Because This Is Your Life

Because This Is Your Life

How Big Of A Heart Do You Have?

posted by cweiner

It hasn’t happened in 37 years.

What I’m referring to is a horse winning the horse racing Triple Crown. This year a horse named American Pharoah has won the first two races of the Triple Crown and is in line to do so this coming June 6.

Whenever this possibility comes up what comes to mind is another horse.

Well not just any horse, but the amazing Secretariat.

Secretariat was a race horse that won the Triple Crown back in 1973. The Triple Crown consists of 3 races, the Kentucky Derby, The Preakness, and the Belmont Stakes . This is a rare feat that only  11 horses have ever achieved, with the last time being in 1978.

One of the things that made Secretariat such an amazing horse is that he set the track record in each of those races and two of them still stand to this day.


In fact Secretariat, a horse, was named the 35th greatest athlete of all time. That’s how amazing of a horse he was.

The other thing which made Secretariat amazing was his big heart…and in more ways than one. First, he had a certain “Hollywood type” of charisma about him that stood out.

The other thing which stood out was that his physical heart was twice the size of any horse that has ever been seen, and it was this which ultimately led to his death back in 1989.

So where am I going with this?

Humans just like horses have a personality and are unique, and along with this have the ability to excel beyond what anyone else thinks they can do…

And a big part of this involves having a big heart.


So that’s our question (and topic) for today…

“How big of a heart do you have?”

Let’s take a deeper look at this in your weekly wealth tips:

1. From last to first- One of the amazing things about the 3 Triple Crown races that Secretariat ran back in 1973 is that in the first two he started out in last place, and then within a 2 minute time span went on to win each race comfortably. This was a pretty consistent pattern of Secretariat which everyone was aware of.

Why am I bringing this up and how does it relate to you?

Because no matter where you are right now in your life you can go from what seems like a “last place” situation to a “first place” situation…


Or put another way you can go from where you are now to where you want to be no matter how things appear on the outside.

So what does it take to do this?

Well, to start, it is important to be very clear on what it is you want to accomplish. What’s your mission? What are your goals?

And remember that these are unique to you.

The other important part of this is that you’ll be supported and challenged along the way. You’ve heard me say before that humans grow most at the border of support and challenge and this also includes any of the other opposite pairs of negative and positive traits which make up support and challenge.

Trying to go through life with the mindset of everything being easy, always having support and being positive, is actually the very thing which breeds its opposite.


A very wise person many years back said…

“If you’re going through your life and are not being challenged get on your knees and pray for one.”

The point here is that you need a healthy balance of support and challenge throughout your life if you’re looking to achieve higher levels of success.

2. Heart to heart- What was also interesting about Secretariat and any race horse for that matter is that they have a rider, in the form of a human being. Even though there’s a horse being ridden by a human there still needs to be some kind of connection in order to get that horse to run effectively.

Well the same is true in your life as well, except that, instead of your dealing with a horse, you’re dealing with people.


This is also known as having a connection with others…

And not just any connection but a heart to heart connection.

No matter how you look at it, having a heart to heart connection with the people you serve determines the level of success you’ll achieve. Of course this can occur on many different levels, but the bottom line is that when you truly care about helping others while valuing yourself, the probability of you becoming very wealthy and successful goes up dramatically.

Just know that the key here is to be sincere and to really care about what is important to others while also being aware of what is important to you.

3. Standing out- One of the main things that solidified Secretariat as a legend is what took place in that last Triple Crown race, the Belmont Stakes, back in June 1973. In that race, unlike the previous two he started out right in front. Those who were watching couldn’t believe it because he never did that and just about everyone was thinking he was going to “blow it” and lose.


He didn’t lose.

In fact what he did on that day is still talked about after almost 40 years.

He won that race by 31 lengths. In other words, he “blew away” the rest of the horses.

Many of the people watching that race had tears in their eyes afterwards.

It was an amazing sight to see this horse coming down the last part of the race by himself and really standing out head and shoulders above the others.

Even the people who owned Secretariat couldn’t explain it and all they were able to say is that the horse just took on a mind of its own, ignored his rider and ran his own race

Well now it’s time for you to take on a mind of your own, run your own race, and stand out.


You would start by asking yourself…

“What is it about who I am that can provide a tremendous amount of value to others?”

“How can I use my uniqueness and stand out in a way that helps others while being valued for what I provide?”

“What do I want to be remembered for and what legacy do I want to leave?”

Taking the time to answer these questions can really transform your life. It can take you from what seems like “last place” to being in “first place” and in a much shorter time than you may think.

You are worthy and deserving of living an extraordinary life…

And it starts by realizing the magnificence and brilliance of who you are.


Does Venting Hold You Back And Keep You Stuck?

posted by cweiner

There’s something bizarre about a well know “F” word.

And it has to do with the fact that it goes both ways as it relates to you and your life.

It’s funny because this word is at the core of one of the top questions people ask throughout the world in regards to why they’re having difficulty doing certain things…

While at the same time it’s the very thing that’s critical to you being able to live the type of life you’d love to live.

Not only that, but this “F” word is affected by something else that you have done and most likely are still doing almost every day of your life.

This word is “focus.”

Now of course this is important…right? Because after all, staying focused is vital when it comes to being able to achieve any of your goals. That’s pretty obvious.


But what isn’t obvious here is something else that not only dramatically stops you from being focused, but may also be affecting other areas of your life.

And what I’m referring to is venting. Or as some like to say, “blowing off steam.”

This raises the question…

Does venting hold you back and keep you stuck?

1. The other “F” word- It was a scene all too familiar with me day after day. Whether it had to do with people who broke their promises to me…or someone not doing things the way I wanted…or a situation I had expected to go one way and then turned out the opposite, it didn’t matter because it still left me wanting to “let it out”…to vent.


Why did I find myself day in and day out venting?

First, because even though things didn’t go “my way” it gave me a temporary way of “feeling good.”

Second, because it’s what I was always taught and learned from others…that it’s better to just “get it off your chest”, instead of holding it in (or as some would say suppressing it).

And third…

Because of the other “F” word.

With that “F” word being Fantasy.

At first I wasn’t aware of this other “F” word. But once I figured it out, a life transforming shift had taken place.

Where am I going with this…

And what does the word “fantasy” have to do with venting…and more importantly how it helps you live the type of life you’d love to live?


It begins with this fact…

Every situation in your life has two sides…the positive AND negative.

Along with this is also the fact that they occur in equal amounts…and whether you see something being negative, just know that there’s an equal amount of positive in it as well.

Of course this works the other way as well. Anything you see as being positive has an equal amount of negatives.

Why is this important ?

Because the only way that you can vent is if you’re expecting a one sided outcome in a particular situation. And this ranges from the smallest of things all the way up to the most important events in your life.

And this is what it was like for me day in and day out.


Whether it was someone cutting me off on the road…or someone that didn’t agree with me on a certain topic…or someone that never paid me back when I loaned them money…and just about anything else that didn’t play into my fantasy…

It didn’t matter…

Because it still left me venting. And it also didn’t matter who I vented to…family, friends, co workers, and so on.
Since this took place pre internet, had the internet been around I would have vented there too.

And all this venting, even though it made me temporarily “feel good”, it did something else I wasn’t aware of at first that really affected my life…in a way I didn’t want.


It took me out of being focused.

2. The water gallon jug- One of my main strengths is being incredibly focused. I can maintain a laser focus on short term tasks as well as achieving a long term outcome. This is especially the case when it comes to my business, working out, helping people reach their full potential, just to name a few.

Early on in my “venting days” I was able to stay focused on things. The only problem was that it was very erratic. They’d be days when it “was there” and then there would be other days when the word focus didn’t even exist.

Why did this happen?

Because something would occur after a “venting episode.” And usually I would notice it a few hours, days, and even weeks later.


What this resulted in was not remembering certain things clearly as usual, being more distracted, having negative mind chatter come up, and then you guessed it…the need to vent again when a certain situation didn’t go my way.

And the cycle kept repeating with no end in sight.

Then one day I came to realize what was going on and this is where the water gallon jug comes in.

When you take an empty water gallon jug… and put it under a faucet of water…and just let the water fill up “drip by drip”…what happens? It takes a while to fill up…right?

You may not notice anything going on at first. But then all of a sudden you look hours or possibly even a day or two later and all of a sudden that gallon jug is full.


And what happens after it fills up…it overflows.

Well, when it comes to venting and blowing off steam it is similar…

Except that each time you vent you store that situation in your subconscious mind (still as a one sided event)…while at the same time “feeling good” because you think you let go of it.

The “drip” of water in this case are those one sided events that you “vented” over—and felt “good” afterwards— filling up over time in your subconscious mind.

And then what happens here?

When another similar situation comes up—one that you’re still looking for the one sided fantasy in—you’ll have a high probability of repeating this venting cycle.


So , what can you do about this?

Because as most people say it’s not wise to suppress, or as I like to say, “sweep it under the rug” and just “keep it in.”

And it’s also not wise to just vent and “let it out.”

3. Your quantum magnificence- The other part of my fantasy that led to those venting episodes centered around the idea of trying to live a “happy life.” And yes, I’ll admit that I listened to what the experts were saying, “that you can live a happy life.”

But I noticed these same experts were saying that it’s ok to vent…

And the more I tried to live this way, the more obvious it became that it wasn’t working.


The reason it wasn’t working is because you, me, and every human being—along with the world—is two sided.

You’re nice and mean…happy and sad…giving and taking…generous and greedy…and so on…equally.

When you realize this you’ve discovered your quantum magnificence.

And just know that the more you realize and embrace this—about yourself, others, and the world—the higher levels of success you achieve in the areas of life most important to you…and yes along with those successes comes the failures as well…and that’s ok.

Because you need both. They serve your life. They benefit the lives of those you care about. They benefit society.


Along with this, also know that people and situations throughout your life will push your buttons. There’s no escaping that.


When you know how to handle these situations in a poised manner, then there’s no need to vent…or to let it out…or to get as some would say “positively pissed.”

The way you do this is to look at those situations and people that cause you to want to vent and look for an equal amount of positives and negatives.

Look to see how whatever that person and/or situation is doing that’s pushing your buttons…how it’s just as much a benefit as it is a drawback in your life.

Because when you do, not only is the need to vent no longer necessary…


But you’ll be more focused.

You’ll reach those higher levels of success.

You’ll feel more energized.

You’ll be healthier.


You’re here to live a meaningful and fulfilled life. Included in your life is something for you to realize…

And that is…

Just how special and magnificent of a person you really are.


How To Get out Of Debt…Slowly

posted by cweiner

There’s an alarming trend taking place right now as you read this…

And it has to do with money and getting out of debt.

This is something that may seem like one thing on the surface but when you take a closer look it’ll stand out and be quite obvious.

And if you’re currently in debt and looking to get out of debt you certainly want to listen to this.

I’m sure you’ve seen many commercials about how to get out of debt. Now for those of you like me who barely watch TV, I’m sure you’ve been bombarded with emails about how to get out of debt.

Have you ever noticed what one of the biggest claims are in a majority of these TV commercials and never ending emails that you receive?


It’s something along the lines of, “Get out of debt FAST.”

Have you ever wondered about what that really means and if it’s even possible?

Here’s something else to be aware of…

Just like there are “Get rich quick” claims being made, the same is true with “Get out of debt FAST” claims.

These claims are usually giving the idea that you’ll get rich overnight or get out of debt overnight

The fact of the matter is that unless someone wins the lottery or receives an inheritance they’re not getting rich quick, and the same can be said for someone who is looking to get out of debt fast…

Because the truth is that, just like it takes time to become financially wealthy, it takes time to get yourself into debt, whether you’re aware of this or not.


So this leads to what I want to discuss…

“How to get out of debt…slowly.

When you first read this you may be thinking, “No way, I don’t want to wait, I need to get out of debt NOW!”

But let’s take a closer look at this because it can change your life.

Here’s something pretty amazing and shocking. It has been shown that 95% of the people who win the big multi-million dollar lottery jackpot…within 3 years go right back to where they were financially BEFORE they won the lottery…and most of these people are in a worse financial situation than they were before they won the lottery.

How can this possibly happen?

And most importantly how does it apply to you?


Now I know most of you probably won’t win the lottery, however there is an incredibly important takeaway I want you to get from this.

Even though you can get out of debt…FAST, the question is, are you keeping yourself out of debt?

Those people who win the lottery in a sense have gotten themselves out of debt FAST but yet 95% of them within 3 years go right back to where they were before and in most cases are even worse of…while also being in debt again.

So when it comes to those TV commercials and emails all promising how to get out of debt FAST, can you see that in many ways it is similar to those people who win the lottery?

Now let’s revisit what I said at the beginning about what may seem like one thing on the surface but when you take a closer look it’ll stand out and be quite obvious.


Here’s what that is…

Even if you are one of the few who can actually get out of debt FAST, unless you get into the habit of knowing how to stay out of debt, you’ll find yourself back in debt again much like the people who win the lottery. So in this case FAST actually means slower and longer.

Conversely, when you develop the habits of what it takes to stay out of debt–while being methodical and taking “baby steps” in paying off your current debt–even though it may seem slower on the surface it is actually faster in reality. So in this case SLOWER actually means faster and permanent.

The major takeaway here is that you want to develop habits that keep you out of debt permanently…


And it is important to make this your priority even if right now you are still in a lot of debt.

So how can you do this?

1.Start by putting a higher value on money and saving money

Even if right now you have a lot of debt, get into the habit of saving money. Even if this is $3 per month. Save out that amount. Save anything. Ideally, you want to save out any amount of money everyday.

If you can only save out 10 cents or 25 cents per day…save it. It may sound old fashioned but get yourself a jar or a cup and put in a few cents per day. It’s not how much you save but the habit of doing it that counts.

2. Be aware of your emotions

If you’re currently paying off a large amount of debt, it is wise to reflect on how this is a benefit to you. It may not seem like there are benefits on the surface but when you look you’ll find them.


Some of these benefits may be that you are now becoming more aware of the decisions you make. Other benefits can be that you are now putting a higher value on money, that you’re more organized in how you manage your money, and so on.

Getting out of debt can be and is usually a stressful situation for people.

However there are ways to make that process a lot more smoother and most importantly to stay out of debt permanently.

It begins by being patient and developing habits of putting a higher value on money right from the start..

And to also think in terms of being slower and more methodical because in most cases slower means faster.


Do You Like Or Love Your Significant Other?

posted by cweiner

Here is something that most people are not aware of when it comes to their most important relationships they have with others.

Not only is this often overlooked, but in most cases it is the determining factor as to whether or not you have the type of loving relationships you want.

Before I reveal what this is, just know that this is involved in any relationship that matters most to you, whether it is through marriage, a new mate, and even with a very close friend.

What I’m referring to as being vital to the success you have in your relationships comes down to answering a critically important question:


“Do you like or love your significant other?”

Now at first you may say, “well what is the difference?”

There’s actually a huge difference.

So let’s take a look at that difference right now.


1. Liked ones vs. loved ones– As the two words imply, there is a difference between “like” and “love.” Taken a step further, there’s a huge difference between “liked ones” and “loved ones.” In fact, this is something that is very subtle that you may never have been aware of…until now.


You’ve heard me say before that there is a difference between when you say, “I should”, “I have to”, “I’m supposed to” versus saying, “I love to”, “I’m inspired to”, “This is what I’ve always dreamed of.” The same thing applies here except now we’re talking about relationships.


What I mean is that, do you “like” or “love” your significant other?

And yes there is a huge and relationship transforming difference.

One of the biggest ways you can tell if you “like” or “love” someone is to ask yourself if you appreciate the person you’re with when they have both positive and negative moments.

In other words, do you appreciate when they’re mean, cruel, greedy, sad, and warful, just as much as when they’re nice, kind, generous, happy, and peaceful towards you?

If you do then you “love” rather than “like” this person.

Just know that when I speak of being mean, cruel, greedy, sad, and warful, that these traits serve you and the relationship in varying degrees.


For example, your spouse may have been greedy with you regarding a conversation you had with them where they took over the conversation because they had an insight that was of benefit to you in a conflict you were having with your boss at work.

So when I speak of those negative traits above, I want you to look at them from a higher level of awareness because when you perceive others in those ways, it does benefit you.

The point here is that the strongest, longest lasting, and most loving relationships will have a balance of both sides, positive and negative, to include those traits in each of you.


Contrary to what most people are selling and having you believe, every relationship is going to have peace and war, giving and taking, up days and down days, happy and sad moments, and so on.

Once you realize this and know how each side is vital and healthy to the relationship, then you’ll appreciate that person more, and you’ll truly “love” rather than just “liking” them.

2. The vows of life- I’m sure many of you are familiar with the marriage vows. In general they go something like this…”I ________, take you ________ to be my (husband/wife). I promise to be true to you in good times and in bad, in sickness and in health, for better and for worse, and so on. Most people are not aware of something very important that is mentioned here…and it is two words I want you to pay close attention to…


“True” and “And”

Why are these two words important and how do they relate to “liking” or “loving” your significant other?

When you are “true” and truly love your significant other (or anyone for that matter) you’ll embrace both sides of that person equally. This is where the “And” comes in. Notice in the wedding vows that it’s “in sickness AND in health, good times AND bad? It doesn’t say “Or”, it says, “And”…

Yet, most people are still trying for the “Or” in their relationships and life by trying to live a one sided (an “Or”) life and be more happy than sad, more nice than mean, more kind than cruel, more peaceful than warful.


Trying to have a relationship in this one sided manner will eventually either end the relationship or at the very least turn it into a “liking” relationship rather than a “loving” one.

So what can you do to have the type of loving and long lasting relationship you’d love to have…embrace both sides of the person.

Even with that, there is one more very important piece I want to bring up right now.

3. Significant others- Every human being has a set of values or something that is most important to them. Another way to say this is that every person has a set of their highest priorities, things that are most important, second most important , third most, and so on to them.


Along with that is the fact that each person has a different set of values. No two people have exactly the same values as someone else.

This is important in your relationships because it is your ability to know how to communicate what is important to you in terms of what is important to your significant other that determines the quality and duration of your relationship.

When you realize this, along with knowing that your significant other has two sides to them, and that it serves you and the relationship, you’ll “love” them instead of “liking” them, and you’ll be well on your way to having what many call the “dream” or “ideal” relationship.

And since you’re a reflection of what you see in others, you’ll also realize your own brilliance and magnificence along the way. In fact that is the ultimate purpose of your relationships.


When you love others for who they are, they turn into the one you love. This in turn is trying to get you to love yourself for who you are so you can turn into the one you love.

Be sure to thank your significant others for who they are and how they contribute so much to your life…

And certainly be sure to thank yourself for all that you do and contribute to the world with your uniqueness.

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