Because This Is Your Life

Because This Is Your Life

Has Your Life Flashed Before Your Eyes?

posted by cweiner

Two days after Christmas in 2012 I witnessed a death at my mother’s house.

As strange as this may sound, I witnessed a birth at the same time.

In fact, the day I wrote this I was sitting in the same chair, and in the same room where this all took place…all within a space of ten feet.

And with it comes a very important reminder of something you most definitely know…but at the same time quite often forget about.


A large part of what this reminder is has to do with the way you live your life on a day in and day out basis.

It also has a lot to do with whether you go from where you are now to where you want to be in your life.

So what you’re about to read is not to be taken lightly in any way…

Because if you do, there is a very high probability that you may feel like your life has flashed before your eyes…

Which will leave you with many unanswered questions in your life that literally eat away at you. And as a result will lead to you having feelings of guilt and regret…


Along with saying (and thinking) things like…

“I wish I had done this differently”
“If only I didn’t do that…life would have been better and happier”
“If I could do everything all over again, I would have done _______”

…That ultimately stop you from having peace of mind and being able to enjoy life more—now and a lot more in the future.

1. My friend- From 2009-2012 I spent the Christmas and New Year’s holidays up in New Jersey visiting family. While there I stayed at my mother’s house. In addition to my brother living there she has two pets…a parakeet bird and a black rabbit.


Both are friendly animals. In fact the black rabbit likes to come over by me whenever I am there and play around at my feet.

During my visit in 2012, and just two days after Christmas, I was sitting at my computer when all of a sudden I heard at least a dozen scratching noises. I looked up and saw my mother’s black rabbit rolling over on his back while at the same time scratching at the floor.


He looked as though he was flopping around on the floor playing, while rolling over and back…

Except he wasn’t playing or flopping.

Finally he stopped…

And within two minutes he passed away…

Even though my brother did everything he could to revive “Bunny” he was gone.

The first thoughts that went through my mind were that you can be here one moment and gone the next….

Without warning. And just like “that.”

I was also thinking about how your life can just flash right before your eyes.


And even though I had witnessed what appeared to be a rabbit dying from a heart attack or some type of seizure, it still has meaning as it applies to humans.

Yes, i know we’re talking about a rabbit here but that rabbit meant as much to my mom and brother as perhaps someone (possibly a pet) who you care about and love very much.


And while I was watching him flail around on the ground during his final moments, I got a greater understanding of how much he meant to me too…because after all he is a part of the family.

But even beyond all of this I was thinking…

“How many people in the world go through their lives and never take advantage of the opportunities they have in life…

How many people go through life and realize—while they’re lying on their death bed—that they didn’t accomplish what they wanted in life.

And even more scary…


That they never took the “healthy” risks that could have changed their lives around. While at the same time ending up living with a pile of regrets along with saying…

“I wish I had done that”
“I should have done this”
“Why didn’t I do that”

…The list goes on and on.

And at the same time having it all feel like life has passed them by.

2. Freight trains and kisses- Albert Einstein once said the following, “When you’re kissing your boyfriend or girlfriend two hours can seem like two minutes, but when you’re waiting for a freight train two minutes can seem like two hours.”

We’ve all been in this type of situation in one way or another.


For example…

Think of a time when perhaps you went on a long road trip. Let’s say it was a 10 hour car ride.

If you were in the car with someone that you got along with very well and found very interesting, the conversation between the two of you could have gone on for 10 hours and it seemed like only about 15 minutes have passed.

On the flip side of that…

Think of a time when you went on a 15 minute car ride with someone you may have just gotten into a big argument with or someone you just didn’t get along with. I’d be willing to bet that 15 minute car ride seemed like ten hours.

Well this is basically the same thing Einstein is saying.

So why am I bring this up?

Because this is what helps you make each moment of your life count.


It’s also a very powerful reminder to be grateful for all of the people and events that have taken place in your life.

And remember what I said earlier as I saw my mom’s rabbit flopping around on the floor…

That you can be here one moment and gone the next.

What this comes down to is having enough “healthy urgency” so you can do something about changing your life around right now.

It can be so easy at times to say, “I’ll do it later” or “Yes I know that”…and then never get around to doing it because “something else” came up.

The bottom line is that you want to be present and make each moment count.

Whether that involves the people and events in your life or you having that “healthy urgency” in changing your life around…it’s all the same.


Because the last thing you want is to be left with those unanswered questions in your life that literally eat away at you. And leave you with a pile of guilt and regret.

So what can you do about this?

3. Remembering tomorrow- As I watched “Bunny” flop around on the floor and pass away within those two minutes, a birth had also taken place. Now you may be thinking, “well how can you have a birth while watching the death of a beautiful and innocent rabbit?”

As I was sitting in the very same chair that I wrote this from, new ideas were witnessed and birthed.

Some of these new ideas that were born are being shared with you right now.

Others are going to be used for a project I’m currently working on.


And they center around what I mentioned earlier.

Which has to do with the way you live your life on a day in and day out basis…

Along with whether you go from where you are now to where you want to be in your life.

Now think about this…

Remember what I said about Einstein earlier? Well the same thing very often happens over the course of a lifetime…you can wake up one day and realize that 50 years went by but it seemed like it was a week ago.

And so the bottom line here is…

Did you really give it your all throughout your life?
Did you do everything you could with everything you were initially given?
Did you take those “healthy risks?”

Because no matter what you do you’ll have moments of ease and moments of difficulty throughout your life…


You’ll have moments of support and moments of challenge throughout your life…

And you’ll have moments of happiness and sadness throughout your entire life as well.

Realizing this will allow you to take those “healthy risks” because whether you do or don’t you’ll get both sides anyway.

And when you really look at it…

It’s impossible for you to not achieve what you want once you realize this.

One more thing about “Bunny”…

I learned that rabbits have a lifespan between 6 and 7 yrs. Bunny was about 6 and a half. He lived a full life.

Now it’s time for you to live a full, or as I like to say, fulfilled life…

And you do that by realizing that you’re a two sided magnificent person with so much to offer the world through the uniqueness of who you are.

Thank you “Bunny.”

And thank you for being you.


Are Some People Lucky And Others Are Not?

posted by cweiner

Today I’ll be speaking about one of the most important things you’ll ever want to realize about you and your life’s journey.

In fact, this is something I’ve spoken about before and important enough to speak about again.

As most of us go through our lives we have a tendency to attribute the things that happen to us and others as “luck.”

This can be seen as so called “good luck” or so called “bad luck.”

Along with this, many people will claim that they or others are “lucky” while they may perceive themselves and possibly others as not being lucky.

So the question is…

“Are some people lucky and others are not?”


1. The 2 sided illusion of luck- I mentioned above that people will have a tendency to attribute things that happen as “good luck” or “bad luck.” This is actually a two sided illusion. Here is why…

I’ve mentioned a number of times in the past about the following quote from the Roman philosopher Seneca…

“Luck is preparation meeting opportunity.”

What this means is that the preparation you put into doing something, which includes
time and effort, is what determines your so called “luck.” Therefore “luck”, whether perceived as “good” or “bad” is not a random coincidence, nor an “accident.” What most people attribute to being “lucky” actually happens by designed, and yes you can control it.


The other part of this two sided illusion are the labels of “good” and “bad.” These labels are nothing more than one’s perception of a situation, idea, or person. What may be perceived as “bad” in one situation by one person, may be seen as “good” by someone else. This also applies to labeling people as well.

Anytime something is attributed to luck, whether “good” or “bad”, this implies that there is some sort of a mistake in the Universe, that things are out of line and not “perfect.”

The fact is that we live in a Universe (world) that is two sided, where there is an equal amount of both positive and negative, ease and difficulty, peace and war, and so on….this is the perfection I mentioned before.


This has always been the case, still is the case, and will always be the case. Trying to so called “change” the world to be one sided is a fantasy that is futile.

It is important to be aware of this because having this insight is very healthy and needed in order for you to live the type of life you want.

2. There are no mistakes- Whenever we see things occurring because of “good luck” or “bad luck” it subtlety implies that some sort of mistake has happened. It may seem like “good” or “bad” luck on the surface, but the fact is that there are no coincidences or mistakes in the Universe.

How can you tell?

When you really take the time and trace it all out while connecting the dots, you’ll see that everything occurs by design.


Now of course there will be certain situations that happened, and this can be in various areas throughout the world, where things seem as though others have “bad luck” and are less fortunate. When you take a closer look at those situations, you’ll see the other half of that, the positive and the “good.”

The only way that someone can see something as a mistake is if they had a fantasy of how, whatever it was that they see as a mistake, was “supposed” to have a one sided outcome, in this case a positive only outcome…and this of course will be based on one’s values or the things most important to them in that moment.

There are no mistakes or luck in the Universe, but rather there are blessings.


3. Living a life of blessings- Rather than saying that you’re lucky in any way, it is much wiser to substitute that by saying, “I am blessed.” Why? Simply put, because you are blessed. The other reason is because whatever it is that you achieve is not some random thing or luck. It is because you are blessed and deserve it.

Now what if you have various things going on in your life that you may not see as going your way? Perhaps you may view your life currently and/or in the past as not being lucky.

Just know that in every stressing there is a blessing. In every perceived crisis there is a hidden blessing. The way you can know this is true is to take the time to really look very closely. When you do, you’ll find it along with the synchronicity that’s involved.


You were not put in this world to be “lucky.” This again suggests that something you did or didn’t do is out of order.

Acknowledge the fact that you are blessed and the wonderful person that you are.

It doesn’t matter what others say or have said about you.

It doesn’t matter what others did or didn’t do to you.

It doesn’t even matter what has happened or didn’t happen to you.

What matters most is that you know who you truly are, and that is an amazing person with so much to offer the world.

Other people don’t dictate your destiny…you do.

While it is very wise and beneficial to all to help others, it is also important that others helps you as well.

No matter where you’re at currently in your life, you can certainly turn it all around in your favor…

And just know that this starts by realizing that you are blessed, and here to do amazing things in the world by demonstrating the magnificence and brilliance of who you are.


What Can You Do Right Now To Completely Change Your Life Around?

posted by cweiner

As many of you know change is inevitable. Whether this change is perceived as so called “good” or “bad” the fact remains that our lives and what surrounds us transforms on a regular basis.

No matter how much one may try to resist this they won’t.

With this thought in mind, is it possible that this may actually keep people stuck where they are now?

Take a look at what is currently going on in your life. Is it going the way you want it to go?

If not, then what can you do right now to completely change your life around?

1. Back to the basics- When you take an honest look you’ll see that throughout your life when things got “tough” or “bad” you had a tendency to go back to the basics. Many times people see “going back to the basics” as something they already know or something that sounds so simple that it couldn’t possibly
work for them.


The truth is that going back to the basics is an excellent and powerful first step of what to do when things are not going your way. It gives you a chance to re evaluate and re group yourself and to really look deeper and at the bigger picture of things.

Even if things are going your way it is still a wise practice to “remain with the basics” as this will allow you to maintain what you’re currently doing and in the process be able to help you go to the next level.

Going back to the basics will mean different things to different people. Whatever it means to you, be sure to make good use of this very simple and “basic” principle.

2. Being me- One of the most important and forgotten ways of what you can do right now to completely change your life around is to just simply “be yourself.” You can also look at this as another one of those “going back to the basics” kind of things.


So what does it mean to “be me” and to “be yourself?”

It starts by knowing that you are a two sided person living in a two sided world. You’re saint and sinner, nice and mean, happy and sad, shy and out going…you are both sides and this is what makes up the fact that you’re perfect.

Why is this important and how can it help you right now to completely change your life around?

Well, when you’re being your true self your magnificence and brilliance will shine through. People will see it and you’ll be more grateful and thankful.

This is what leads you to really tapping into your true genius and allows you to live your life’s purpose doing what you love.


Many times people are worried about what others will say about them. While some people may not openly admit this, the fact is that most people are afraid of what others will say or think about them.

Let’s face it, no matter what you do they’ll be people liking and disliking you, agreeing and disagreeing with you. As strange as it may seem you are liking and disliking, agreeing and disagreeing with yourself half the time as well.

Therefore it is wise to be yourself because, as Oscar Wilde puts it, everyone else is already taken.

3. Sudden impact- Whether you realize it right now or not, you have a big impact on the world and others around you. Here is also something important you can start to do right now to change your life around. The question to ask yourself is…


“Where do I have an impact in this world?”

Take the time and look because you do.

Right now as we speak you have a sudden impact in this world and in the lives of others. It may be in a certain area of life and not in another but it is there for sure.

Wherever that area is that you have this sudden impact in, just know that is based on what is most important to you. The important thing for you is to acknowledge that you do have this impact.

If you would like to change this around and have a greater impact then it’s a matter of you expanding your vision.

Even if right now your life isn’t where you want it to be, remember it all starts with a vision that’s true for you.

This is something you can do right now regardless of what your current situation is. Look to see how you can help others get what they want while at the same time ask how you can get what you want.

Along with this, take the time to see the sure beauty and brilliance in others because this is a sure sign that you’re seeing the beauty and brilliance in you.

We all want proof, well that is the best way to prove to yourself how amazing of a person you are and that you do truly matter in this world.


What’s The Most Important Decision You’ve Ever Made?

posted by cweiner

As you go through every day of your life, you’re doing something that you are both aware and not aware of.

What am I referring to?

Making decisions.

It may sound counter intuitive at first that you’re making decisions which you are equally aware and not aware of.

While it is obvious that certain decisions you make stand out and have greater importance, there are other decisions you make that are of lesser importance…

And in fact even the decisions that you don’t make, still involve making a decision.

What this is all leading to and something I want you to reflect on is,

“What’s the most important decision you’ve ever made?”

In your weekly wealth tips, let’s take a look at this further and gain some new insights on how this can help you in any area of your life.


1. People, places, things, ideas… part 2– In a past post I spoke about the people, places, things, and ideas as it relates to what you remember most about your life. Today I want to talk about this as it relates to the decisions you make in your life. Let’s take a look at this as it also relates to “what’s the most important decision you’ve ever made.”

When you look through your life at all the people you’ve met, the places you’ve been to, the different things you’ve done (and not done), and all of the ideas you’ve had, at some point in all of this you made a decision of some sort.

Here’s a little secret about this you may not have been aware of…


Every one of these decisions were important ones you made. Of course on the surface it will appear that some decisions were more important than others and that is certainly fair to say. However, when you really look closely you’ll see that every decision you make in your life is an important one.

This is rather fascinating when you start to “connect all of the dots” because you’ll start to see things you weren’t aware of before.

Not only that but you’ll gain new insights on the decisions you make today and in the future.

Everything and everyone in the Universe is connected in some way and when you realize this, you’ll have a greater appreciation about all of the decisions you make…


And you’ll also become more aware that every decision you make is the most important one.

2. Moments of truth- The truth about every decision you make is that there are equal amounts of both positives and negatives involved. In other words, every decision you make will involve equal amounts of pleasure and pain, support and challenge, ease and difficulty, give and take, and all of the other pairs of opposites.

Why is this important to know?

Because it gets you to see that no matter what decision you’ve made it was neither right nor wrong, but rather it gave you a different set of the opposites I spoke about above.


For example, let’s say you made a decision that at first you thought cost you a lot of money. You may initially think that you made a wrong decision, but when you look closer you’ll see the pleasures and pains, the supports and challenges, the ease and difficulties, along with the gives and takes equally involved in that decision you made.

This is what I’m calling “a moment of truth.” In fact you have an infinite number of these moments of truths in any decision you make.

When you start becoming aware of this, your life begins an amazing transformation.

3. The myth of karma- There’s this “thing” called karma that many people have bought into. It usually goes something like, “what goes around comes around.” I can certainly relate to this because I used to believe it to.


Karma is nothing more than a myth.

The reason karma is a myth is because the Universe doesn’t operate according to “karma.” It never has and it never will.

How can you know that?

Because the Universe’s main function is to equilibrate. In other words the purpose of the Universe is to make sure you (and everything else) is brought back to a balanced, present state of equilibrium.

For example, anytime you get really “up” about something, the Universe will bring in something to get you back “down” to equilibrium. This is what happens with people who win the lottery. It’s been shown that 95% of the people who win the big lotto jackpot end up in a worse financial situation than they were before they won the lottery.


In the case of the lottery winners, the Universe brings in those “resistance” factors or the opposite factor to balance them out. This is why the lottery winners have a high probability of being in that 95% unless they know how to counteract that

This is how the Universe keeps you in equilibrium.

So what does this have to do with the decisions you make?

If you make a decision that in your perception was “bad” or the “wrong” one, that let’s say involved someone doing something to you, it’s not karma that’s involved in any way.


This goes back to what I said earlier when I spoke about the “moments of truth.” Every decision you make has those equal sets of opposites, even if the particular decision you made involves others. This applies to them too.

Now I will say this…

Every one of these important decisions you make actually gets you to see how magnificent and brilliant of a person you are.

This is another reason why there is no such thing as a “right” or “wrong” decision. Because when you take the time and look closely you’ll see how all of the decisions you make is getting you to see your own hidden gifts and the tremendous amount of value you provide to the world with those gifts.

So I want you to be more aware that every decision you make is “the most important decision you’ve ever made” because it is getting you to see how amazing of a person you really are.

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