a one sided positive life (but they’re not)…and then beating yourself up when you’re not able to live that way.

Here’s one of many thousands of examples…

Let’s say you’re looking to lose weight. You want to have that great looking body. What happens?


You see the commercials. You see the before and after stories. You see the successes.

But what aren’t you seeing?

You’re not seeing that there’s another side to everything.

Not only that but this puts you in a one sided mindset. And guess what happens when the other side shows up?

You’ll feel like a failure because you’re comparing yourself to someone else who appears to be living a one sided, positive and “happy” life.

Even though I used a weight loss example here, you’ll see this happening in other areas outside of weight loss.

You’ll see it happening with personal development and self help gurus. You’ll see it happening with business coaches. You’ll see it happening in just about every industry you can think of.


And it comes down to the same thing time and time again…

Comparing yourself to someone else who you think is having a better deal in life, while also thinking they’re living a one sided, positive, happy, fantasy driven life.

And as a result you may perceive your world as being upside down. In this moment it is wise to look at your life as being down side up because it will help you get out of the situations you don’t want to currently be in…while starting you down the path to being in the situations you do want to be in.

2. Saving me from myself- Yes, it can be and is tempting—when you see others accomplishing what you want—to want to compare yourself to others. At first it seems like these “lucky” people are living the “life of their dreams.”


Now ask yourself this question…

“If I were to trade places with this person would I want what is currently going on in the other areas of their lives as well?”

…Because answering this will save you from yourself.

“Would I want to give up certain areas of my life that I’m currently satisfied with at the expense of what this other person has in their life that I want?”

Here’s an even more profound question to consider…

Would this person that I envy and am comparing myself to (because they have what I want), would they actually be envy of me and want what I currently have?”

The bottom line is this…

No matter what you have currently going on in your life, you have equal amounts of support and challenge, pleasure and pain, safety and danger, and all the other pairs of opposites.


And the people you may be envying because they appear to have a better life than you…

They have equal amounts of these as well.

The difference?

You have a different set of these supports and challenges, pleasures and pain, safeties and dangers than they have.

When you’re able to see this, you immediately transform your life. You’ll stop comparing yourself to others…

And you’ll start to realize your own unique magnificence.

3. Dream of mirrors- I mentioned a few moments ago about living the life of your dreams. It’s a phrase we’ve all heard millions of times by now. In fact it’s to the point that it’s so overused that most people don’t even pay attention to it any more.


Whether you call it “living the life of your dreams” or something else that resonates with you, just know that your ability to live this type of life comes down to this…

Are you doing what’s true to you (without comparing yourself to someone else)?


Are you realizing that no matter what you do that you’ll get both the positive and negative sides of it?

And this all begins by you taking a look in the mirror. But not just any ordinary mirror…

But rather a dream of mirrors.

Always remember this…

Whatever you see in others you have as well. This includes the niceness and the meanness, the honesty and dishonesty.

It also includes those things you think you don’t have—that you believe others have—but actually you do have.


Every person you come across in your life—whether you’ve ever met them or not— represents you in some way.

What sets you apart is your uniqueness. And the different forms in the way you express that which you see in others.

Nothing is ever missing in your life.

You already have it all. It’s just that you may not be fully recognizing it yet.

And if you’re admiring it in others…

If you believe others are amazing…

If you believe others are beautiful and special…

Then guess what?

The only way that you could possible see it that way, is if you see how amazing, beautiful, and special of a person you are too.


The 3 Most Dangerous Words That Hold People Back…

posted by cweiner

Here’s something that you do 24 hours a day that you probably were not fully aware of until now.

Along with that you were most likely not aware of the many different ways that you do this.

What I’m referring to is the fact that you are talking 24 hrs a day, whether it is to yourself, to others, or through your thoughts and dreams.

Of course while you’re doing this you are verbalizing in some way thousands and thousands of different words and phrases.

Out of all these words and phrases there are certain ones that it’s important to be aware of because they may be keeping you stuck in some way…

And even others are outright dangerous.

This brings up what I’ll be speaking about today and that is:


“The 3 most dangerous words that hold people back”

What is so interesting about these 3 most dangerous words is that we use them on a regular basis and in many different situations.

While these 3 words may seem harmless on the surface, in many situations in the different areas of your life they are dangerous and most people are not even aware of it.

If fact, when most people use these 3 words they actually think it is helping them, especially in situations that have to do with living the type of life they’d love to live.

The 3 most dangerous words that hold people back are…

“I know that”

Let’s take a deeper look at this and what you can do to overcome it.


1. Mind games- You’ve done this many times. I’ve done this many times. We’ve all done this many times. Take a look throughout your life and you’ll see this. You bought a book and started reading it or had someone give you advice or heard someone do a speech. Perhaps you even have others promote their products and programs to you and the same things occurred there as well.

And then what happened?

You listened to or read the information presented and many times said either to yourself or someone else, “I know that.”

Perhaps you also said, “I’ve read that” or “I’ve seen that” or “I’ve heard that a million times.”

What did you do after you said, “I know that”, “I’ve seen that”, “I’ve read that” or “I’ve heard that a million times?”


In all probability you didn’t continue any further and went on to something else.

Just know that this is a trap your mind is playing on you and it does so through the 3 most dangerous words… “I know that.”

Also be aware that your mind will use other variations of this such as, “I’ve seen that”, “I’ve read that” or “I’ve heard that a million times.”

No matter what game your mind is playing with you, the bottom line is that these 3 words are dangerous and will hold you back.

So what can you do about it?

The first thing you do when you catch yourself saying, “I know that” is to question your mind and say, “do I really know that?” Your mind will say, “yes you know that” and then try and keep you stuck.


This happens when you find yourself reading that book once (if you even read through it all) or listening to that interview of someone speaking once, and then you’ll go on and look for something else and claim what you tried didn’t work, and you’ll continue to say, I know that.”

When you catch yourself saying, “I know that” ask yourself that question, “do I really know that?” This will challenge your mind but it will help you become more aware if you’re falling for this little game your mind is playing with you.

After doing this if you still find yourself saying, “I know that” it’s time to ask another question.

2. Use your illusion- The next question you would ask is, “If I know that, how am I using it right now in my life?” This will challenge you at first because your mind is being challenged. Your mind is trying to keep you stuck in this illusion because it craves the “new” and has a high tendency to want to reject “old” information or something it’s heard before.


This is one of the reasons why many people will try something new, such as a product they just bought or advice they’ve heard from someone. And in the process of doing this, their mind will have them say those 3 dangerous words, “I know that.”

So by you saying, “If I know that, how am I using it right now in my life”, it gets you to become more aware of whether you really are applying what you’ve heard or read from someone, even if you claim that you already knew it.

The bottom line is…

“If you’re not doing it, you don’t know it”

Let’s now take this to a higher level and transform your mindset (and your life) even further.

3. Better and best- Now that you’ve realized that you are “using it” in your life right now, ask yourself the question, “How can I use it better in my life?” Let me give you an example.


Let’s say you come across someone giving a talk on how to become financially free. As you listen, you may find yourself saying, “I know that, I’ve heard people say this stuff before.”

Before going any further you would ask yourself, “do I really know that?”

If you find yourself continuing to say and think that you know that, then ask yourself,
“If I know and have already heard that, where have I applied or am using in my life what this person is saying about becoming financially free?”

This will get you to think and in the process help you break free of being trapped by the 3 most dangerous words.

Then after you answer that question ask, “How can I use the information this person is saying about becoming financially free…how can I use it better in my life?”


By answering this question, you’ll be able to expand on what you’re learning and come up with your own unique way of applying the information.

In fact, you’ll also start coming up with your own ideas that could very well lead to many of the opportunities you’d love to attract into your life.

By overcoming the 3 most dangerous words, you’ll be able to tap into your inner genius and brilliance. As a result, you’ll get that one life transforming idea “pop” into your mind.

This will also allow you to come from your heart, which is where you’ll discover the magnificence of who you are.

Always remember…

You are not your mind, you are your heart, and just know that HEART stands for:

“Healing Energy Always Resonates Truth”

And the truth is that you are an amazing person with so much to offer the world.

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