Awaken Your Truth

We all have a story. It’s the story that we’ve told ourselves day in and day out. It’s the story that keeps us confined to a way of being that limits us from the dream that our heart longs to experience. This story consists of old thoughts, beliefs, feelings and behaviors that we are convinced make up all of who we are. It’s the story that was birthed out of our past experiences and traumas. It’s the story that says, “Poor me.” It’s the story that doesn’t allow us to see anything but what we absolutely believe to be true.  If we wish to be a co-creator with life and welcome in new experiences, we must have the willingness to believe on some level that it is possible to live outside of our story. The following are 5 steps to guide you towards stepping out of your limited story.

1. Be willing to know that you have a story. Just the willingness to own that you have one will prepare you for step 2.

2. Be willing to witness your story. It is important to get honest with ourselves when it comes to the thoughts and beliefs we carry about who we think we are. We must be the observer of our minds so we can come face to face with the story we have created. Journaling is a powerful way of getting the story out of our head and onto paper where it belongs.

3. Develop gratitude for your story. The relationship we have with our story will determine how well we can use it rather than allowing it to use us. If we resent our story, it will continue to persist within us and take over our lives. But if we can develop a sense of deep gratitude and compassion for our story, then we can use it to move into new and creative experiences.

4. Dialogue with your story. Ask it powerful questions such as, “Why are you here?” and “What do you need from me?” It wants to be acknowledged so give it the love and attention that it is asking for. This will soften the story and allow you to see that you are really the one in charge of it. It will guide you to notice that at anytime you have the power to live inside of it or step outside of it.

5. Be willing to notice the lessons and the gifts that your precious story has provided you. Know that your story holds purpose within it and is there to lift you to a higher more authentic expression of yourself. Take the time to uncover the gold within your story and know that your story was not an accident. It was guiding you all along to uncover the magnificence of your authentic self.

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