Awaken Your Truth

We often think that life is a struggle and we are here to fight our way through it hoping to finally one day reach a place of peace, satisfaction and happiness. It’s as if we continue to strive to reach a place that we believe will finally cause us to feel free. We might find ourselves saying, “Once I have more money, free time, a different job, a relationship etc… then I will be happy.”  And so we push to get there with the hope of reaching that feeling of contentment.  If we are really paying attention, we will eventually catch on to the truth. The truth is we never get there because “there” doesn’t exist. Only “now” exists. I invite you to really sit with that idea and notice that perhaps life may continuously feel like a struggle because it wants to offer you a gift. It is trying to get your attention by demonstrating that struggle is a choice and that what we believe we are in search of is actually already sitting inside of us. We have the power to set the intention in every moment to either bring the energy of struggle or the energy of peace to everything we are experiencing. When we see that we have the power within us to choose how we will show up in life, we realize that we don’t need any of the things or circumstances we once thought we needed to feel happy or satisfied. We are already given that choice right now. And the irony is that once we choose from a place of happiness and peace, life is no longer experienced as a struggle. We engage with life from the place of knowing that we already are the answer to all that we think we are looking for or deserving of. Life will continue to show up as challenging only until we are ready to receive the invitation to the peace that is waiting to be discovered. The question is, “Will you accept or decline it?”

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