Awaken Your Truth

Often we believe that we are here to get everything “right” on the outside. We strive to fill in all the pieces of our life that we “think” will finally get us to that happy place. This can look different for each of us, but usually it shows up in the form of reaching that perfect body weight, being financially abundant, securing a relationship and the list goes on and on. We may travel our whole journey believing that this is what will bring us the ultimate happiness and this is perfectly ok because there is no right or wrong. Their are only lessons, growth and expansion. I have come to discover though that this path can only take us so far in that it can be extremely satisfying to the Ego, but very unfulfilling to the soul.

The soul longs for truth and a deep sense of fulfillment from the inside out. It longs to be expressed in the most authentic, unique way and in order for each of us to do this we must remember our truth. The following are 5 ways to guide you in remembering the truth of your soul.

1. Practice gratitude for all that life has presented to you past and present. Trust that there is value in all of it. When we can find gratitude in every experience especially those in which we have found to be the most challenging, we realize there are treasures and gifts waiting for us.

2. Get to know yourself. Get to know what you think and believe about yourself.  A belief is simply a thought you believe to be true and the good news is you get to change a belief in any given moment.  Do you know what yours are? Are they serving you? Are they offering you the freedom to be the real you or are they keeping you from your truth?

3. Practice Forgiveness. How does forgiveness help you to remember your truth? Pain is inevitable on the human journey and once experienced we become very creative at protecting ourselves from experiencing pain again. Striving to protect ourselves from this pain keeps us from being the most empowered and truthful expression of ourselves. We believe that playing it safe is the most loving thing that we can do, but the truth is we are keeping ourselves imprisoned and disconnected from our heart. Our heart is the power within us that fuels the soul.

4. Meditate. Meditation is a practice that will quiet your mind and make space for your intuition to come through. Your intuition is the voice of the soul. It is always guiding us towards our truth. The more we commit to quieting our busy monkey mind, the more we can connect to the guidance that will move us more deeply into the truth of who we are.

5. Love all of who you are. We often believe that staying positive will be in our best interest. I have discovered that allowing our negative thoughts and emotions to just be in our presences makes room for us to heal them. We have to feel them to heal them. Pushing them away or ignoring them will only cause them to persist. This energy keeps us at war with ourselves and prevents the truth of our empowered self to be in the drivers seat. Acknowledging and accepting all parts of ourselves gives us the freedom to let our soul shine from the inside out.

The Ego believes we are here to do more, be more and have more, but when we remember who we truly, our soul knows  that none of that is relevant. Remembering our truth inspires the soul to simply express itself in its most authentic and unique way. And that is the most powerful gift we can offer to this world. It needs this from us now more than ever.

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